In this new era of online learning and distance work, the best virtual conferencing platforms have paved the way for sustainable growth in industries, workplaces and educational institutions.

Make no mistake, virtual and hybrid events are here to stay.

However, it is important to choose the right virtual conferencing platform.

The quality of virtual events is an important factor in enhancing engagement and making a meeting or event a success.

Choose the wrong virtual conferencing software and your meeting could turn into a disaster.

We have reviewed and ranked the best virtual conferencing platforms available in 2021, comparing their features, performance, cost, and other factors.

At the end of this guide, you will be able to choose the virtual meeting platform that suits your needs.

What is a virtual conferencing platform?

A virtual conference platform is the technology used to host and promote a virtual event, an event that takes place completely online so that anyone in the world can access or view it from their computer or mobile device.
The best virtual conferencing platforms offer a complete setup for events. You can register guests and promote the event online, as well as organize speakers and create networking spaces for attendees.
Event sizes range from smaller, more intimate groups of a few attendees to 1,000 people or more. What you need in an online events platform largely depends on the scope and size of your conference.

Best Virtual Conference Platforms in 2022

Here are our picks for the best virtual conference software worth checking out:

1. Webinar Jam

Best overall

Looking for a virtual conferencing platform to boost participant engagement?

WebinarJam gives you the ability to host 4 hour webinars, meetings and live broadcasts with a group of up to 5,000 participants and 6 presenters.

It is a cloud-based virtual events platform that offers high accessibility and compatibility with smartphones, laptops or tablets. Just get a high speed internet connection and you’re good to go!

Dynamic business environments require regular reporting on sales, marketing and demand conditions. You can capture insights and translate them into actionable business strategies.

Simply put, it is the all-in-one software for virtual conferencing.

WebinarJam is very useful here because it allows subordinates to participate as presenters by sharing their screens and broadcasting directly.

Main features and benefits

  • Up to 5,000 participants
  • Up to 6 presenters
  • Provides predefined templates for creating registration pages.
  • Unlimited free hosting and split trials
  • High quality video and audio streaming at 30 FPS.
  • Use the “Replay” Play button to replay all live sessions in great detail.
  • Click on the “Panic button” in the event of an incident during the live meeting
  • Real-time surveys and polls allow interaction with participants
  • Make presentations by simply importing the file and sharing it on your screen
  • Annotations, drawings and notes can be used to convey the message in detail.


WebinarJam offers 3 payment plans:

  • Basic: $ 499
  • Professional: $ 699
  • Business: $ 999

There is also a 30 day money back guarantee and sometimes they offer a 14 day trial for just $ 1.

2. GoToWebinar

Easier to use

GoToWebinar is another well integrated virtual event software used by reputable companies with up to 2000 attendees at a time. It is a unified and very easy to use communication platform to operate your business from anywhere in the world!

With extensive functionality and a variety of engagement tools, this platform is best suited for medium to large organizations. You can integrate it with MS Office, Slack, etc.

Best of all, GoToWebinar allows you to extend the promotion of your virtual event through GoToStage. If your event climbs to the top, you can generate better leads and generate massive traffic.

Main features and benefits

  • Flexible webinar modes
  • Fast and automated communication is possible through timely reminders, emails and follow-ups.
  • Easy payment processing via Stripe
  • Powerful data encryption and privacy features
  • Record webinars with “GoToStage” and allow users to watch them at a later date
  • Create personalized dashboards and signup pages that represent the brand’s logo.
  • Improve your marketing strategy by tracking engagement through an analytical dashboard.


GoToWebinar offers 3 payment plans:

  • Admission: $ 89 (100 participants)
  • Pro: $ 199 (500 participants)
  • Plus: $ 429 (1000 participants)

You can try GoToWebinar free for 7 days, no credit card required.

3. Livestorm

Ideal for analysis

Livestorm is a super versatile online video communication platform that enables organizations to host large-scale virtual events with seamless workflows. It is browser-based software that primarily focuses on accelerating growth.

It is ideal for high pressure work environments where detailed analysis plays an important role in achieving performance goals.

Whether you prefer simple online meetings or a fully automated webinar, Livestorm has you covered! With a streamlined video communication platform and customization options, you can produce engaging webinars to collaborate internally and leverage your brand.

With Livestorm, you benefit from a multilingual support team and GDPR compliance.

Main features and benefits

  • Enables end-to-end engagement
  • Provides on-demand, live and pre-recorded online events
  • Requires minimal configuration and fewer technical tools
  • Allows the software to be integrated with Slack and Zapier
  • Support for dashboard analysis
  • Schedule on-demand and automated webinars to extend your reach
  • Evaluate the meeting report with complex details about attendees, attendance and deadlines
  • Create signup pages, send emails and chat in real time with team members


Livestorm offers three payment plans:

  • Basic: free
  • Premium: $ 99 per month
  • Company: personalized package

You can try Livestorm for free to see if this is the right conferencing software for your needs.

4.  BigMarker

The Best for Most 

BigMarker offers excellent virtual event capacity that is suitable for both small and large businesses. It is a software without download, easy to use and compatible with browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

BigMarker offers 15 different virtual event modules, so you can choose the exact type of experience you want to create. These modules include options such as booth, hall, networking, and main staging, so you can create the atmosphere for your event before it even starts.

This flexible platform supports a wide variety of events, including not only traditional conferences and conventions, but also client summits designed for thought leadership and engagement, and immersive content-rich virtual trade shows to drive sales.

Other benefits include:

Integration with CRM and marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Mailchimp
Contextual offers that you can set at any time during your presentation to drive conversions.
Interactive videos with polls, question and answer sessions and more
A variety of marketing features including analytics, email campaigns, and a landing page builder.
The ability to run pre-recorded webinars as if they were live to generate more leads.
White label webinars, trainings and workshops tailored to your brand platform


BigMarker offers Starter, Elite, Premier, and White Label pricing plans. The beginner video and webinar software includes 100 attendees and 1 host license and starts at $ 79 per month. The Elite plan, which includes 500 participants and 2 host licenses, starts at $ 159 per month. BigMarker offers a free seven-day trial.

5. Zoom Video Webinars 

The Best for Conferences with Lots of Panelists

When it comes to supporting online events and webinars with numerous panelists, Zoom Video webinars trump any other platform. This platform supports 100 or more live panelists, allowing them to share audio, video and screens for a more collaborative experience. This is ideal for large panels, thought leadership conferences, brainstorming events, etc.

Zoom Video webinars offer impressive capabilities in other areas. It can support up to 50,000 live participants, and with features like studio effects and the ability to share videos and screens simultaneously, you can customize and design your presentations to match exactly what you want. your needs.

Other features, like an audience chat and a question and answer session, help make personal connections with an even larger audience. Once you’ve found the perfect setup for your conference, you can save it as a template for easy reuse in the future.

Other main advantages of this platform include:

  • Integrations with Salesforce, PayPal, Marketo and more
  • Two-factor authentication and the ability to block and remove participants
  • Up to 50,000 live attendees and the ability to broadcast live to unlimited audiences
  • Detailed reports on audience engagement and analytics
  • Even audiovisual production experts and consultants are available to work with you to plan, rehearse, and support your live conference or webinar.


Zoom Video Webinar offers plans based on the number of attendees, making it an inexpensive option for businesses large and small. Plans start at $ 400 per year and go up to $ 24,900 per year. Monthly and annual billing is available.

6. Run the world

Ideal for new hosts

Run The World offers a lot of features, but it is also designed to be very easy to use. As a result, this is an ideal option for hosts and businesses that are just starting to host virtual events.

With Run The World, all of your conference prep work will stay in this platform. Tools are available for everything from building your brand to facilitating networking to ensure sponsors have their time in the limelight.

While Run The World is easy to use and navigate, it doesn’t sacrifice functionality. Options like managing multitrack events and hosting VIP meetings, cocktails, and panel discussions mean you’ll always have the flexibility to make your conference exactly what you want it to be.

Other advantages of the platform include:

  • Customizable registration invitation pages and surveys
  • Custom branding theme colors
  • The ability to create emails and download information.
  • Networking opportunities including 1: 1 chat and post-event group sessions
  • Sessions for up to 10,000 participants
  • Live Q&A and integrated survey
  • The ability to download event recordings.
  • Sponsorship tools including mentions, booths and ideas


Run The World offers four packages, including a free option that supports events with up to 50 participants. This free plan is ideal for businesses exploring their first small-scale virtual conference. Custom plans are also available.

Start by trying the Run The World free plan or learn more about their paid plans.

7. Whova

Best for interaction with participants

Whova goes beyond the basic virtual conferencing platform and enables more participant participation. Hosts can engage with audiences with live question-and-answer sessions, polls, and discussions. Gamification options like photo and caption contests help drive audience engagement for more engagement. The platform also has a leaderboard and hosts can offer prizes to the most active participants.

Whova also facilitates community building, giving participants more opportunities to participate and interact with the content presented and with other participants. Organizers and attendees can create virtual meetings, while a community discussion board helps start conversations and increase participation.

Other features, such as text and video options, make it easy for participants to start conversations. Network tables facilitate networking in a speed dating style so that participants can meet and interact with one another. These connections ensure that your conference has a lasting and meaningful impact after the event is over.

Whova is a very complete and powerful platform. Other main features include:

  • Live and pre-recorded video event support
  • Digital stands for sponsors and exhibitors
  • Live demonstrations
  • The ability to offer exclusive content at tiered tickets.
  • One hour onboarding meeting for your staff
  • A technical support team ready to respond to your troubleshooting needs.
  • In addition to virtual events, Whova also supports hybrid and in-person events.


Whova does not publish its prices. You will need to submit a request for a quote for a custom quote.

Methodology for choosing the best virtual conference platforms

No one virtual conferencing platform is right for every business. Depending on the type of conference you’re hosting, you likely have specific platform needs, whether it’s a request for features to drive audience engagement or a need for an option to large capacity supporting many conferences per year.

That’s why we used several specific criteria to assess the best virtual conferencing platforms. By considering which criteria are most important to you, you can choose the right platform for your business.


A single company can host a conference of 100 participants one week, then a conference of 50,000 participants the following week. Effective virtual conferencing platforms must be able to support both options and do so equally well.

When evaluating the capacity of a platform, it is not limited to the number of participants. The capacity also extends to the number of presenters and hosts, the number of conferences supported per month or year, and the maximum length of each conference.

A platform that enables high capacity conferences is not always automatically the right choice for a business. This increased capacity often comes with higher prices, so it’s important to choose a platform that balances the capacity a business needs and a price it can afford.

Customizable options

No single conferencing platform or model will suit every business, so the ability to customize your conferencing within the platform is essential. From branding to customizing the platform for the exact atmosphere you want to create, these options can enhance or restrict your conference.

Host controls

In most cases, the more control a host has over a conference, the better the experience for the host and participants. Platforms that give hosts controls such as the ability to disable, block, or remove participants are essential. Other important controls include the ability to share screens, turn speaker sound on and off, and create meeting rooms for attendees.

Easy to use

A platform can offer extensive functionality, but unless they are easy to use, they will be largely ignored. We only consider platforms that are relatively easy to use and come with support and helpful guides for setup and execution.

Ease of use is also reflected in platforms that are not limited to conferences. Many of our top picks have additional features, like marketing tools, that make it easier to do the background work of setting up and promoting a webinar.


Here you have! That’s all you need to know about the best virtual conferencing platforms.

In summary, our 3 best options are:

  • Webinar Jam
  • GoToWebinar
  • Storm Live

Let’s not wait for the perfect moment when the physical events on the pitch are back. Now is the time to grow your business or improve your teaching capabilities using the best virtual conferencing software platforms available today!

What makes a good virtual event platform?

A proper virtual event platform will feature an integrated Q&A system so that attendees can ask speakers and/or moderators questions at specific times during the virtual event. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you’re hosting, in-person or virtual, audience engagement is key.

How much does a virtual conference platform cost?

A Virtual Conference Platform: $15,000 & Up.

The virtual conference platform auto-configures Zoom by session needs and facilitates the option for a pre-recorded live model. This allows the presenter to upload a pre-recorded presentation and then focus on the audience interaction by answering questions in real-time.

Is Zoom a virtual platform?

Zoom became a household name in 2020, as people used the video conferencing platform to facilitate virtual meetings, classes and birthday parties. By the end of the company’s FY 2021, “Zoom” had become a verb, and its revenue had jumped 326 percent.

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