Directory submission is included in the top-of-page SEO technique which allows us to share your business information with your website URL.

In this high-tech internet world, most people are familiar with search engine optimization. It is a kind of online marketing technique, which includes several methods

Most of the time, a directory submission site helps you get high-quality backlinks to your website, increases your page ranking and domain authority, and also helps drive maximum traffic to your site. Web.

To get the backlinks, you need to submit your website or blog post to a directory in a suitable category and subcategory.

There are basically three types of directories. When submitting your website, you can choose an option based on your requirements.

  1. Free Directory Submission Sites
  2. Paid Directory Submission Sites
  3. Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites


This is the free form of directory sites, but there is no confirmation or guarantee that it will be reviewed or accepted. Therefore, choosing this version to build backlinks takes some time.


This is the paid version of directory sites. Here you have to pay a certain amount of money and they will give you the required backlinks within 24 hours.


A reciprocal link means exchanging a link between two websites. These links are created and connected to each other for a number of possible reasons. On many directory submission sites, this type of link is created to give you a reciprocal backlink from a link on your website.

Most people are looking for quick approval directory submission sites. These instant approval directory submission sites give you a number of backlinks to their sites.

How to use Dofollow’s list of directory submission sites

  • First, select the directory submission sites to follow in the search engine.
  • Use one by one to publish your directory or blog.
  • Register on the website giving your basic information such as username, password, etc.
  • Read the guidelines for each site, then start using it.
  • Click on the shipping segment, then pull out a shipping box.
  • The submit box contains empty category, subcategory, and submit button blocks for your site.
  • Now complete all the blocks, never forget to complete the subcategory.
  • After completing the category and subcategory block, add your website URL.
  • Now click on the website submit button and the message “Submit Successful” will appear on the screen.

All the steps above show you the exact way to use directory submission sites. You now have a complete understanding of the directory submission task and how to use these sites to make this activity simple.

High DA Dofollow Directory Submission Sites List

Sr. No. Directory Submission Sites Domain Authority (DA) Price Alexa Rank
1 35 Free 4895
2 17 Free 7123
3 26 Free 4946
4 11 Free 8713
5 16 Free 4591
6 26 Free 4948
7 18 Free 5324
8 14 Free 30001

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