Website speed, or if you prefer a more technical term, website loading speed is an important SEO factor. It is also the main component of the user experience. The attention span and patience levels of modern online content consumers are quite low. If your website doesn’t load fast enough, you could lose that valuable traffic. The content distribution network can dramatically speed up a website.

CDN providers provide services capable of speeding up any website, regardless of the location of the server on which it is hosted. Best CDN uses file sharing and does so on servers around the world. Website visitors do not need to download content from servers around the world. Instead, they get the content from the closest server.

The Top 10 most popular CDN services

Whether you are running a solid ecommerce website or a simple trading portfolio website, the following top CDN providers will help you increase your website speed.

1.KeyCDN — The most affordable packages with free SSL

If you are looking for an inexpensive CDN with a reliable and well distributed network, look no further, KeyCDN should be your preferred choice. Affordable pricing plans aren’t the only reason I see KeyCDN on my list. It is also easy to use. It comes with a well-designed and intuitive dashboard. Even users with limited technical knowledge can configure and use it.

KeyCDN homepage

The provider also offers some advantages to advanced users. For example, you have the autonomy to decide which CDN server to use as an update source to lighten the load on your server. Users can also define a custom robots.txt file and manipulate the cache and delete cookies.

Key Features

  • Support for HTTP / 2 and IPv6
  • Zone header and alias control
  • GZip compression
  • Image processing
  • Real time reports
  • Additional security protocols


Pay what you use model: users can enter their monthly outgoing bandwidth to calculate their costs online.

2. CDN77 — Free SSL and surprisingly easy to use

CDN77 is very similar to KeyCDN in terms of ease of use, affordability, and number of features. CDN77 has been on the market for some time. Its network includes 30 data centers around the world. Most of them are in the US and Europe, making this provider more focused on western countries. Although easy to use, CDN77 has a very impressive clientele, including the European Space Agency.

CDN77 homepage

The CDN77 panel is easy to use for beginners and retains some advanced settings for more advanced users. The provider offers good value for money and adds a free Let’s Encrypt SSL benefit to every contract.

Main features

  • Brotli and GZip support
  • TLS 1.3 with O-RTT
  • HTTP / 2 support
  • Support for CMS integration
  • Layered security solutions ranging from DDoS protection to Hotlink protection
  • API
  • Manage cache rules


  • 6TB – from $ 199 per month
  • 25 TB – from $ 385 per month
  • 50 TB – from $ 580 per month
  • 100 TB – from $ 990 per month
  • 150 TB – from $ 1,390 per month

3. CacheFly — The fastest CDN network

CacheFly CDN is one of the fastest CDN providers on the market. But that’s not the only reason I added it to the best CDN list. It is also the pioneer in adopting and using the TCP Anycast architecture, which allows you to assign unique IP addresses to websites globally.

CacheFly homepage

While the CacheFly network is not as large as Akamai’s, it is optimized for incredible speed and strong security. This provider has proven effective in serving a variety of specialized websites ranging from podcasts and regular content streaming to Smart Edge apps and HD video streaming.

Main features

  • Well-optimized server network with points of presence around the world
  • Anycast TCP architecture
  • HTTP / 2 support
  • Improved security
  • Real-time reports


  • Small Business – Starting at $ 295 per month (if you pay in advance for a year, you get 2 months free)
  • Business: from $ 600 per month
  • Smart Edge apps: from $ 2,000 per month
  • High volume plans – you will need to contact customer service for a personalized quote

4. StackPath — Great for beginners

StackPath is a relatively small operation. However, due to its reliability, strict security, ease of use, and focus on the North American and European markets, it is on my list. StackPath only has 32 points of presence: 14 in North America, 9 in Europe, 5 in Asia, 2 in Australia, and 2 in South America. The dashboard is simple and intuitive so that less experienced users can use it without problems.

StackPath homepage

Performance is consistent on servers in North America and Europe. However, the output from the other points of presence is slightly worse. StackPath maintains top-notch security. It comes with DDoS protection, firewall, and edge rules to help you customize the service in all phases of the CDN request.

Main features

  • A relatively small server network with a focus on western countries.
  • Smart caching and customizable caching rules
  • Instant purge around the world
  • Real time analysis
  • GZip compression
  • HTTP / 2 and WebSocket support


  • Edge Delivery 20 – Starting at $ 20 per month
  • Edge Delivery 200 – Starting at $ 200 per month
  • Edge Delivery 2000: Starting at $ 2,000 per month

5. Cloudflare — The best free plans in the CDN niche

Cloudflare is a leading CDN company in the US The tactic of allowing ease of use, but also offering advanced customization options, works in Cloudflare’s favor. Users without technical experience can configure Cloudflare and start using it without having to write a single line of code. It’s as easy as updating your DNS nameservers to use Cloudflare.

Cloudflare homepage

However, if you decide to take a look below the center, you will be amazed. You can enable bot filters, prevent content spam, benefit from layered security solutions, and even cushion the impact of DDoS attacks. The surprising thing is that Cloudflare offers a free plan with no bandwidth limitation.

Main features

  • Hundreds of servers located in 200 cities and more than 95 countries
  • API for advanced users who want to take full control of content caching and debugging actions
  • Support for static and dynamic content delivery
  • HTTP / 3 support
  • Intelligent traffic routing
  • Support for CMAF, HLS, MPEG-DASH video files


  • Free: includes CDN services, DDoS protection, and email customer support
  • Pro: from $ 20 per month
  • Business: from $ 200 per month
  • Company: you will need to request a quote

6. Google Cloud CDN — Extremely powerful CDN

If anyone has a presence in the world, it’s Google. Google Cloud CDN leverages the company’s presence to deliver one of the fastest, most streamlined CDNs on the market. Google Cloud CDN has proven to be efficient and reliable in delivering video and web content to all continents.

Google Cloud CDN homepage

The company achieves excellent connectivity by interconnecting edge caches with almost all of the major end-user ISPs. Cloud CDN also assigns a unique global IP address to your website, providing consistent performance across desktops and mobile devices. Google’s CDN is integrated with Google Cloud so users can benefit from powerful reporting, real-time monitoring, and industry-grade online security.

Main Features

  • Anycast Architecture
  • Support for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures
  • Support for HTTP / 2 and QUIC
  • Free TLS (SSL) certificates
  • Integrated with Google Cloud


  • Google Cloud CDN introduces the “pay-as-you-go” pricing model. You will be charged for bandwidth, HTTP / HTTPS requests, outbound cache bandwidth, and cache leaks. Visit the official Google Cloud CDN website for pricing

7. Amazon CloudFront — Highly customizable CDN

Amazon CloudFront is one of the services offered by Amazon through its Amazon Web Services platform. Amazon’s CDN service is reliable and fast. With cutting edge technologies and strategically located servers around the world, Amazon is able to deliver good speeds to end users.

Amazon CloudFront homepage

The platform can be used without changing the settings. However, for best results some configuration is recommended. There’s even support for automatic GZip compression and deep scans. Please note that Amazon does not offer free technical support with its services.

Main Features

  • A global network of 216 points in 42 countries
  • High security (AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall, AmazonRoute 53, HTTPS, SSL / TLS)
  • Source redundancy allows you to stream content even when the primary source is offline
  • Support for HTTP and WebSocket protocols
  • Full API


  • Free tier: 12 months free, 2 million HTTP or HTTPS requests per month, 50 GB of data transfer
  • On Demand: Amazon’s personalized pricing plans for each customer

8. Fastly — Highly configurable platform

Quickly belongs to the CDN heavyweight category. It is a robust platform with many configuration options. The settings will even let you choose your preferred methods for video caching, customize HTTP headers, and more. The dashboard can easily confuse novice users, which is why Fastly is the recommended CDN for tech-savvy people.

Fastly homepage

It quickly delivers maximum optimization and fast speeds which is why some of the biggest websites are using it including Reddit and Spotify. Considering the number of features, pricing, and free trial, this is one of the more affordable CDN providers.

Main Features

  • Servers with SSD technology strategically located in more than 40 cities on all continents
  • API access for better optimization
  • Support for HTTP / 1.1, 2, 3, QUIC, TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3
  • Extensive customer support, including knowledge base and live chat


  • Free trial up to $ 50 in traffic
  • Fully customizable price plan – users have access to an online price calculator

9. MetaCDN — A synergy of three networks

MetaCDN is a service provider based in Australia. It harnesses the power of many of the best CDN providers to ensure fast download speeds and minimize downtime for its customers. MetaCDN uses the services of Fastly, Amazon CloudFront, and Verizon EdgeCast. With this approach, MetaCDN covers the entire world, increasing the chances that each user will have a server nearby.

MetaCDN homepage

In terms of performance, this provider is one of the best. The servers are configured to automatically choose the optimal server for a user. For example, Fastly offers super-fast speeds to users in the UK. If a page request comes from a UK IP address, MetaCDN will deliver content from one of the UK servers on the Fastly network.

Main features

  • Three CDN leaders united under one roof
  • Consistent performance thanks to multiple redundant backup systems
  • Powerful analytics and reports
  • 100% uptime guarantee


  • Free trial, no credit card required
  • Basic – from $ 20 per month
  • Lite – from $ 50 per month
  • Pro – from $ 100 per month

10. Akamai — The best option for tech-savvy experts

Akamai has an impressive network of servers. It is one of the oldest CDN companies on the market. Its network currently consists of more than 275,000 servers located in more than 130 countries. The provider serves up to 30% of all Internet traffic. Powerful features, excellent customer support, and a plethora of customization settings make this provider a preferred choice among professionals.

Akamai homepage

The dashboard is intuitive but complex. Simply put, Akamai caters to the needs of education experts, so they have a robust interface and plenty of customization options. The services are combined with excellent 24 hour customer support.

Main Features

  • Excellent CDN coverage
  • Cloud security, including DDoS protection
  • Fully customizable CDN service
  • Extended IP video support


  • Akamai does not have a published price plan on the official website, so you will need to contact them directly to request a quote.

Best of the best

If choosing the right CDN sounds too complicated, don’t worry, I can help. Below are the best CDN providers sorted by use case categories.

Best cheap CDN

The best free CDN isn’t all in one sentence. If you are on a budget but still want to improve your website loading speed, the following two providers can help you do it cost effectively.


Price starts at $4 per month

KeyCDN is one of the best budget CDN companies on the market. A solid network with PoPs across the world, a user-friendly dashboard, and advanced features will help you put this CDN to use almost immediately. 

Best CDN for WordPress

Are you running a WordPress site? There are some of the best CDN providers with a special focus on WordPress users. You won’t go wrong if you decide to go with a Cloudflare or a CDN77, as both are easy to integrate into a WP.


Free / Price from $ 20 per month

Cloudflare is an easy to use CDN that integrates seamlessly with WordPress. You will be able to use it with your WordPress site even if you have never done a similar integration before. With a dedicated WordPress CDN plugin, Cloudflare is definitely a CDN option to consider.

Best CDN for images

Optimizing an image-rich website for speed is insane. Sirv and Optimole are providers that will help you deliver high-quality images to your end users at blazing speeds.


Free / Price from $ 19 per month

Sirv CDN shines in two departments: ease of use and improving page load speed. The Sirv team worked hard to create a true imaging CDN. It comes with real-time image optimization capable of preparing your images for screens of all sizes.

Best CDN for video streaming

Optimizing the loading speed of video streaming sites is a real challenge, especially for live streams and high traffic sites. When it comes to the best content delivery network for streaming video, it doesn’t get any better than Akamai and Limelight.


Free trial / Contact for pricing

With its huge server network and high-end IT infrastructure, Akamai CDN can support your online video streaming operations. Akamai introduced support for IP video, providing an even better experience for end users.


Top 10 Proven CDNs That Have Included Your Trusted, Trusted Businesses With A Long-Standing Reputation In The CDN World. You’ve probably noticed that even though they offer the same CDN service, they are still quite different. They use different technologies, offer single board user interfaces, and come with different features. If you can’t decide which one to use, go back to my “Best of the Best” section, where you can find the best CDN for your specific use case.



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