Looking for Mobile Marketing Platform Software? You’re in the right place. In this post, we will show you the Best 10 Mobile Marketing Platform Software in 2022. We help you to choose the best Mobile Marketing Platform Software.


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1. AppsFlyer                                                                                      Visit website

AppsFlyer is a mobile SMS marketing software that offers the ultimate mobile attribution solutions. This software offers User Acquisition Attribution, Deep Linking with OneLink, Retargeting Attribution, along with more solutions for e-commerce and agencies.
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2. Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud                                                                                      Visit website

Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud is a mobile marketing software with omnichannel data collection, analytics, and customer profile building. It is one of the mobile marketing automation tools offering Segmentation, Dynamic Content, and Customizable CTAs.
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3. ProTexting                                                                                      Visit website

ProTexting is one of the best mobile marketing software in the market because of its unique and feature-rich marketing solutions. This software offers Mobile Keywords, URL Shortener, Mobile Apps, Virtual Business cards, E-mail capture, and drip campaigns.
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4. Singular                                                                                      Visit website

Singular is a mobile marketing automation software that allows the integration of campaign data and attribution data from all the sources available. This mobile SMS marketing software offers Precise and Complete Data for Effective, Streamlined Campaigns.
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5. Braze                                                                                      Visit website

Braze is a comprehensive mobile marketing software that consists of three primary components: data API, dashboard, and SDK. It offers Granular Targeting and Analysis & Multi-Channel Messaging that allows User Segmentation, Webhooks, and other marketing tools.
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6. WebEngage                                                                                      Visit website

WebEngage is one of the mobile marketing automation tools that are used for automating communication and help companies with message marketing. This mobile marketing automation software offers Web Messages, In-app Messages, Push Notifications, and Emails. 
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7. TXT180                                                                                      Visit website

TXT180 is a mobile SMS marketing software that is used by businesses of all sizes and types. This software offers autoresponder for bulk messaging, message templates for appointment reminders, and hosted widgets for targeting users with links for opt-ins. 
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8. Branch                                                                                      Visit website

Branch is a mobile marketing software that supports businesses with every stage of the user lifecycle. This software offers Universal Ads, Universal Emails, Cross-Platform Personas, Cohort Analysis, Data Feeds, Content Sharing, Referrals, and Quick Links. 
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9. SendPulse                                                                                      Visit website

SendPulse is a mobile marketing software that serves marketers with more complex communication needs than simple email marketing. This transactional email software offers email marketing, SMPT Server, Web Push, and REST API for effective message marketing.
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10. EchoApp                                                                                      Visit website

EchoApp’s massive reach in connecting a large number of users and determining their preferred channels using AI helps in marketing the product/service and gaining the attention of both existing and potential consumers.
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If you are using any other  Mobile Marketing Platform Software, Please let us know in the comment section.