Are you having trouble with Ubersuggest and actively looking for alternatives to Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest has been a boon for new bloggers, freelancers, and startups with basic SEO needs. For my part, at the beginning of my blogs, I trusted Ubersuggest a lot. But as my needs grew, I found out where Ubersuggest was missing.

That is, Ubersuggest does not have detailed technical SEO features. Additionally, brand monitoring and social media tracking features are also missing. Therefore, just like you and me, many experienced SEO professionals, bloggers, or SEO agencies are considering alternatives to Ubersuggest.

Now, with the availability of so many “SEO toolkits” or “SEO modules”, it’s hard to choose an ideal Ubersuggest alternative.

Why choose Ubersuggest?

A freemium platform, many Ubersuggest features are available for free with some limitations.

Its low-cost subscription and intuitive, easy-to-use control panel have made it popular with SEO newbies, as well as bloggers and freelancers.

Each plan also includes a step-by-step SEO training course, email support, and a bi-weekly training session. All of these resources make Ubersuggest a great option if you want additional support and advice.

However, while Ubersuggest can be great for showcasing your site’s SEO strategy, the lack of technical SEO features and in-depth information make the tool not ideal for full monitoring and improvement.

If you’ve used the tool before, you’re probably ready to consider Ubersuggest alternatives.

Price: An entry-level Basic plan costs $ 38 / month, while a higher-level agency plan costs $ 130 / month.

Pros Cons
Check your monthly organic trafficbacklinks and top pages. Limited results/data for more niche markets. Ubersuggest is best for mainstream industries where there are lots of results.
Discover keywords that aren’t available on other platforms like Google Keyword Planner. Not optimized for mobile use and there’s no mobile app, making it only a viable option for desktop use.
Access location-based data which is essential for local SEO for businesses. No social media tracking.
Word cloud display of keywords makes it easier to identify keywords as opposed to viewing them in a standard grid or list. No custom reports.
Search for keywords on Images, News, Shopping, and YouTube. No brand monitoring.

What Are The Best Ubersuggest Alternatives?

Best Ubersuggest Alternatives of 2022 (Free & Paid)

1. Mangools

Mangools is one of the easiest Ubersuggest alternatives to use. If you prefer the data to be presented in aesthetically pleasing color-coded charts, Mangools might be the right choice to start your SEO strategy.

Mangools SERPchecker is one of the strengths of the 5 different tools of the platform. Check which sites are ranking for your target keywords in different places on desktop and mobile devices.

What makes Mangools the best Ubersuggest alternative?

  • Mangools’ keyword analysis tool, KWFinder, has a good reputation for finding long tail keywords with low search volume and easy keyword difficulty.
  • The second most used module of Mangools is its SERP analysis module. It has the potential to deliver SERP information in 50,000 locations.
  • Therefore, the leaderboard tracker is much better than Ubersuggest.
  • Besides providing a full website analysis, Mangools also has an effective backlink tracker.
  • Unlike Ubersuggest and other Ubersuggest alternatives, Mangools is also available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.


Mangools, like the other alternatives mentioned in this blog, offers annual and monthly pricing plans. But the factor that makes it a better option is its 40% discount on annual plans. And, of course, each of the plans offers all the features but with different limitations.

  • Free Trial: Start with a 10-day free trial to learn more about the software.
  • Basic – This plan would set you back $ 29.90 / month (when billed annually) and is suitable for freelancers, solo bloggers, or SEO experts.
  • Premium: Likewise, if you have a small team, this plan will be fine for you with its extended limits at a cost of $ 39.90 / month (when billed annually).
  • Agency – This plan stays true to its name and offers a maximum agency value of $ 99.90 / month (when billed annually).

Best For: Freelancers, Bloggers, and Small Businesses looking for a reasonably priced SEO platform for comprehensive SEO strategy planning and analysis.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is a powerhouse of an all-in-one SEO toolkit. Trusted by 6 million users around the world, it is without a doubt one of the most popular and serious SEO platforms available.

With a focus on SEO, SEMrush goes further to include tools that optimize social media, content, paid ad campaigns, and public relations.

A very technical tool, some of the most prominent features of SEMrush are:

  • A database of more than 20 billion keywords.
  • Traffic analysis tools to discover the organic traffic and performance of any site.
  • Extensive backlink database with 30.8 billion links.
  • Parallel domain comparisons for effective competitor research.
  • Market Explorer tool that, as of 2020, is already available in 190 countries.
  • Social media advertising tool that allows you to create Facebook and Instagram ads within SEMrush
  • SEMrush makes it easy to segregate data, add filters, and conduct topic-based research. All of these results are easy to export for later reference.

What makes SEMrush the best Ubersuggest alternative?

  • SEMrush has an extensive keyword research tool that also tells you about the SEO difficulty level of the keyword.
  • It also allows you to track the position of your blogs in the SERPs in a better and accurate way.
  • This alternative to Ubersuggest is also capable of tracking your site’s backlinks.
  • For PPC campaigns, Ubersuggest provides a CPC map module that shows average CPC across all areas, CPC versus search volume parameter, etc.
  • Also, to check the technical SEO status of your site, SEMrush comes with a site audit tool.


Regarding Ubersuggest’s paid plans, SEMrush has some pricey pricing plans. But everything good has its own price and in the case of SEMrush, it is perfectly justified.

  • Free Trial: SEMrush offers a 7-day free trial so you can explore it before switching to your paid plan.
  • Pro – $ 119.95 / month for required SEO tools and features. It is ideal for freelancers and bloggers.
  • Guru: For small and medium-sized businesses, the Guru plan is perfect as it is priced at $ 229.95 / month. It includes some additional features like brand reports, historical data, etc.
  • Business – As the name suggests, this plan is ideal for large companies, agencies, or e-commerce platforms. It is priced at $ 449.95 per month and offers APIs, white label reports, and integrations.

Best for: Companies looking for a complete and highly technical SEO platform that helps them with both organic search results and PPC campaigns.

3. SE Ranking

The all-in-one SE Ranking SEO platform is a powerful alternative to Ubersuggest thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use control panel. A relatively new set of tools on the SEO scene, with just over 300,000 users, SE Ranking is a tool to watch out for when adding new functionality.

As cloud-based software, users simply access the SE Leaderboard through their web browser. No software downloads or updates are required.

Keyword ranking tracking is one of the best tools that come with the platform. By covering the major search engines, Bing, Google and Yahoo, it displays the historical ranking of the most important keywords for your site.

You can also see how their rankings differ on mobile and desktop.

What makes SE Tanking the best alternative to Ubersuggest?

  • SE Ranking not only provides a keyword research service but also offers a unique feature called Keyword Grouper. This service is not available on Ubersuggest and allows you to segment and group specific keywords.
  • Unlike Ubersuggest, SE Ranking allows you to track your rankings on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.
  • SE Ranking also allows you to monitor changes on your web pages and also on your competition.
  • This software offers you the largest database (2 billion) of keywords. So with so many keyword terms available, you will easily get lots of related keyword suggestions.
  • One of the main features of SE Ranking is its mobile applications. It is available for download on the App Store and Google Play and is therefore superior to Ubersuggest.


SE Ranking uses a flexible pricing model based on the number of keyword rankings you want to check, the frequency and duration of your subscription. Plans start at $ 23.40 / month and are growing steadily.

Best For: Businesses looking for a reasonably priced all-in-one SEO tool with particularly powerful keyword tracking capabilities.

4. Serpstat

Serpstat is another inexpensive Ubersuggest alternative that is particularly strong on the keyword research front.

While it might not have the same depth as SEMrush or similar platforms, since Serpstat is a newer addition, they are continually adding functionality and expanding their reach.

Serpstat is also a great tool to assess your own domains and those of your competitors. The platform contains data from around 180 million domains.

If you have a larger marketing team that will need to use Serpstat simultaneously, the platform offers generous multi-user packages, which makes it much easier to collaborate without hassle without purchasing multiple licenses or packages.

What makes Serpstat the best alternative to Ubersuggest?

  • The Keyword Research and Discovery module is much more sophisticated than that of Ubersuggest. Also, long-term keywords discovered on Serpstat have a specific search volume.
  • Serpstat also allows you to identify your competitors and analyze their traffic and content strategy.
  • Unlike other Ubersuggest alternatives, Serpstat also gives you the option of discovering competitors in the paid search or PPC category.
  • It extends the position tracking function from country level to cities and even languages.
  • Serpstat is best known for its on-page SEO audit tool which will help you solve your SEO problem.


With so many advanced features to offer, Serpstat has managed to keep its prices very affordable. Plus, you get additional discounts if you opt for the annual billing option. Note that Serpstat offers all the functionality of each plan, but with different uses or limitations.

  • Free plan: Serpstat comes with a free plan with limited functionality. If you are a beginner, you can use their free plan.
  • Lite – This plan is suitable for a single user, freelance writer or blogger and is priced at $ 69 / month.
  • Standard: By paying $ 149 per month, you will be able to meet the needs of the 3 members of your team.
  • Advanced – This plan allows you to add 5 team members and costs $ 299 / month.
  • Businesses: Finally, you can secure access to Serpstat for 7 members at $ 499 / month. Moreover, you will also get wide white label API limits etc.

Best for: Businesses looking for a cheaper all-in-one SEO toolkit, without technical data and very complex to start their strategy.

5. Longtail Pro

LongTailPro is a comprehensive keyword research tool that is particularly known for its ability to generate thousands of long tail keywords that should help you outperform the competition.

Whether you are launching a new site or taking a look at your current SEO strategy, there is no denying that researching these very valuable and profitable keywords is essential. Keyword research never really ends and for this reason you have to use powerful software to find out those long tail phrases that others are not using yet.

What Makes LongTailPro the Best Alternative to Ubersuggest?

  • The LongTailPro team offers keyword research training that ensures you know how to research keywords correctly.
  • The keywords discovered and analyzed with LongTailPro have 3 different difficulty levels. Help build your content marketing strategy.
  • LongTailPro also has a built-in competitor search feature that analyzes competitors on 13 metrics.
  • It is the only alternative to Ubersuggest that provides you with an estimate of the profitability of your keywords.
  • Moreover, like many other alternatives mentioned in this blog, this tool also has a rank tracker feature.


Since LongTailPro only offers keyword research features, you need to be sure of its effectiveness. That said, the pricing plans are inexpensive and available with monthly and yearly billing options.

  • Beginner: This plan would cost you $ 25 per month (when billed annually) and offers 800 keyword searches in 1 day.
  • Pro: At $ 45 / month (billed annually), you’ll get 2,500 keyword searches in 1 day.
  • Agency: Likewise, priced at $ 98 per month, the keyword search limit is increased to 6,000 per day.

Best for: Site administrators specifically looking for competitive keywords and long tail phrases without any other SEO tools.

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the best Ubersuggest alternative for you if you are looking for data-driven results with a clear focus on backlink analysis.

Ahrefs, which is home to the largest backlink index available, has over 22 billion backlinks. The platform also has the second most active web crawler after Google.

Ahrefs also has some of the best competitor analysis. The Site Explorer feature allows you to see which keywords your competition is ranking on and which pages are generating the most organic traffic.

It’s also easy to see if your competition is advertising paid search and where that traffic is going.

Ahrefs, a very complex set of tools, is aimed at SEO experts and businesses with a solid SEO foundation looking to improve their site in search results ranking.

What makes Ahrefs the best alternative to Ubersuggest?

  • Ahrefs’ competitive analysis feature is so advanced that it can tell you about your competitor’s organic traffic, keyword rankings, and paid traffic.
  • If you have any complaints with the Ubersuggest keyword research tool, Ahrefs’ keyword tracking feature won’t disappoint you at all. Unlike Ubersuggest, Ahrefs offers thousands of keyword suggestions.
  • Ahrefs is one of those tools that allow you to set alerts for your website or for your competitors.
  • This software offers a free backlink checker which is known to be the most accurate among all the backlink checker tools.
  • Ahrefs comes with a desktop and mobile leaderboard tracking feature that keeps you updated on your performance with detailed graphics.


I would be completely honest with you to say that the price of Ahrefs is a bit expensive. It is definitely not for freelancers or new bloggers. Having said that, if you are an SEO agency or a medium or large business. Ahrefs will revolutionize your SEO game.

While pricing is available on monthly and yearly bill cycles, you can fully explore Ahrefs for 7 days by paying $ 7.

  • Free Trial: Ahrefs doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can get a paid trial for $ 7 for 7 days before you invest your money in it.
  • Lite: By paying $ 99 / month, you will get 1 user access and 5 projects.
  • Standard: At a monthly rate of $ 179, you will still have 1 user access, but the project limit will increase to 10.
  • Advanced: This plan would grant access to 3 users and a limit of 25 projects at $ 399 / month.
  • Agency: If you want a limit of 100 projects and 5 user access, you will have to pay $ 999 / month

Best for: Businesses looking for a seriously technical SEO toolkit with a particular focus on building and analyzing backlinks. 


These are the top 5 Ubersuggest alternatives for SEO and PPC campaigns that you can start using.

However, I would like to tell you that to make a better decision, you need to sign up for your free trials.

And, once you’ve explored pretty much every Ubersuggest alternative, you’re ready to make the switch.

As always, let me know if you have any more questions about these tools. I would be happy to help you.

Is there a free version of Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest has a feature similar to Buzzsumo but it is 100% free. It’s called Content Ideas. All you have to do is enter in a keyword or phrase and it will show you all of the popular blog posts that contain that term. The blog posts are then sorted by social shares, backlinks, and search traffic.

What Is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is one of the latest SEO tools that is known for its free keywords research and keyword generation feature. It was recently acquired by the world’s renowned digital marketer, Mr. Neil Patel, and developed it from just a Google Suggest term scrapper to a decent SEO tool. Apart from keyword generation tool, Ubersuggest also provides traffic overview, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, site audit, and content idea generation tool.

Is Uber suggest good?

Ubersuggest is a good tool to get basic insight into your website’s position in Google and keywords. You can make big lists with suggestions around a specific keyword, questions, and comparison of keywords. When you first open the page, it’s really easy to navigate and use, so it’s perfect for beginners.

What is the best Ubersuggest alternative?

Mangools and SE ranking are the best Ubersuggest alternatives as they are offering all the SEO tools under one platform at an affordable price.

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