Long ago, the telephone directory was the only important directory in every household. These were all city phone numbers. With the invasion of technology, the phone book is gone. The purpose of business listing sites is similar to a phone book.

These websites contain all the business information for a particular region with your contact details. In the early days of the Internet, the business directory was considered the search engine of today.

What are Business Listings?

Business listings are public profiles that anyone can view. A typical business listing contains the details of the NAP (name, address, phone number).

Some business listings also capture advanced details such as website and hours of operation. A business must include its information on various platforms and directories that can be found on the Internet.

History of Business Listings

Before the invasion of search engine giants like Google, the business listing was the place of choice for all information seekers. If we look back at how these business listings were made, the end result was necessity. The Internet gave birth to many websites and every business started to have its own website.

The place was very busy. A structure or repository was needed to help people locate the necessary websites. This is how the business listings were born. Some of the most popular business listings around the world are Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.

Why are business listing sites essential for a business?

Previously, advertising for local businesses was media, radio advertising, TV advertising, newspaper advertising, etc. This type of advertising burns pockets with minimal effectiveness. The new era of marketing for local businesses is digital marketing.

1. Local SEO

Local businesses face strong competition from big brands in the digital space. The only good opportunity for local businesses is to rank high in local keyword search engines through local SEO. For example, the likelihood of a local business ranking for a keyword like “Hair Salons Near Me” is much higher than that of large, well-known brands, as long as the business has a good SEO. local. One of the crucial aspects of local SEO is the business listing. Having a business listing on reputable business listing sites is one way to show Google how local the business is.

2. To find

Although Google is the best way to search for a business in the world, business listings are still used to find business information. Not all local businesses can afford to have a website and do the right SEO to rank higher. But they can still show up on free business listing sites and find them when your prospects are looking for them.

Why are USA business listing sites important?

Company listing sites in the United States

  • Get to know your business to other people in the United States
  • If you are a new business, these sites are right for you
  • Create your company profile for free
  • You can also earn money
  • People can use your product as proof
  • Increase ROI with conversion
  • If your company deals with other countries, including the United States, you can get good exposure
  • Get high authority backlinks and increase site traffic

When you start adding your business / sites to US business listing sites, keep a few points on your thumb. Never add fake logo of your products, use business email id, add all your business details with description and keywords. Always add the correct details, otherwise your business might be rejected, because when you have submitted your products and then submitted the form, please check by the administrator or the website moderation, after which your website / business is approved . When your business is approved, it will help your business increase brand awareness and users will reach your site as well.

Top free Business listing sites in USA

Sr. No USA business listing sites Domain Authority (DA)
0 citylocalpro.com 33
1 aaspaas.com 18
2 midibiz.com 20
3 foursquare.com 92
4 yellowpagesdirectory.com 60
5 n49.com 46
6 iglobal.co 46
7 www.bbb.org/en/us 91
8 whofish.org 43
9 www.usalistingdirectory.com 33
10 www.macraesbluebook.com 45
11 www.yasabe.com 46
12 www.trolleylocal.com 17
13 www.mylocalservices.com 33
14 www.makeitlocal.com 26
15 www.larklaneguide.com 24
16 infignos.com 22
17 www.yellowwiz.com 18
18 usawebsitesdirectory.com 27
19 ethiopianyellowpages.com 12
20 superpages.com 68

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