Looking for Marketing Automation Software? You’re in the right place. In this post, we will show you the Best 10 Marketing Automation Software in 2022. We help you to choose the best Marketing Automation Software.


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1. Factoreal                                                                                      Visit website

Factoreal is a fully featured Marketing Automation Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs and StartUps. Factoreal provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App and Android. This online Marketing Automation system offers Analytics/ROI Tracking, Customizable CTAs, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic content, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Segmentation, Social Marketing and Website Visitor Tracking at one place.
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2. Marketo                                                                                      Visit website

Marketo Marketing Automation software is an easily build and scale automated marketing campaigns across channels that Committed your customers in a personalized way, without support from IT. And provides turn traffic into leads and customers with email and marketing automation.
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3. oDASH                                                                                      Visit website

SaaS based Event Management and Marketing Software for organizers of B2B Events like trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, workshops providing solutions like mobile apps, websites, lead gen, CRM, analytics and networking.
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4. InfusionSoft                                                                                      Visit website

Our software, services and educational content help small businesses get organized, grow sales and save time. By combining sales and marketing tools in one system, we help entrepreneurs save time and simplify operations.
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5. Mautic                                                                                      Visit website

Mautic is open source marketing automation software. It provides service social media marketing, contact management, email marketing, forms, campaigns, reports etc. Mautic software  community believes in giving every person the power to understand, manage, and grow their business or organization
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6. Pardot                                                                                      Visit website

Pardot Marketing automation system helps you to automate your marketing and sales engagement to generate more leads, close more deals and better measure marketing success.
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7. Act-On Marketing                                                                                      Visit website

Act-On is a cloud-based marketing automation solution. It gives marketing teams all the value of marketing automation – without the complexity, big enterprise systems impose. It is clean, simple, and integrates all key features for instant access to the status and performance of your marketing initiatives.
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8. LeadSquared – CRM                                                                                      Visit website

LeadSquared is a complete customer acquisition platform. It combines the features offered by both CRMs as well as Marketing Automation software, and thus brings your Sales and Marketing teams on the same page.
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9. Customer.io                                                                                      Visit website

Customer.io marketing automation platform helps you send targeted human messages to your users, by utilizing their unique interactions with your business.
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10. Cronberry                                                                                      Visit website

Cronberry is a user engagement tool for sending notifications to your subscribers. It allows you to create campaign and categorize them. We are providing four services for engaging users i.e. Push Notification, SMS, Email, In-app notification.
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If you are using any other  Marketing Automation Software, Please let us know in the comment section.