Mobile apps have become very popular. They make your life so much easier. Now there is an app for everything. You can buy plane tickets, book a hotel or trade on the stock exchange.

There are many business apps out there, so to save you time we have selected the best free business apps for you. Apps offering free stocks and ETF trading are growing in popularity, so it’s worth checking out if you don’t want to spend a fortune on trading fees.

What are Trading apps used for?

Trading applications can be used for trading, learning, charting, researching trading ideas, and also obtaining market data and information. Some apps offer all of these features, while others offer only a few. Don’t worry, we’ve put together lists of the best business apps for all of these features!

Commercial applications are usually offered by financial companies such as online brokers or banks. These apps can be great additions to your web or desktop trading platform, but they can also be a company’s flagship product, for example in the case of Robinhood and Freetrade.

We consider trading apps to be excellent complementary tools to online trading platforms and other financial portals. When you want to buy a stock, you can more easily perform fundamental or technical analysis on a computer, but it’s easier to follow the price of stocks you have already bought through a trading app. You can also intervene more quickly through an app, when, for example, you need to sell your stocks quickly.

Best Investment & Trading Apps in 2022

1. Robinhood

The Robinhood mobile platform is one of the best platforms we’ve tested. It is safe, well designed and user-friendly.

PRICE: Free stock and ETF trading
FUNCTIONS: Two-step (safer) login
Biometric authentication
Order types: Market, Limit, Stop, Trailing Stop
Great search function
Price alerts
Order confirmation
User-friendlyLanguages: English

Robinhood optimized its brokerage service for millennials, so it has a very intuitive and well-designed mobile trading platform. 

We also liked the additional security features, such as the fingerprint sensors to access the app.

Two-step (safer) login
Good search function

2. Zerodha KITE online trading mobile app

In the mad rush to launch business apps, Zerodha has emerged as one of the leading activists with her flagship app KITE amid fierce competition.

To get the app, all you need to do is go to the Play Store and install the app on your mobile. Open an account by registering your email id.

The list on the initial screen shows the shares suggested by the application. You can remove or add actions according to your choice from the list.

To buy a share, you must have your Demat account balance accessible in the app. Click on add funds and you will see the fund added to your Demat account.

Zerodha Kite is appreciated for the simplicity it offers. It is clear and easy to navigate and understand.

Zerodha understands that to be competitive and a leader, mobile technology and an optimized and compatible app are key.

Its minimalist interface is strictly limited to what the user is looking for. It doesn’t clutter the screen with what users never or rarely use.

This allows the user to stay focused on what they are looking for, to “negotiate” without undue distractions.

The application is thin (light) and does not require a lot of resources. Remember, data is expensive, so the cost is a huge plus.

Zerodha has the unique advantage that there are no brokerage investment fees, as long as you don’t buy and sell the shares on the same day.

One issue that can be significant if left unresolved on the way to war is map loading time. Irritates the user.

Zerodha trading app details (App store details)

App Details Google Play Store Apple Apps Store
Rating 3.9 3.2
No. of Reviews 26,013 154
App File Size Varies with devices 65.7 MB
Compatibility Android 5 & above iOS 9.3 & above
Installs 1 million+

Benefits of the Zerodha Kite app

  • Universal search tool that allows users to find simple and complex stocks.
  • Possibility to apply more than 100 technical indicators in real time charts
  • Trading from the app’s charts function allows the user to trade directly from the charts
  • You can set unlimited price alerts for instant updates
  • You can create an unlimited number of personalized watchlists
  • Historical data for the last 10 years

3.  5paisa online trading app

The following is another major player in Indian stock market and its 5paisa app. 5paisa trading app is owned by 5 paisa discount brokers. It has a lower cost than its competitors, 10p / executed order.

It is one of the few apps that offers the unique feature of guest login. Personally, I like this feature.

You can avoid giving all your personal information to verify the app, end up receiving unsolicited emails, calls and messages from the service provider.

Let’s see if this is a trading app for beginners.

  • The app has an easy open feature for beginners.
  • Similar to ET markets, it provides constant real-time updates and quotes from NSE and BSE
  • Auto Investor feature allows you to create and customize a fully developed mutual fund investment portfolio
  • By taking advantage of a simple filtering tool with a free 5-country account, you can invest in the best UCITS.

5Paisa trading app details (App store details)

App Details Google Play Store Apple Apps Store
Rating 4.4 3.5
No. of Reviews 39,719 1.9K
App File Size 28 MB 176.9 MB
Compatibility Android 4.1 & above iOS 9 & above
Installs 1 million+

Disadvantages of 5 paisa app

  • The application is resource intensive and requires a high speed internet connection to load the graphics. Beginners with a low speed internet connection may have difficulty
  • 15 minutes of lost candles in action

4.  Upstox pro app

The second best player on the market probably has a very feature rich app based on the premise that more features attract more users.

The benefits of the Upstox Pro app, which are very similar to the Zerodha Kite app, include:

Universal search tool that allows users to find simple and complex stocks.

A big plus here are the available graphics of different ranges and different types and styles of drawing.

Possibility to apply more than 100 technical indicators in real time charts

Taking advantage of the Trade from Chart (TFC) feature, a user can trade directly from charts

You can set unlimited price alerts for instant updates

You can create an unlimited number of personalized watchlists

Upstox trading app details (App store details)

App Details Google Play Store Apple Apps Store
Rating 4.1 3.3
No. of Reviews 32,639 1.3K
App File Size Varies with devices 63.7 MB
Compatibility Android – varies with devices iOS 11 & above
Installs 1 million+


  • Heavy app loaded with features you might not use often
  • Unable to verify linked bank details
  • Backoffice application not available
  • Navigating from one menu to another is difficult
  • Not highly recommended for beginners, more for experienced stock market activists.

5. Edelweiss Mobile Trading App

The Edelweiss trading application has a simple touch connection using the fingerprint. You have access to research while you operate.

The app offers real-time stock prices and tick-by-tick charts to keep you up to date and help you analyze the market instantly.

You can have a “pre-defined custom watchlist” based on the selected filters and the Sensex tracker to identify business opportunities.

The app also allows you to invest in mutual funds.

Edelweiss trading app details (App store details)

App Details Google Play Store Apple Apps Store
Rating 4.5 4.2
No. of Reviews 21,414 866
App File Size 32 MB 153.2 MB
Compatibility Android 4.1 & above iOS 9 & above
Installs 500,000+


  • Live streaming of stock prices
  • One-touch biometric login
  • 4.5 Rating on Google Play Store


  • Only 17 technical indicators
  • 153.2MB large file size for iPhones

6. Angel Broking App

The Angel app offers 40 indicators and technical chart overlays for technical analysis and trading. The app is integrated with Angel’s ARQ tool to improve portfolio performance. Check out Angel Broking’s details here.

The app has an intuitive design and a clean interface. The last ten transactions for DP General Ledger, Funds and Reports can be accessed directly from the app.

Angel Broking trading app details (App store details)

App Details Google Play Store Apple Apps Store
Rating 4.0 3.7
No. of Reviews 40,114 1.8K
App File Size 32 MB 114.9 MB
Compatibility Android 4.2 & above iOS 9 & above
Installs 1 million+


  • Integrated ARQ tool
  • Access to calls for advice and research reports
  • Intuitive interface


  • Only 40 indicators and limited overlays
  • You cannot invest in IPOs and bonds.

7.  HDFC Securities Mobile Trading App

The HDFC trading app has a secure biometric connection through the use of fingerprints and facial recognition. Buy and sell orders can be placed from the watchlist itself.

The HDFC trading app offers real-time intraday charts and instant access to trend reversal ideas.

In addition to trading stocks and derivatives, you can invest in gold and CRS from the app. Additionally, the app has a built-in chat with support team features to quickly resolve issues.

However, there are some negative reviews related to connection issues.

HDFC Securities mobile trading app details (App store details)

App Details Google Play Store Apple Apps Store
Rating 4.3 3.9
No. of Reviews 49,483 2.1K
App File Size 14 MB 54.4 MB
Compatibility Android 4.4 & above iOS 9 & above
Installs 1 million+


  • Biometric login
  • Possibility of investing in gold and MNA
  • Access to trendy investment ideas


  • Connection issues
  • It’s hard to see the details on the white interface.

8.  IIFL Markets Mobile Trading App

The IIFL Marketplace offers expert advice and research on over 500 stocks when you trade on its mobile app. Multiple watchlists can be created, each containing up to 50 scripts.

The app offers intelligent dual tracking of stocks across multiple segments (stocks, M&O, commodities and currencies) to better manage the portfolio.

Also, you can invest in IPO, OFS (Offer for Sale) through the app.

IIFL Markets mobile trading app details (App store details)

App Details Google Play Store Apple Apps Store
Rating 4.3 3.6
No. of Reviews 36,891 623
App File Size 17 MB 178 MB
Compatibility Android 4.1 & above iOS 9 & above
Installs 1 million+


  • Possibility of investing in the IPO
  • Dual stock smart watch
  • 17MB lightweight Android app


  • Apple Store Rating of 3.6
  • Large 178 MB iPhone application

Features of the best online trading app in 2022

1. Compatibility

Android and iOS are two of the preferred platforms for any kind of application. Other than that, you have a Windows platform.

Android is currently the most popular operating system for smartphones. IPhones and iPads run on the proprietary iOS platform. You need to know which platform your mobile device supports.

If you have an older version, you may need to update the app to the latest version available. In very rare cases, you may also need to update your old cell phone to make it compatible with the app.

2. Number of downloads

The number of downloads gives an idea of ​​the popularity of the brokerage firm and the mobile application.

Usually, a higher number of downloads indicates that the app is the most popular. The success of any business app depends on how easily the app helps you complete a transaction and meets other business requirements like money transfer.

3. User experience

The best business apps should be easy to navigate. They should have an intuitive interface with all the buttons needed to display charts with indicators and the ability to trade preferably from one place.

Mobile apps need to be less cluttered, facilitate transactions, and broadcast quotes live.

4. Supports indicators and technical studies

If you are using a specific indicator or advanced charts to trade, verify that the app supports that particular indicator.

Please refer to the trading app for chart accuracy. Stock trading applications should also support interactive charts, as well as historical and trend charts.

5. App ratings and reviews

You can get first hand information about any stock trading app from the reviews of existing users.

But you have to make sure that the reviews are genuine and provide real information. Fake reviews will consist of a single line or short sentences. They will only contain compliments for the application.


Choosing one of the trading apps is directly related to the broker you choose for your trading and investing needs.

I would recommend you to open an account with Zerodha for a better trading experience.

Open an account with Upstox to use the Upstox app.

5Paisa is one of the best stock brokers with fixed Rs. 10 brokerage commissions with platinum and titanium plan. The 5paisa app is useful for both beginners and experienced traders.

Which is most profitable trading app?

1. Markets.
2. Angel Broking App. Zerodha Kite App. Sharekhan App. IIFL Markets App. Upstox Pro App.
3. Best Stock Broker. Best Trading App.

Is it safe to invest in trading apps?

Singhania says, “Security is not an issue at all for mobile trading. It is similar to using other apps where you access the trading platform with your unique credentials.” … However, the flipside of this ease of access is that it may tempt some to trade too often.

What is the safest stock trading app?

The following brokers offer the safest stock apps in 2021:

1. Fidelity: Best stock app for investors.
2. E*TRADE: Best app for options.
3. TD Ameritrade: Best stock app for traders.
4. Interactive Brokers: Best stock app for professionals.
5. Merrill Edge: Great for stock research.

Why do most traders lose money?

But that’s not all, the biggest reason day-traders lose money is the risk they take on. Day traders are more likely to make risky investments to reach for those higher potential returns, and as you can probably guess, high risk = high potential loss. You make a 15% return in 1 year (which is a great return by the way!)