Is your contact form sending you too much spam and you want to improve things? You can do this by using a new spam protection service called hCaptcha. Many people recommend using Google’s reCaptcha service, but over time we have seen Google’s service become a bit complicated to integrate and sometimes have problems with JS.

What is hCaptcha?

hCaptcha (the “h” stands for “human”) is a reCaptcha service just like Google’s reCAPTCHA, which is also privacy-friendly. Since Google’s reCaptcha sometimes has problems, or some people personally prefer an alternative, hCaptcha can be used instead and integrates just as easily as Google one does.

Why use a captcha service

Captcha services help you distinguish robots from humans by having them solve challenges that ideally only humans should be able to solve. It can be as simple as figuring out what the word is and writing it in a box, or as complex as solving a short quiz or math question

The best way to use captcha on your site is to keep it simple enough for most users to understand, but not too easy for bots to use. That is why we have services like Google’s reCaptcha, hCaptcha and some others that make our work much easier. You don’t need to worry about designing a captcha system. Instead, you can take advantage of existing ones.

Let’s see how we can connect hCaptcha with WPForms.

How to set up hCaptcha in WPForms

Please note that this tutorial only applies to WPForms users. If you don’t already have WPForms on your site, install it first before continuing.

1.Select hCaptcha in WPForms

Login to your WordPress site, go to the WPForms -> Settings page and click on the CAPTCHA tab. From there select the hCaptcha option

wpforms captcha tab

2.Add your website to hCaptcha

To connect WPForms with hCaptcha, you need to generate a new site key which is nothing more than an API key to authenticate your hCaptcha account with your WordPress site. Log in to your hCaptcha account and click on the New Site button. You can name your site in the Add a new site key section.

add new website to hcaptcha

3.Configure hCaptcha settings

In the General Information section, you can configure hCaptcha settings such as host names (domain name of the website where you will use hCaptcha), captcha difficulty, and audience interest captcha filters (see captcha linked to your site’s niche and target audience). Once you have everything set up, don’t forget to save your changes

hcaptcha configuration general settings

4.Copy hCaptcha Site Key

You will now be redirected to your site’s key configuration page. Click the Settings button to see the full site key.

copy hcaptcha site key

5.Add hCaptcha Site Key to WPForms

From the previous page, copy the site key and paste it into the WPForms settings page in the Site Key settings we saw in step 1.

wpforms add hcaptcha site key

6.Copy hCaptcha Secret Key

Keep your key site at the hCaptcha site to return to the general description page for your key site. From there, click on the Settings tab and copy your Secret Key from the Secret Key section. Now go back to the previous step and paste your secret key as well.

generate secret key in hcaptcha

7.Configure other hCaptcha settings

Now that you have added your hCaptcha site and secret keys to WPForms, you can configure other hCaptcha settings like failure message, conflict-free mode, and captcha preview provided by WPForms on your site.

additional hcaptcha wpforms settings

8.Add hCaptcha to your WordPress form

Once you’ve saved the above changes, create a new form or edit an existing one using WPForms and click the hCaptcha field in the Standard Fields section. To confirm if hCaptcha is enabled on your form, just look for the “hCaptcha enabled” badge in the top right corner of your form builder. Alternatively, you can enable or disable hCaptcha for individual forms in the general form settings.

select hcaptcha field in wpforms

You have now successfully activated hCaptcha in WPForms. All you need to do is test it by submitting a dummy form entry by solving the captcha. Once done, you will know how to configure and use hCaptcha in WPForms.


Hope you found this tutorial useful and can easily add hCaptcha to WPForms and configure it properly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the comments section.


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