The Covid-19 has created a steady increase in personal bankruptcies and accelerated the transition to e-commerce in 5 years.

With traditional retailers moving online and the increasingly competitive research landscape, it is difficult to start an online business:

  • Consumers expect two-day shipping and instant gratification.
  • Amazon’s vertical integration is revolutionizing entire industries.
  • Many commodity markets are saturated with options.

However, choosing the right product carefully will affect everything in your ecommerce business, from logos, web design and branding, to order fulfillment and the unboxing experience.

Success in e-commerce starts with an amazing product.

What to Sell Online: How to Find Products to Sell

The selection process that I like to follow is:

  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Search for ideas in Google Trends
  • Find market data to see if industry sales are increasing
  • Finding low competition niches in growing industries
  • Collect data like Amazon sales, search volume, keyword difficulty, and more.
  • Compare my ideas using real data

Identify your competitors, suppliers, and manufacturers before spending money. Look at their daily prices and inventory levels to see if they are successful.

The Best Products to Sell Online

If you want to start a profitable online business with the best chances of success; You can’t go wrong entering a market that has already proven profitable.

Here are the 10 most profitable niches on the Internet:

1. Fitness and weight loss

P90X, Weight Watchers, the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, the Keto diet… the list goes on. For centuries, people have been obsessed with losing weight and getting back in shape. And they’re always on the lookout for the next fad diet, exercise program, or magic pill to help them do just that.

Companies have been there with them with products that have helped them do just that: supplements, diets, weight loss programs, exercise programs, and more. As a marketer, you can never fail in this niche. Almost every demographic in every country in the world is interested in it.

Again, don’t let the idea that this market is very crowded fool you into thinking that you can’t participate in it. Where there is a lot of competition, there are many advantages to be gained. Even if you only get a small slice of the cake; The market is so big that you can build a six or seven figure business in that market.

Fitness and weight loss will always be a proven niche that is sold and anyone can grab their piece of the cake, or should I say the apple.

2. Health

Health is closely related to the fitness and weight loss market and there is some overlap, but it is different enough to merit its own entry into the top 10 list.

Today, people are taking charge of their health more than ever. They don’t automatically trust what the government or their doctor tells them about their health or what they need to do to be healthy. You’ve seen products from this niche everywhere: gluten-free, herbal remedies, supplements, detoxifiers … healing arts and products of all kinds. Anything that promotes a healthy lifestyle that helps prevent disease and makes you live longer.

Alternative health is extremely popular here. We are not talking about conventional medicine. These are alternative cures and treatments that drug companies don’t want you to know about after all.

The profit opportunities here are endless: books, supplements, information products, physical products, coaching, etc.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there will always be new areas of growth in this market. Currently, medical marijuana and CBD oils are an emerging trend in this field. Unlike most other niches where a certain level of expertise is not required, it can be helpful to be an expert or team up with an expert in this area.

3. Dating and relationships

Whether someone is looking for love … interested in online dating … or in a relationship, but struggling and looking for a way to rekindle passion, a wide range of products in the dating and relationship niche is here. to help you. People always need advice when it comes to this area, which is one of the essentials in life but so difficult to navigate.

Potential businesses here include promoting dating sites, many of which offer commissions to marketers who submit new listings to them. You can also promote learning guides, communication and relationship building books, and more.

This is a niche where there are many opportunities to create one more. You can address dating for straight couples, dating for same-sex couples, dating and relationships for certain religious groups, etc. The possibilities here are endless.

Dating and relationships, whether it’s for singles, couples, divorced people, etc., will always be a great niche market that sells itself and is full of income potential.

4. Pets

People love their pets. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 180 million cats and dogs.1 Not to mention the snakes, guinea pigs, parrots, and other more exotic creatures that people have as companions. And if you’ve been to a pet store lately, you know that pet owners will spare no expense and buy just about anything animal-related. Gourmet dog food, pet toys, healthy treats, damn, I’ve even seen dog strollers and cat leashes. I am also sure that there are many dogs that eat better than me! Maybe a little silly, but there you have it.

Dog training is also a huge market. When people have a puppy, they want to potty train him. For older dogs, people also want to train them in obedience, discipline.

5. Cellulite Removal

While cellulite removal is a niche category of “sustainable” products, there is a new product in this rapidly growing space.
The Cellulite Vacuum / Massager is an expensive item that you can use as the perfect addition to a sample size cellulite cream.

If I wasn’t so busy with my e-commerce brand, I would be willing to do it. But I have enough on my plate. If you wanted to start this trend now, you would do the following:

Find an anti-cellulite cream or patch for $ 1 at Ali Express.
Create an ad campaign on Facebook and give the product away. (Customer pays for shipping)
Receive your email before requesting payment.
After the purchase, show them a one-click upsell for a more expensive cream.
Run email marketing automation to educate them about weight loss.
Hit them with a promo code for a cellulite vaccine

6. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers were on my list two years ago and it’s still hot. Concrete example: Gronkball.

I’m sure you’ve seen them at your local mall.

Gronkball is the perfect example of an entrepreneur taking advantage of a rapidly growing market and reaching a passionate audience.

The wireless speaker industry is expected to grow 10% per year to reach $ 31.80 billion in 2023.

7. Drones and accessories

I like the high price of drones. It mixes all the accessories and a community of enthusiasts and it has all the makings of a great niche. There is an educational element that you can provide to differentiate your ecommerce store from others.

Drones are a $ 5 billion industry and more units are expected to take off.

The other thing I love about drones is that there are different levels of drone users. You can maximize customer lifetime value by selling entry level products, accessories and subsequent high end products to more experienced users.

8. Online meal delivery

This growing industry is expected to reach $ 30 billion in revenue by 2025.

As you read this article, you should be asking yourself, “How do I match this product with passionate crowds?” And formulate your own idea.

You can easily combine this idea with subscription boxes and reach two growing markets at once.

Companies like Blue Apron and Home Chef take the stress out of dinner. This subscription product responds “What are we going to do for dinner?” Automatically.

The fact that Amazon is venturing into this space should be a sign for all entrepreneurs.

9. LED lighting

In general, LED lighting is a growing trend. But I would focus on a subset like outdoor lighting or kitchens. You won’t make money selling normal LED bulbs.

My neighbor just spent $ 100,000 to modernize his backyard. Comprising a kitchen and plenty of remote controlled LED lights.

You are not the only one spending this amount of money. The LED market is expected to grow 13% per year and reach $ 55 billion by 2022.

You can create a great content site around outdoor living spaces and sell lighting and related products.

10. Beauty care

Have smoother and firmer skin, be more radiant, erase wrinkles. Looking younger and more attractive is the goal of many people. For this reason, all kinds of creams, formulas or similar products that promise to eliminate or reduce the signs of aging are very popular.

Anti-aging cosmetic treatments, skin care products, and more are big business. With more and more baby boomers aging and looking to reverse the signs of aging, this is potentially one of the biggest markets on our list of the top 10 profitable niches.

Another great opportunity for this market is to launch a YouTube video featuring health, beauty and hair care products. Being an influencer in this market can be very lucrative.

How to start making money online with niche marketing

  • Browse the list of the 10 best-selling niches. Find out what interests you the most or what suits your product idea.
  • Explore affiliate networks like, CJ Affiliate, or Amazon to find products in these niches. Consider the best-selling products in the best-selling niches.
  • Check out other online businesses in this niche to see what they’re doing to promote their products, such as email marketing, marketing funnels, social media, and more.
  • Model your new business based on the “winners” you spot. Remember, affiliate marketing is a great way to start low risk. You can also develop your own products as you grow your business online.

As mentioned above, there are several ways to make money in these niches. Promote other products as an affiliate, partner with other experts to create information products, promote physical and digital products, etc. Another option in these huge markets is to run ads on your site.

The best thing about these niches is that because they are so large there is a lot of demand and traffic that you can bring to your website and there are also many products, services and other ways to access your website. monetize with the traffic you get.

You will also be able to constantly stay ahead of the curve by promoting the latest trends and products in these proven niche markets.


Focusing your efforts on building a business in an already popular niche is a great way to get your business off the ground. There is no guesswork here. You know these are products that people want … and they are based on innate human wants and needs that never go away.

You will have a huge advantage in your market research and that means you will be able to make money online sooner than you thought possible. Whether you are selling as an affiliate or creating your own products, you are sure to have the basics of a profitable online business.

Which niche gets more money?

Hands down, make money online is the most profitable niche. It’s also the most saturated niche. But it’s also one of the “easiest niches to make a ton of money” if you have skills. You can literally find millions of websites and niche sites created using this most saturated niche.

How do I find my niche online?

One way to start figuring out the market is with some basic keyword research. The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for this. Plug in some keywords related to your niche, and see which words and phrases get suggested. Narrow down the suggestions by monthly search volume, competition level, and suggested bid.

What are the 2 types of niches?

There are two major types of ecological niches – fundamental niches and realized niches

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