Some WordPress themes give you the option to “hide empty categories” for articles. This means that if there is no post in a category, it will not appear in the navigation menu. Divi, our recommended theme does that!

However, many WordPress themes do not provide this level of control to automatically remove empty post categories from WordPress menus and sidebar navigation.

Although the uncategorized WordPress category is hidden in the navigation menus, that does not mean that the category is completely removed from WordPress.

If you are trying to hide an uncategorized category in WordPress, suggest thinking about removing the uncategorized category by following the steps below.

What is the Uncategorized Category?

Whenever a new WordPress installation is set up, the core WordPress files include some functionality by default. One of those features for the Posts post type is a category called Uncategorized.

Categories as tags belong to the group of taxonomies, words or terms used to structure or group concepts. In the case of a WordPress blog or website, taxonomies are used to better categorize the articles published on the site.
Although the tags do not come with a default taxonomy, the category taxonomy does: Uncategorized.

By default, whenever a new blog post is published, it will automatically be assigned as unrated. While it can be overwhelming for some, it actually has a related purpose and good intention, and exists as an alternative when content editors forget to rate their articles.

So here’s how to get rid of uncategorized in WordPress – completely

But first…

Is it correct to delete an uncategorized category in WordPress?

Yes, absolutely, you can remove the uncategorized category from WordPress without causing any issues. It’s just another category that can be removed, removed, and replaced.

Now that is clear, let’s see how to remove an uncategorized category from WordPress.

Remove Uncategorized Category from WordPress

So, if you want to remove the uncategorized category entirely from WordPress so that it is not only hidden, but the uncategorized category is removed from WordPress, follow these steps.

Steps to remove uncategorized from WordPress

Step 1. Change the default post category

Go to the list of WordPress post categories under “Posts> Categories”, hover over the category in the list you want to set as the “default” post category.

By default, Uncategorized Category in WordPress is set as Default Post Category and you CANNOT delete a Category as long as it is set as Default Post Category.


When you hover over one of the other post categories, you’ll see an option to “set as default”. Select this option, making the selected category the default post category.

The default product category is now replaced with the category you selected.

Step 2. Delete the Uncategorized Post Category in WordPress

In the list of post categories in WordPress, hover over the unclassified post category and click “Remove.”

The delete option is ONLY available IF you have made another post category the default post category.

Note that it is not possible to remove the default post category in WordPress, so you need to follow these steps, changing the default post category FIRST.

Select default category in WordPress

Keep the Uncategorized category and hide it from the frontend

In some cases, you may want to keep the Unclassified category as is. Your editors may find it convenient to save blog posts for review in this category for their convenience. In this case, you can leave it as it is unless you display your categories in the interface using a widget for example.

Category widget

In this case, use the following PHP snippet to hide the Uncategorized category from the front end:

function custom_category_widget($args) {
    $exclude = "1"; // Category IDs to be excluded
    $args["exclude"] = $exclude;
    return $args;

And you will have something like this:

Uncategorized category removed from the frontend


Now that you have set a new default category, Uncategorized can be deleted. Make sure to reassign the new category to previously assigned posts without category.
We hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped your WordPress post! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section!

Can I delete the uncategorized category in WordPress?

You cannot delete a default category
, but you can rename it. You need to visit Posts » Categories page in the WordPress admin and click on the edit link below the Uncategorized category. This will bring you to the category edit screen where you can rename your category and change its URL slug.

How to Hide Category in WordPress?

1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
2. Search for ‘Ultimate Category Excluder’, Install and Activate it.
3. Go to Settings > Category Excluder.
4. Checkmark the categories you want to hide.
5. Click on Update.

How to Change WordPress Default Category?

1. Go to dashboard.
2. Head over to Posts and then Categories.
3. Add a new category that you would like to make your default category.
4. Select Writing from Settings on the left-hand side menu.
5. Set the Default Post Category from “Uncategorized” to the new category you have added.

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