In India, the travel industry is increasing day by day and every year as the number of people going to international destinations increases. Today we rely on online booking or booking through mobile apps for flights, hotels, car rentals or any other comprehensive travel package more than manual booking. Booking online also frees us from future uncertainties, such as the availability of hotel rooms or travel assistance.

If you’re a travel blogger, I’ll give you a standing ovation. As a digital nomad, I understand how difficult it is to blog while traveling. I also know that it is even more difficult to monetize your travel blog.

There are many travel bloggers who often get sponsorship for a trip (like free trips with all expenses covered), but not all are so lucky when they start their blogging careers.

Travel blogging is a popular and profitable niche that can generate great income using various monetization methods.

Some of the most popular monetization methods are:

 Today I will be telling you about some of the top travel blog affiliate programs.

This is a unique list of travel affiliate programs and I hope you make the most of it.

List of Best Travel Affiliate Programs for the travel Bloggers

1. TripAdvisor Affiliate Programs:

TripAdvisor is the most trusted and well-known brand in the travel industry. You can find all the details from anywhere in the world on TripAdvisor. The site has a large network of collaborators or a community of travelers to answer all your questions, such as how to get around, hotel guides or food or restaurants, etc.


TripAdvisor also has an extensive affiliate program and you can also earn reward points by contributing to the site, such as forum posts, hotel or restaurant reviews, etc. You can exchange these points for gift certificates or travel vouchers.

Program features:

  • Incentive programs
  • The largest networks of hotel reservation sites, more than 200
  • Deep bond
  • Committee structure by level
  • Dedicated affiliate managers
  • Continuous product launches
  • Mobile app

Commission structure

TripAdvisor will pay you at least 50% commission on the revenue generated when your site users click on commercial links and / or advertisements throughout the TripAdvisor site. TripAdvisor also offers incentive programs, if you can drive quality traffic to the site.

2.Booking Affiliate Program is a popular website in the travel industry.

It allows you to join the affiliate partner program if you have a blog / website, an application or a travel agency. If you have the right amount of traffic or a good, reputable customer base, this program is for you.

Why book?

Booking is one of the main travel accommodation sites. It has a variety of hotels and other options to stay.

The website also offers you various options and tools to promote hotels and resorts from your website and earn a good commission. They also provide you with banner ads, search boxes, HTML codes and also a WordPress plugin.


  • Free and easy registration process.
  • It offers search box options, deep links, and banner integration.
  • They have an offer-based commission distribution model.
  • Minimum payment 100 €.
  • The payment method is PayPal (create a PayPal account).
  • You can embed the search box in a WordPress blog using this official plugin.

3.Agoda- Affiliate Program

With over a quarter of a million properties, Agoda definitely deserves to be on this mega list of travel blogging affiliate programs.

Agoda Affiliate Program

Their internal affiliate program is open to anyone (but a website / blog is required).

Approval is a manual process and takes approximately 48 to 72 hours.

Program features

  • Easy registration
  • Agoda’s website, app and promotions are available in 38 languages so you can speak directly to your audience.
  • Good support team
  • Image link, search box, banner integration tools
  • WordPress plugin to integrate into your WordPress blog

Commission structure:

  • Up to 60% commission on sales
  • Minimum payment of $ 200

4.Airbnb Referral Program

AirB & B is a popular vacation booking service where you can book a variety of properties of different sizes and prices. From 2 bedrooms to the Manor, everything is available for reservation at AirB & B.

airbnb logo detail

AirB & B has a very popular referral program that helps you earn decent “money” by referring other users.

You can earn up to $ 72 for each successful referral and a maximum travel credit of $ 5,000 per account.

Why AirB & B?

AirB & B is a very popular accommodation reservation service that allows people to book their own apartments and properties.

This allows for a wide range of properties from inexpensive to more expensive and from small to large, such as mansions.

Program features

  • You can earn up to 1,100 travel credits
  • Extensive global network
  • Easy to use and requires no configuration


  • An easy-to-share referral link as a user will also earn $ 18 in AirB & B credits.
  • A household name in the travel industry.
  • Good for travel income.

5.Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner is a website that I always use to check the price of a flight.


If you’ve never used it, you should download its mobile app and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

For your travel blog, Skyscanner offers different options. You may want to start with the travel widget.

Skyscanner travel affiliate booking widget

You can use this widget in your sidebar or around content where you are most likely to ask users to take an action. This widget will redirect them to the Skyscanner site.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can hire a developer and use the Skyscanner Travel API to create your own search functionality on your website or mobile app.

Features :

  • Any travel website, blog, or deal website can partner with Skyscanner.
  • Widgets, banners and links for publishers.
  • Travel API for the Skyscanner search engine
  • Payment method PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Pay per click program, high conversion rate
  • Affiliates sharing 50% of the revenue generated.
  • It does not apply to India.
  • Promotional codes and direct links to Skyscanner websites are not permitted.
  • If you are unable to generate quality traffic or your user conversion rate is low, your Affiliate ID may be blocked.

Highlights :

  • Offer white label solutions to offer flight searches on your website.
  • One of the most popular Travel Affiliate Program APIs.
  • Flight booking widget for your sidebar.
  • One of the best and most detailed reference systems to start with.
  • It supports flight reservations, hotel reservations and rental cars.

6. Expedia Affiliate Program

Expedia has one of the largest travel networks in the world with a presence in almost every country. You can also use Expedia travel affiliate programs to monetize your blog.

Expedia India

Expedia has more than 75,000 hotels and 3,000 exciting vacation attractions and activities around the world, as well as promotions located in India.

Program features:

  • 30 days of cookies present
  • full service travel booking functionality
  • Easy integration
  • A wide variety of binding options.
  • Payment by bank transfer

Commission structure:

Expedia offers 4 different commission rates for different types of products, as shown below

  1. Vol: 0.875%
  2. Hotels – 8%
  3. Packages: 20 USD package


Here are some of the most popular travel affiliate programs that you can join to earn extra money from your blog.
This list is currently up to date, but to complete it, it requires your contribution!

Let us know of other popular affiliate programs for the travel niche that you would recommend to other travel bloggers.

If you know of any other popular travel affiliate programs, please share them in the comments section.

What are the best travel affiliate programs?

The world’s best travel affiliate program is It is widely used and has a good customer base and is already trusted by customers. It is also home to the largest number of properties and accommodations. allows you up to 40% commissions.

How can I become a travel affiliate?

You can become a travel affiliate by joining one of the travel affiliate programs. You must have a website or have a good social presence.

Is there a travel affiliate program in India?

Yes, Booking, OYO, Tripver, Travelpayouts and several other companies have travel affiliate programs in India.

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