More and more people are dropping out of Exercises 9 to 5 and the gig economy is clearly at an all-time high. The question no longer oscillates between doing or not doing. You’ve rightly moved to: What Are The Best Home Based Jobs In India? And so this article.

The power of the Internet is greater than we collectively can imagine. There is the internet to provide you with resources to learn and grow, and then there are social media platforms to present you as an expert in this field. And finally, there is the internet again to find the jobs that are best for you.

The income from these best home based jobs in India is up to you. Since this is directly proportional to your abilities, you know where to focus.

A list of best work from home jobs in India:

1) Content Writer 

Content creation / writing has rightly been rated as one of the best home based jobs in India. The simple reason is the demand for labor.

Businesses necessarily need to educate, inform or entertain people through content and this is what will inspire people to choose your brand. You can be sure that the industry has no shortage of work from home options in India. A beginner can expect between 15k and 20k in India.

Tip: Continually work to improve your writing skills. Take projects that pay you well. And continue to submit your writing to the most important publications in the country.

2. Proofreader

Do you easily find errors while reading? Are you embarrassed when you see grammar mistakes? If so, you could be a great proofreader.

Correctors NEEDED, I know this because I use one myself.

How much can I earn? Caitlin Pyle won $ 43,000 in her first year of PART-TIME proofreading! You can see the full interview in my article How to become a proofreader. Many others earn between $ 1,000 and $ 4,000 per month.

3. Digital Marketer / Social Media Manager 

This is most obvious when it comes to the best work from home India. Digital marketers are interested in building and expanding a brand’s presence online by performing tasks ranging from SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing to social media marketing.

A social media manager should run campaigns on the platform, promote content, monitor content posted in any format, study analytics, and aim to expand brand reach. A beginner can expect around 20-40kk in India.

Tip: Industry experience, a strong portfolio with obvious results, and working with brands you connect with can skyrocket your career.

4.  Virtual Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers record the financial transactions of small business owners. I have a great interview with two moms who are now successful virtual accountants who started with no prior experience.

One of the mothers has 9 children, raises 6 at home and still has time to earn a living as a part-time accountant! She earns over $ 2,000 a month. You should check out the full interview in my How to Become an Accountant article.

How much can I earn? The accounting course (the course moms take) teaches you how to bill $ 60 an hour, but if you want to work for a company, you can earn anywhere from $ 15 to $ 50 an hour.

How can I get started? Check out this free training to see if it’s right for you. If you have experience as an accountant, check out, Belay, FlexJobs, and Upwork for remote accounting positions.

5. Graphic designer 

This is the reason why a graphic designer is on the list of best work at home in India. 2020 is an era of image marketing. With powerful content, brands need attractive images, whether as part of their website, logos, images, or designs.

And graphic designers are experts in the field. The scope of earnings in the field is wide and at an intermediate level you can easily earn 35k per month with no upper limit. You can even take on smaller projects as a freelancer.

Tip: Take advantage of social media to show your skills to the world and establish yourself as an authority in the field. Bank on platforms like Behance, LinkedIn, dribble, and Instagram.

6. Virtual Assistant

Are you task-oriented and proficient in social media management, editing, graphic design, tutoring, research, writing, administrative tasks, or data entry? Therefore, becoming a virtual assistant can be a great option for you.

How much can I earn? You can earn between $ 25 and $ 100 per hour as a virtual assistant.

7. Blogger

I can’t name a better source of passive income. If you are really passionate about a particular topic ranging from food, travel, fitness, fashion, gardening, or even philosophy, you should start your own blog.

Now is the time when you can even start microblogging through Instagram. The amount you get is really good. And the things that add to your income are Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and Influencer Marketing.

How much can I make? I know bloggers earning between $2,000-$100,000+ per MONTH (and I’m one of them)

Tip: To maximize your income, you need to know your short and long term blogging goal. For example, decide if you want to generate sales or increase traffic to your blog.

8. Data Entry

Often seen as too easy, the job requires smooth and efficient processing of large amounts of information.

The job, in short, involves entering data into a computer system or some sort of secure file system.

You can charge by the project or by the hour for these types of jobs and earn a decent amount. There is no shortage of work in the market and this is the reason why you can earn well.

Tip: take advantage of freelance portals to find projects. And maximize your income by gaining in precision and speed.

9.  Translator 

Being a translator is interesting and fruitful. To do this, you need to master at least two languages ranging from English, Hindi, Tamil to Marathi, Bengali, Malayali, etc.

Opportunities are found with Indian and Western companies and authors who require content in a particular language.

All you have to do is find the right clients and you can earn $ 30,000 per month for the first few months.

Tip: Interesting and warm introductions from companies and authors who might need your translation services can help you land a good deal.

10. Online tutor

There are huge benefits to using the Internet, and one of them is access to affordable and convenient education. Online tutors are the ones who make this possible.

Teachers can earn up to $ 30,000 and more depending on the authority they have established. Companies like Chegg, which have made a significant mark on online tutoring, pay you $ 20 an hour for all subjects.

Tip: Find reliable feeds and apply them to reputable online education platforms. Work smart to increase your demand.


So here is the list of the best home jobs in India that can help you integrate freedom, flexibility and a high salary into your working life.

That said, it would be unfair not to address an aspect that may be a hindrance to your trip. And that’s it: do this work from home. That is why.

You can do the aforementioned jobs from anywhere in the world, but you don’t have to choose your home to do so. The reasons are simple. While these jobs don’t tie you to an office space, they do require precision, focus, focus, and unbridled passion. And it’s hard to bring it all home, where you can relax and laze around.

So the best way is to go to work cafes or coworking spaces where you can not only work from a dedicated workspace, but also open doors to meet like-minded people who can help you stay. inspired.

One of these spaces is myHQ, which you will find in over 150 locations in NCR Delhi. This space will allow you to channel your creativity in the right direction and to give the best of yourself.

How much does Amazon pay you to work from home?

The typical Amazon Work From Home Customer Service Representative salary is $13 per hour. Work From Home Customer Service Representative salaries at Amazon can range from $11 – $35 per hour.

Do work from home jobs really pay?

There are thousands of real online jobs available to make some quick money. … Most college students are willing to work online to earn some money in their free time instead of wasting their time on Facebook chats. There are thousands of websites that promise to pay money, but in the end, they seem to be spam.

Is working from home good?

Work-from-home jobs are very much a reality. … The reasons workers want to do their jobs remotely aren’t surprising: better work-life balance (91%), increased productivity/better focus (79%), less stress (78%), and to avoid a commute (78%).

What is required for work from home?

To work effectively from home, you’ll need to make sure you have the technology that you require, a separate work space, Internet service that meets your needs, a workable schedule you can stick to, and ways to connect with others.

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