Looking for IoT healthcare solution? You’re in the right place. In this post, we will show you the Best 10 IoT healthcare solution in 2022. We help you to choose the best IoT healthcare solution.


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1. Qualcomm IoT Healthcare                                                                                      Visit website

Qualcomm® Connected Healthcare develops end-to-end solutions for telehealth and telemedicine technologies to improve virtual interaction across the medical infrastructure. This platform is a cost-effective approach for hospitals and care providers to enforce a connected health solution. Qualcomm® Connected Healthcare offers time-to-commercialization befits and bill-of-material savings for telemedicine devices.
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2. Sap SE Iot                                                                                      Visit website

SAP Connected Health Platform helps in precision-medicine applications. This platform is a basis for several health-associated applications such as common database schema, flexible and extensible clinical data warehouse, functional libraries and algorithms, data integration management, real-time analytics on both structured and unstructured data. SAP Connected Health processes and analyze real-time medical data from various so urces in a single system.
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3. HCL IoT Healthcare                                                                                      Visit website

HCL Technologies provides an IoT-enabled ecosystem for the global Healthcare and life sciences industry in the areas of Care delivery, cost margin, discovery pipelines, and the cost of research and development. HCL offers Remote Patient Monitoring, Smart Clinical Trials, and Remote Monitoring and Servicing solutions under IoT technology. The platform provides information security and privacy, connected healthcare solutions to anytime, anywhere mode of care delivery. Remote Patient Monitoring systems have the ability to connect with remote patients to caregivers and perform meaningful analysis of huge data.
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4. Intel Iot                                                                                      Visit website

Intel is a global technology company that focuses on offering more connected, personalized, and intelligent care for the patient. Intel IoT healthcare solutions transformed the use of artificial intelligence in patient monitoring, telemedicine, and electronic health record (EHR) system. It provides remote care delivery by improving patient experiences, reducing costs, and streamline workloads for healthcare providers. AI in telemedicine technology help patients to connect with wearable’s and other remote patient monitoring tools to experience specialty care to distant places.
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5. Microsoft Azure                                                                                      Visit website

Microsoft Azure IoT technology offers personalized care for improving operational outcomes. Azure IoT is the next-generation healthcare platform that helps to streamline clinical operations, enhance patient outcomes, optimize healthcare manufacturing and supply chain with smart and highly secure technology. Azure Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) offers solutions for Continuous patient monitoring, In-home care, and Smart hospital equipment, Inventory management for medical supplies, Cold chain supply tracking, and Smart hospital building.
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6. Capsule IoT                                                                                      Visit website

Capsule Technologies is a medical data technology company that offers a complete IoT-based ecosystem – Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP). Capsule MDIP focuses on insight-driven proactive care delivery across all hospital departments for the entire health system. MDIP contains Medical Device Integration, Clinical Surveillance solution, and Patient Monitoring system. The platform gets streaming clinical data from connected devices and transforms it into context-rich information for hospitals and healthcare organizations more effectively and efficiently.
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7. Stanley Healthcare                                                                                      Visit website

STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout Links is a cloud-based simple, cost-effective, and self-deployed IoT temperature monitoring platform. AeroScout® Links monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions in minutes for hospitals, outpatient service providers, physician groups, laboratories, and pharmacies in an affordable and simple manner. The platform integrates smart sensors over a cloud-based network to easily monitor cold storage and other aspects of their operations for safe patient care.
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8. Bosch                                                                                      Visit website

Bosch Healthcare Solutions provides IoT solutions for preventive healthcare and building solutions for the hospital of the future. Bosch improves the quality of people’s lives by delivering user-centric software to transform the existing medical practices. Bosch Smart Hospital offers connected products and services for greater comfort and efficiency in hospitals. With its smart hospital solutions, Bosch provides safety and protection in hospitals, higher quality of life, and economic performance.
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9. Oracle Healthcare Cloud                                                                                      Visit website

Oracle is a computer technology company that provides medical solutions to various customers including healthcare payers, providers, and researchers. Oracle leveraging cloud solutions for patient monitoring and data management system. Oracle IoT asset monitoring cloud services, Oracle IoT connected worker cloud service, and Oracle IoT production monitoring cloud service is used in IoT Healthcare. Oracle IoT-based advanced technologies provide better clinical diagnostics and quality health solutions. The Asset Monitoring solution is used by healthcare providers to keep track of hospital assets such as patient beds, ultrasound machines, imaging medical devices, medicine storage, and blood infusion pumps for critically ill patients and those who require continuous monitoring.
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10. Ptc IoMT                                                                                      Visit website

PTC offers Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) solutions for delivering promising patient outcomes while controlling costs. PTC’s advanced remote condition monitoring solution for medical devices enhanced by the IoT, revolutionize medical operations with an innovative business model. Remotely monitor health devices can deliver optimal value to healthcare organizations. Remote device monitoring capabilities provide a signal for a need for proactive maintenance, reduce machine downtime, and value-add services such as AI to generate 
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