Looking for Waiver Software? You’re in the right place. In this post, we will show you the Best 10 Waiver Software in 2022. We help you to choose the best Waiver Software.


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1. Swift Cloud                                                                                      Visit website

Swift Cloud is the best electronics waiver software at an economical rate. It is simple to start with as you have to copy and paste the document, fill out the fields, and set the after-signed action. It directly feeds into the marketing automation system so that the customers get follow-ups surveys, coupons, and discount. 
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2. Rezdy                                                                                      Visit website

Rezdy is a cloud-based solution that gives access to the digital waiver. It has a built-in mobile check-in and digital waiver signature capture. It saves the document and waiver forms securely and allows on the respective user to access it.
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3. Wherewolf                                                                                      Visit website

Wherewolf is a comprehensive platform to store guest records securely on the cloud. It has a suite of the analytical tools to gain proper insights into the business to formulate a result-driven business strategy. It has a guest management tool for check-ins and check-outs with automated email generation feature.
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4. WaiverFile                                                                                      Visit website

WaiverFile is the most trusted solution to organize your waiver. Your name appears on the monitor once you have filled the form and grouped by events like birthday parties and gym classes. The names of the guests are checked-off after their arrival keeping track of people who have signed the waiver.  
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5. Party Center Software                                                                                      Visit website

Party Centre Software is a party booking, waivers, and party booking software that ensures the seamless functioning of the business. It works in three simple steps, i.e., strategize, launch, and optimize. It has leveraged many top amusement industries.
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6. Playpass                                                                                      Visit website

Playpass engages in collecting and storing signed waivers and documents online. It allows you to create and share unlimited online waiver and liability release forms. You can save the documents and waiver forms securely and download it at any given time.
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7. Waiver Saver                                                                                      Visit website

Waiver Saver is a waiver solution at affordable pricing that builds valuable statistics and keeps in touch with the customers. Individuals with different professional backgrounds could easily use this application because of its high-end equipped features.  
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8. AWaiver                                                                                      Visit website

AWaiver is a cloud-based software that enables you to convert your liability waiver into the digital waiver. It keeps track of the person signing the waiver, thereby allowing only that person to access the document in the future. This software keeps the info of the user safe and secure in the database.      
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9. ePACT                                                                                      Visit website

ePact is the best online solution for a waiver, medical forms, and consents. You can use this software to store critical data securely. It meets your legislative requirements and ensures only the authorized personnel to have access to data.    
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10. WaiverApps                                                                                      Visit website

WaiverApps is a fully featured Waiver Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs and StartUps. WaiverApps provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App and Android. This online Waiver system offers Online Signing, Searchable Database and Waiver Kiosk at one place.
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If you are using any other  Waiver Software, Please let us know in the comment section.

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