High PR social bookmarking sites play a big role in SEO today. Through social bookmarking, we can submit our website and blog to various relevant categories to get good backlinks and some traffic.

Yes, traffic if you don’t know how to dial correctly. We will see how to create a favorite in this article.

What is social bookmarking sites?

Social bookmarking is the technique for getting good backlinks, lots of traffic, as well as branding, promotion, and indexing privileges. If you are an SEO or digital marketing expert, you need to know this.

Why use social bookmarking websites?

You should start by submitting blog posts or web pages to social sharing sites or social bookmarking sites (SBM sites) as this has many benefits.

  • Bookmark is the fastest way to index your website or blog post in search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • The best bookmarking sites have a high PR rating. If you have their support, you will get quality backlinks.
  • Submitting yourself to the best social bookmarking sites helps drive new and relevant traffic.
  • By submitting it to high PR index bookmarking sites, your blog post can go viral.
  • This will improve the authority of your domain.
  • This will reduce the bounce rate.
  • This will help with blog categorization.

How to do social bookmarking?

Not all major SEO social bookmarking sites are the same. Before you start posting blog posts on websites, you need to understand its rules and regulations.
Few of the high PR social bookmarking websites like reddit.com, bizsugar.com have a very rigid endorsement and spam is not strictly allowed.

For these types of social sharing sites, you need to be more social and you should try to build your profile by submitting high authority blog posts from other websites or you can comment on other people’s posts, re-share and vote.

To get the most out of it, come up with an innovative title, creative description, add target keywords in the tags or keyword field and most importantly you need to choose the category wisely.

So let’s start with the list of high value social bookmarking sites.

1. Reddit: 

Reddit is one of my favorite bookmarking sites. It’s not easy to submit your blog post to Reddit. You must vote and resubmit others’ Reddit posts; This will improve your Reddit karma.

Once you have enough karma, you can easily submit your blog posts, read the subreddit rules before posting.

2. Mix (formerly Stumbleupon):

Mix is a new content discovery platform that integrates pretty much everything Stumbleupon had. It allows people to find, collect and share the content they love.

To submit a blog post, you must first create an account by signing up through your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. With the iOS share menu, you can send posts from any iOS app.

3. Bizsugar: 

Bizsugar is the most difficult website to publish a blog post. You should be very careful when submitting a blog post about bizsugar.

Submit a reputable and high authority website post in the appropriate category Vote and comment on articles posted by others. Once your profile is strong enough, try submitting your blog post. Write a meaningful description, creative title, and choose the appropriate categories.

4. Scoop.it: 

Scoop.it is one of the best content curation and content marketing sites. Here you can bookmark your blog post or you can create a full post with backlinks to your blog.

You can manage multiple themes in one account. You can create a community. Share, like, and comment on other people’s posts. Write compelling titles with specific keywords. Add images to your scoop article.

5 Pinterest:

Pinterest is not just a bookmarking website, it is the most popular graphic content distribution social media website. Here you can discover content on any topic and most of the content will be in graphic format. And the best part is that anyone can easily use Pinterest.

After creating an account on Pinterest, you need to follow some categories. Choose wisely because you will get your pins. Before adding a Pin, you need to create a board with a keyword-rich board title, description, and choose the most relevant category.

For the invitation, you’re supposed to follow that group’s admin, repaint their Pins and wait for them to notice you or you can also send them a personal request message. Don’t promote your blog post in a group all the time, try to be social!

High PR social bookmarking sites in 2022

Sr.no Website DA PA Alexa Rank Reach
1 diigo.com 89 67 17301 17414
2 scoop.it 92 68 7388 7416
3 reddit.com 90 87 13 18
4 ttlink.com 54 57 140956 151456
5 plurk.com 88 71 1444 1476
6 mix.com 83 56 13637 14351
7 dropmark.com 54 49 66734 72289
8 mbacklinks.com 22 38 178676 207348
9 tumblr.com 80 99 76 85
10 sqworl.com 46 49 101010 113251
11 instapaper.com 85 62 24497 25392
12 akonter.com 38 47 168610 196967
13 pearltrees.com 85 62 5822 8137
14 medium.com 95 79 137 109
15 evernote.com 91 77 347 390
16 ridents.com 19 37 240932 280435
17 vapidpro.com 21 37 232667 275601
18 visacountry.com 21 37 251873 300717
19 mykith.com 19 35 258402 269540
20 ferventing.com 21 35 218952 263754

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