Looking for IT Project Management Software? You’re in the right place. In this post, we will show you the Best 10 IT Project Management Software in 2022. We help you to choose the best IT Project Management Software.


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1. Clarizen                                                                                      Visit website

Prioritize your portfolios and get complete control over the project lifecycle with Clarified IT Project Management software. It helps gather real-time insights into all available resources, capture and track all your projects and team data in real-time 
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2. Workzone                                                                                      Visit website

Plan, track and control your project with all-in-one work zone IT Project management software. It helps you save time with processes and approvals while quickly reviewing status updates for everything with cross-project dashboards and specific project sections
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3. ProofHub                                                                                      Visit website

Bring down the project delivery time and help managers across the critical phases, like, planning, managing and delivering outcomes with ProofHub IT project management tool. It helps keep things organized and manages tasks by defining their flow.
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4. Accelo                                                                                      Visit website

Accelo IT Project Management Software integrate your teams’ schedule and work in one, central system so as everyone can access business information. It keeps all staff schedules centralized and automatically update everything that goes on in your business
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5. Scoro                                                                                      Visit website

Scoro is an IT Project management software with a spreadsheet-like interface to boost productivity and reduce complexity. It combines task management, work scheduling, billing, and reporting and keeps your team’s calendar aligned to finish the project on time.
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6. Zoho Projects                                                                                      Visit website

Zoho Projects is an IT Project Management Software that offers services and solutions for resource planning, collaboration, and financial management, make the right IT investment decisions and maintains data in the form of spreadsheets, and timelines.
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7. Easy Projects                                                                                      Visit website

The perfect IT Project Management Software for the professionals who wants to take the pulse of every project in the organization. check the status, progress, duration, and health of your projects, and help your team be successful in every front.
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8. Copper Project Management                                                                                      Visit website

Copper Project is an IT Project management software that is composed of individual modules designed to increase business efficiency for agile teams by managing projects, tasks, ToDos, FIles with drags and drops timelines, Xero integration and much more.
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9. Orangescrum                                                                                      Visit website

This all-in-one IT Project Management Software manages your time, resources, cost, project planning, and delivery effortlessly. The smart source validator lets you know who can work, and accurately tracks the actual hours your team spends on the project. 
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10. Hybrid MLM                                                                                      Visit website

Best-in-class multi-level marketing software crafted with uttermost care with cutting edge technologies used to strengthen everything. It is 100% flexible and fully modular which give you the maximum end-user and developer experience that you would not find in any other.
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If you are using any other  IT Project Management Software, Please let us know in the comment section.