Today I will tell you the best way to collect and nurture leads. Just connect WordPress to salesforce CRM and you are good to go not only that, but I will also tell you how easy and fast it can be using the WPForms.

Monetising your hard work is a tough job and I completely understand this. But along with the hard work, you also need to implement smart work that goes on and on using multiple methods to generate that revenue that you deserve. And the very first thing to be considered here is a lead generation and nurturing.

Automation in lead generation is important. If you want to grow your business and look for a tool that could help you lead generation automation, then here is what you need.

what is CRM

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and refers to all the strategies, techniques, tools and technologies used by companies to develop, retain and acquire customers.

Today, almost every small or large company uses its own set of tools available in CRM software.

Why Salesforce (CRM)

I did a lot of research for my digital marketing agency until I concluded that I should select Salesforce as my CRM and try it out. I will be sharing my experience with salesforce in future posts, but the main reason was that it was affordable and I got it for only $ 25 per month and almost all the requirements I had initially were taken care of and resolved. by SalesForce CRM.

However, connecting WordPress to Salesforce was hard work. I paid Zapier and other tools to create a process that will connect my wordpress with Salesforce CRM.

And the total cost of creating the process has increased further. But now I have the solution which will deduct the cost of creating a ZAP and ignore it from the process.

We’re here with the new Salesforce plugin for your WPForms. The main feature of this plugin is to automatically send form inputs from WPForms to Salesforce CRM.

How to Connect WordPress Website Leads And Salesforce (CRM) (Step-by-Step)

To connect leads from your WordPress and Salesforce CRM website, I recommend using WPForms is the best form builder plugin. It is one of the best options and the highest rated 5 star plugin in the WordPress repository.

You can install and activate the WPForms plugin to start using its lead generation features. Requires an “Elite” license of the WPForms plugin to start connecting leads from the WordPress and Salesforce website.

Then let’s get started.

Step 1: Sign up with WPForms Elite to Create An Account

First of all, you have to open the WPForms homepage to start creating an account.On the home page, you need to click the “Get WPForms” button on the upper right corner of the home page to visit the WPForms pricing page.

The WPForms pricing page will open where you need to select the “Elite plan” that provides the “Salesforce” functionality.

Select the “Elite” WPForms plan as shown in the image below and click the “START” button found in the “Elite” plan.

Once you have selected the “Elite” plan, a payment page will appear where you will need to fill in your account information details and select a payment method to complete the payment.

checkout Connect WordPress Website Leads And Salesforce

When you have finished paying for the plugin, you need to log into your email account that you previously provided in the account information to verify your email id. Please check your emails and open the WPForms email to click the link and verify your email id to complete the creation of your WPForms account.

Step 2: Install WPForms Plugin and Enter Activation Key

Once you are done creating your WPForms account, you need to log into your WordPress website control panel to visit the Plugins >> Add New menu option.

A page will open where you will need to search for the “WPForms” plugin as shown in the image below. When you find the WPForms plugin, click the “Install” button under the plugin to install and activate it on your WordPress site.

Open your WordPress WPForms website dashboard menu option >> Settings. Here you need to provide the license key for your WPForms account that you received after creating the account.

Once you are done with the license key, click the “Connect” button to log into your WPForms Elite account.


Now let’s start creating the lead generation form and add it to your website posts and pages.

Step 3 Create Lead Generation Form For Your Website

To create a lead generation for your website, open the WordPress WPForms panel menu option >> Add New to Create Form

You will get a page where you need to enter the name of the form to easily identify it from other forms.

The WPForms plugin comes with many pre-built templates as shown in the image below to help you build forms with just one click. You must select the “Create a newsletter subscription form” template to get the predefined template with the fields of the lead generation form.

WPForms newsletter form template

A page will open showing the appearance of the newsletter form template with various form fields. There are two input fields for the user to enter “Name”. You can simplify it by converting it to a single input box

Click on the input box as below to get the field options for “Name”. Select the “Simple” option found in the “Format” drop-down menu to make it a single input field.

Click name field of WPForms newsletter form Connect WordPress Website Leads And Salesforce

The ‘Name’ field now showing the single input box to the users. You can leave the ‘Email’ input box and the button as it is and move further to configure the form.

Single input field for name in the newsletter template of WPForms Connect WordPress Website Leads And Salesforce

Step 4 Configure Signup Form Setting

When you have done with creating the lead generation form, you can configure form settings to display the required output on form submission.

To start configuring the form, you have to click the ‘Settings’ option. There are three setting options you can use to configure which are

  • General – To make the general form settings, you have to click the tab Settings >> General to get the general setting options
  • Notifications- To make this setting, you have to click the setting option tab Settings >> Notifications. You can change the default notification settings for the form like the sender email address, email subject, from the name, and from email.
  • Confirmations– To make this setting, click the tab Settings >> Confirmations to get various setting options.You will get options to change the types of messages and add a confirmation message to display on form submission.

Step 5 Connect Your Form with Salesforce CRM Account

Once you’ve finished creating your lead generation form, it’s time to connect your form to Salesforce CRM. Click on the “Marketing” tab and click on the “Salesforce” option as shown below. After that, click on the “Add New Connection” button to log into your Salesforce account.

wpforms-click-salesforce-click-add-new-connection Connect WordPress Website Leads And Salesforce

Enter the name for the Salesforce CRM connection and click the ‘OK’ button to proceed.You must select the account that you connected to your Salesforce CRM earlier. After that, select “Lead” to connect your WordPress lead and Salesforce CRM.


Now, select the form field for the custom Salesforce field as showing in the image below


You can also enable the conditional logic to apply conditions for the connection of leads and Salesforce.

Step 7 Embed Signup Form Using Shortcode

Once you are done creating WPForms and logged into your Salesforce account with the appropriate settings, you can embed the form into your posts and pages using a shortcode.

To embed the form in your posts and pages, click on the “INTEGRATE” button in the upper right corner of the screen, as shown in the image below.

wpforms-click-embed Connect WordPress Website Leads And Salesforce

A pop-up window will start to appear where you can find the short code as shown in the image below. You need to copy the shortcode and paste it where you want the lead generation form connected to your Salesforce account to appear.


Check the posts and pages that show the forms where you inserted the shortcode.

Your lead generation form is now available on your WordPress site. Each time the user signs up with the form, they are saved to the Salesforce mailing lists they have selected for the form.


WordPress leads and Salesforce CRM can easily be connected using the WPForms plugin. You can create your signup form, connected with your Salesforce account, and display it anywhere on your website to generate leads for your website and Salesforce.

Anytime your WordPress website visitors fill out the form, it gets added as a new lead to your chosen Salesforce account email list.

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