An online proofreading job may seem like a great option if you are fluent in English, love to read, and need a job from home. For many people, the conditions are ideal.

Minimal financial investment is required, qualifications are not necessarily required and the work is flexible. Online proofreading is something you can do whenever and wherever you want.

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or live the digital nomadic lifestyle, working remotely from your computer can be a great option. Online proofreading jobs usually revolve around projects and deadlines rather than timetables, so it’s easy to structure your work around your routine.

Better yet, logic dictates that there is more proofreading work available now than at any time in the story. As the internet continues to grow, new content is created every day. As more authors begin to favor desktop publishing, the e-book market is also growing rapidly.

All this content needs to be reviewed; there has never been a better time to become a proofreader. However, starting something new can be overwhelming. Where to find a job? Is it competitive? Is It Really Possible To Make $ 100 An Hour?

This guide will answer these questions and more to make sure you learn everything you need to know about online proofreading jobs for beginners. Spoiler: yes, you could really make $ 100 an hour.


Before continuing, it helps to define what is and what is not a fix. Proofreading is the last step in the editing process, which takes place after the writer has written the first draft and has been edited by an editor.

This means that reviewers are the last stopover before a job is published.

Proofreader vs. Editor

Proofreaders focus on spelling and grammar mistakes. They don’t suggest big changes, like rephrasing sentences or rearranging entire sections – that’s the job of the editors.

When you search for proofreading jobs online, you will find that there is a lot of overlap between editors and proofreaders when it comes to job postings. It is important to know the differences.

Evaluators cover a wide variety of content. The usual suspects are the types already mentioned (eBooks and web content), but it doesn’t end there. More discreet documents should also be reread: white papers; student brief and user manuals. Even the menus.

It is also important to differentiate between being a remote employee and a self-employed person. Both involve very similar tasks, but the structure couldn’t be more difficult. Freelancers are responsible for running their own independent business and finding clients, while employees work for a single company. Both options provide the flexibility of working from home.


It goes without saying that proofreaders must have excellent spelling and grammar skills.

However, even if your command of the English language is flawless and your attention to detail is second to none, this is unlikely to guarantee you a well-paying position unless you can back up your skills with experience or qualifications.

Do I need a diploma to become a proofreader?

Having a degree in English or journalism is not a must, but it is definitely a bonus. This is especially true for anyone wanting to become a remote employee rather than a freelancer – companies will expect a more traditional candidate.

If you don’t have a degree in a relevant discipline, or you don’t have a degree at all, then there’s no need to panic. Self-employment tends to rely more on experience and testimonials than on conventional qualifications.

Most clients won’t even ask you questions about your college degree.

Is proofreading difficult?

You may be concerned that since online proofreading is such an attractive option for many people, the market will be oversaturated and demand will have a hard time keeping up with supply. Fortunately, this does not appear to be the case.

The truth is that not everyone has the skills to be a good proofreader. It is a difficult and highly technical profession, which is why so many companies are requesting candidates who have a bachelor’s degree, even a PhD, in English.

With online proofreading such a flexible feature, many people are in and out of the profession, which means that companies are always looking for new people.

You may also be concerned about the threat of automation, especially as the use of tools like Grammarly grows. However, anyone who uses these tools regularly knows that they are an imperfect replacement for real human beings.

Bots can do a good job learning grammar rules and spelling, but they are not yet able to understand context and tone.

How much do online proofreaders earn?

Well, like any freelance online job, you can get what you put in.

Because proofreading requires less time and effort than other writing jobs, these jobs tend to pay less. However, you can save a lot of money by reviewing the tests from home.

Customers tend to charge per word, per page, per project, or an hourly rate. As a newbie proofreader, you can probably make around $ 10 an hour.

Again, it depends on how much work you put into finding clients and how much time you can devote to building a business.

According to ZipRecruiter, proofreaders earn an average of $ 51,305 per year.

For other revision work:

  • Salary for independent review: $ 51,991 / year
  • Content correction position Salary: $ 59,265 / year

These tax returns are probably based on those who work full time, but no matter how many hours you can devote to online proofreading work, the earning potential is there.

Top 5 Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners in 2022

With impressive income potential, there is, of course, a demand for this service.

It’s not difficult to convince content creators that they need a proofreader; anyone who is serious about writing and publishing could benefit from this.

When it comes to finding proofreading jobs online, you have two options: apply for jobs or cold contact for jobs.

The latter means that you are contacting companies with an unsolicited review offer for them.

For beginners, however, it may be best to gain experience in starting a business through job boards or review services.

The following sites and job boards are great for novice proofreaders; most require very little experience. They just want to know that you have the skills.


Click Worker is an online service that offers project completion to clients by outsourcing micro-tasks to writers, translators, researchers, computer scientists, and proofreaders.

When it comes to proofreading, they look for people with good editing and language skills.

Once registered, you will be asked to take a test. After that, you can go to the available jobs.

The price per word depends on the level of quality expected for the work in question.


Fiverr is probably one of the best places to start looking for proofreading jobs. On your site, you can sell your proofreading services, or “concerts”, at the rate of your choice.

Do your article writing and proofreading job satisfactorily by Timioscar |  Fiverr

Just keep in mind that people often turn to Fiverr for cheap services of all kinds, so you probably won’t be making a lot of money here.

However, it is a great place to start and gain some experience.

3. LinkedIn

Personally, I have had success using LinkedIn to market my freelance services. It’s a great place to find freelance work including review.

31 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners (Earn $50/Hour)

Using LinkedIn to find jobs takes some time; you will have to keep trying and apply for different jobs.

But when you start gaining clients on this platform, you can see your proofreader career take off!


Get Editing Jobs is a community of job seekers and employers. Here you can find and apply for various editing positions.

It’s a great directory of freelance jobs, so you’ll see a lot of writing and editing work.

However, if you search for “proofreader” you will see a few jobs available.


UpWork is another great place to start for beginner online proofreading jobs. Like Get Editing Jobs, UpWork is an independent market full of job openings.

This work-from-home platform is a place for people of all experience levels and currently has 1,455 job openings for proofreaders.

Note: I don’t recommend it for freelance writing jobs.


These are just 5 of the best places to find beginner proofreading jobs. Once you have some experience under your belt, the possibilities are endless!

You don’t need advanced training or sophisticated equipment to get started, just a good knowledge of the English language.

So, what are you waiting for? Your secondary activity awaits you!

How do I become a proofreader online?

To be an online proofreader or any proofreader requires a love of reading. You should enjoy reading several forms of writing and become familiar with several writing styles, as well as acquire knowledge in a broad range of subjects. Understand the specific skills required of an online proofreader.

How much do online proofreaders make?

According to the median salary for an online proofreader is $52,202 per year. Keep in mind that the amount of money a proofreader makes will be dependent on how fast they work per hour. Some proofreading freelancers make anywhere from $25-$50 per hour.

Is online proofreading legit?

When you are thinking about working from home and making money online the hardest part is finding legitimate online jobs that pay well. … Proofreading is a high paying skill that you can learn very quickly and at-home proofreading can be profitable, flexible work to make extra money in your free time.

Is there a demand for proofreaders?

You may be concerned that since proofreading jobs are lucrative to many people, the market may be oversaturated. Fortunately, this is not true. The demand for proofreaders is always on the increase.

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