I have had a lot of people on my list and on my Facebook group asking me about affiliate marketing and passive income.

So I wanted to create this tutorial on Amazon Associates because I think it’s one of the easiest entry points to becoming an affiliate.

It’s easy to join Amazon Associates, they trust almost everyone, sell almost everything, and you can immediately start promoting Amazon links.

By following these steps and making regular, consistent efforts, you can add thousands of dollars to your income each month.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a link with a tracking code. When a reader clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you receive a commission for that article. What is an affiliate link?

With the Amazon Associates program, you also receive a commission on anything they buy within 24 hours of clicking on your affiliate link.

So if you recommend a toy and the reader buys the toy, a bike, and a new computer, you get a small percentage of that total sale!

What is Amazon Associates and how do I become an affiliate to make passive income?

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program between Amazon (the seller) and you (the advertiser) that gives you a small commission when someone clicks on your link and makes a qualifying purchase.

Go here to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program. It is free and quick. Before posting links, be sure to read the Associate Program Operating Agreement and understand its rules for identifying yourself as an Associate.

Now I find it interesting that there are bloggers and online business owners who are affiliate marketers but laugh at the Amazon affiliate program because they say:

  • Commissions on Amazon are too low. They start at 1-2% and exceed (in most cases) around 8-10%, depending on the type of products you sell as an Amazon Associate.
  • Most people on Amazon buy cheap products like books or stationery.
  • They only have affiliate cookies 24 hours a day. This means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link to buy something on Amazon, you only get a commission if they buy something within 24 hours. (Other affiliate programs up to 365-day cookies).

These things are true. And there are certainly other affiliate marketing programs around the world that pay higher commissions and offer more expensive products.

Why is Amazon Associates suitable for an affiliate program?

I think Amazon Associates has a few perks that make it a great addition to your affiliate marketing arsenal (and a great place to start for people new to affiliate marketing):

Amazon is a trusted brand. Everyone knows this and will not hesitate to buy something from your site. People find Amazon incredibly convenient.
You can earn commissions for more expensive products. While the affiliate commissions for a book are not high, if you are promoting a camera, furniture, or computer, the commission can be decent.
Almost no one buys one thing at a time from Amazon – this is one of my favorite aspects of Amazon marketing. When someone clicks on your link to purchase your recommendation, they will likely purchase additional products.
You get a commission on anything they buy after clicking on your link (more details later in the article).

  • Easy to start and configure. Amazon makes it easy for you to join. They have good software, widgets, and related images that you can embed on your website and blog.
  • The holidays are exploding! You can plan to partner with Amazon’s seasonal offerings, especially from Thanksgiving to Christmas. This can be a very profitable time to promote as people buy a LOT from Amazon at once.
  • Amazon sells A LOT. There is practically an affiliate opportunity for you no matter what niche you have in your business and on your blog.
  • Conversions on Amazon are high. When you recommend something on your blog or on your list, once people read your review, they are likely to buy it from Amazon because they don’t have to think about the business; they already trust them.

How to get the most benefit from the Amazon affiliate program

Now that you know how Amazon Affiliate Links work and how to create your own, let’s take a look at how to get the most out of sales with the Amazon Associate Program.

Write articles with a sales intention.

Before even sitting down to write an article, make sure you have a clear purpose for that article.

Think about the intent of the user you want to target. Will you make more sales if someone searches for “What is a ring of light”, or will you make more sales if someone searches for “The best ring of light”?

The second search is for a real user to make a purchase. Writing the “best” articles increases your chances of making more sales!

Create curiosity

Humans are connected to curiosity. Of course, we want to learn and explore. And whenever there is a little mystery, our brain tries to solve it!
How To Benefit From The Amazon Affiliate Program – Create Curiosity So how can you incorporate this natural human inclination into your blog posts? Don’t reveal everything!

When writing an article, casually mention that “this article” has helped you. But don’t mention the item by name, let the reader follow their curiosity and click on Amazon to find out what it’s about.

I recommend using this method only occasionally, as doing too much could result in a bad user experience.

Browse high-value items

Review articles are a great way to increase your affiliate income through your blog. If you write an in-depth review article on a particular item, your reader will feel secure knowing that you have all the information they need to make the purchase.

As stated above, consider the intent of the reader.
How To Benefit From The Amazon Affiliate Program: Review The Most Important Articles
Will someone look for reviews on “the best hairbrush” or rather, will they look for reviews on something a little more expensive, like “the best high speed blender”?

Readers are not looking for reviews on cheap items. Who would do a week-long search for a $ 10 item? But for something that costs more than $ 500, keep in mind that I will read all the possible reviews before deviating from that amount of money.

Look at the calendar

If you can time and market your posts in the correct order, you can easily double your affiliate earnings. Many bloggers earn a large chunk of their affiliate income during the holiday season.

Readers are in the mood to spend the money and eagerly search for products to buy as gifts. If this fits your blog well, write an article on the “best gifts” for your audience.
Create multiple Pin Images to post and promote Holiday Pin Images starting in October. You can visit the Pinterest corporate blog to find out when to start promoting your seasonal content.

Use Google Analytics

Log into your Google Analytics and find your top ten posts. Even if these aren’t specific product review posts, consider ways to incorporate well-placed Amazon affiliate links into the post.

If one of your best posts is “Why Do Babies Spit”, can you recommend a burp cloth or Amazon water as a helpful solution? Can you make an internal connection between your best posts and your “best baby products” message?

Sometimes a direct affiliate link doesn’t make sense, but you can always recommend one of your best affiliate blog posts.


The most successful bloggers have a simple rule of thumb, they create amazing content that people are constantly searching for. Making money from your blog is not rocket science, it just requires dedication and willingness to try new ideas.

I hope this article was very helpful and motivated you to start generating additional passive income with Amazon Associates. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Can you really make money with Amazon affiliate program?

The Amazon affiliate program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic and earn supplemental income. Simply put, Amazon will pay you a referral fee every time a customer makes a purchase using your affiliate link.

How much do Amazon bloggers make?

And, those would follow the links might not buy anything. However, as mentioned above, you can make from $100 to $25000 from an Amazon affiliate website. Not a single penny you can make if your site has poor traffic. And, you can earn more if there’s a big number of visitors coming to your blog.

How do beginner bloggers make money?

One of the easiest and most common ways to make money blogging, for beginners, is affiliate marketing. You don’t need to have your own products or services. You simply promote other people’s products on your blog, and when someone makes a purchase, you make a commission off it.