Do you know that reviews of your products or services can affect your brand? Well, it can go a long way in making or breaking your business!

Gone are the days when marketers could sell products without reviews. Buyers these days are smart enough to research your products before they buy. They look at reviews of products or services to see what people think about them. So whether you like it or not, you need good reviews on your services to make sales.

This is where criticism comes in! By submitting your review to review sites, you can reach potential customers or audiences.

Now you must be wondering why review submission sites are good for your SEO campaign. Well, you don’t have to be very curious about it. In this article, you will find the list of review submission sites in 2022. These sites will help you to have a successful review campaign.

What are review submission sites?

Submitting reviews means that you can rate any product or brand, go to different review sites, and submit that review. As a result, your website automatically gets good positive reviews. This improves the traffic and brand visibility of your website.

This tip will help you a lot in SEO ranking. But more than that, it will dramatically increase your local online presence. Which increases the reputation and sales of your business.

Importance of Review Submission

As you have already read, there are many advantages to using review submission sites. From this SEO campaign you can get;

  1. Trust online reviews

Buyers trust online reviews. That is why it is good to have positive reviews on your products or services. With the best review sites, you can get positive reviews for your brand.

  1. An increase in traffic

You can get increased traffic to your site when you have good reviews on your products and services. But you have to use the best online review sites. There will be a multiplication of referrals when people appreciate your products and services. These references will be the result of your brand’s good reputation through reviews.

  1. Highest Rank in SERP

You can get higher rankings on the local search engine results page when you use these techniques. When you submit to high DA exam submission sites, you can gain greater authority. This and other SEO factors can help improve your site’s ranking.

  1. Brand promotion

You can use online business review sites to promote your business. The more visibility your brand has in search engines, the more popularity it will gain.

  1. Backlinks to your sites

You can build quality tracking backlinks when you use the best website review sites. This will help increase your site traffic and improve your sales.

How do I submit a review?

  • Go to the previous review site.
  • Then sign up and check the mail.
  • Add your store or commercial tab.
  • Fill in all the necessary information.
  • Add correct details and website URL.
  • Look for the Review option.
  • Copy the link and share it with your contact.

Benefits of review submission sites

  • Get one-way backlinks to your sites.
  • Improve website rating and brand reputation.
  • Good reviews help convert into sales.
  • The campaign will help increase the visibility of your site.
  • Help you rank higher in the SERPs and achieve good results.
  • Improve visibility, traffic and increase sales.
  • Trust online reviews

Category of Review submission sites

  Reviews Category Reviews Category
1. Film & Movie review sites 11. Travel reviews
2. Software review sites 12. Education reviews
3. Domain reviews 13. Make money online reviews
4. Website reviews 14. Hosting reviews
5. Book reviews 15. Android Apps reviews
6. Music reviews 16. Adult site reviews
7. Poetry reviews 17. Health reviews
8. Freelancer reviews 18. Fashion reviews
9. Seo reviews 19. E-commerce reviews
10. Game discussion reviews 20. Online shopping reviews

Top 30 + Free Review Submission site list :

Positive reviews on different review sites will create a positive image in a customer’s eyes. Start submitting your website to the top online review sites below. I mentioned the best product review sites with a good list of page ranking sites. Always submit on high ranking review sites for high quality backlinks.

Local business website reviews site list :

S.No  Online business reviews website list
30. google my business


This is the best list of High PR Do Follow review taking sites. If you want to increase reviews on your website, join all the major review submission sites. This will help the website owner to increase website traffic. If you have joined other top exam taking sites, comment below that I will add to my list of exam taking sites.

What is review submission in SEO?

Review submission in SEO is an off-page SEO strategy for promoting your brand. It involves writing reviews about your services or products and posting on review posting websites.

What is Business Review Submission in SEO?

 Online business review or local business review submission is a widely used practice in search engine optimization in which SEO professionals submit positive business reviews on multiple Branding and Local Business listing websites to enhance the online brand reputation of a business website.

Do you need to pay or not?

In some website you can add your store and asking to your customer or client for review in some case you need to pay to site owner for adding a store name. it will depend on you and submission website.

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