The AdSense alternative ad networks mentioned below are not necessarily better than Google AdSense, but depending on your blog niche and your site traffic, some alternative AdSense programs (such as or Propellerads) may provide you with benefits. better income and results than Adsense.

You should know that Google AdSense is a contextual advertising network program while some of the AdSense alternatives mentioned below are not contextual advertising programs.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a monetization program that allows publishers to sell space on a website to advertisers. Website space can be sold per impression or per click. Advertisers buy the right to run their ads through Google Ads.

The Best AdSense Alternatives


Best overall AdSense alternative.

By far, is a great source of income for most bloggers and also one of the best Google Adsense alternatives. This is a Yahoo! The Boosted Network helps you increase your monthly income by monetizing your online content where you can place contextual ads on your site.

If you are looking for a decent adware program that doesn’t run cheap and scam ads, Media.Net is what you need. The ads look perfectly stylish and increase your click-through rates and’s keyword blocking features add beautifully designed keyword tiles that match your blog design.

It is also one of the most important markets for advertisers to increase the visibility of their brand online. Therefore, making money by showing other ads on your sites can generate potential income each month.

You can automatically optimize every impression with a single ad placement tag on your website using this publishing platform.


Minimum system requirements for

  • While there is no minimum number of page views to be accepted as a publisher, your site content must be in English with 100% original content.
  • No site is approved if it has adult content or content related to violence, racism, drugs, etc.
  • Your site needs to get the bulk of its traffic from the US, UK, and Canada, and if you’re already using a ton of ads, it’s tough to get approved. payment details

The minimum payout threshold for is $ 100. The available payment methods are made by Payoneer or by bank transfer. You are paid on a net basis of 30. This means that if the publisher’s unpaid income exceeds $ 100 in March, the publisher will receive payment at the end of April.

2. Ad Exchange (AdX)

Google’s Ad Exchange gives publishers access to advanced monetization tools, such as title auctions, which can increase revenue (see our title auction guide for more information). It is used by many of the biggest websites in the world, including and Ad Exchange gives publishers greater control over their inventory in terms of pricing, inventory segmentation, and programmatic opportunities.

The advantages include:

  • Advanced filtering and blocking for ad categories
  • Support for PMP and private auctions
  • Flexible reports based on criteria defined by the publisher.
  • Access to supplier blocking
  • Increase revenue by providing access to greater advertising demand

However, to access Ad Exchange, you need to be ranked as a favorite publisher with at least 5 million pageviews per month. If you don’t meet this requirement or don’t want to worry about setting up an account, you can access Ad Exchange through a leading ad technology partner and auction company like Snigel. If you meet Snigel’s requirements, which are lower than Google’s, we will provide you with access to Ad Exchange and other ad networks through our account. Contact us here for more information.

3.  Infolinks

Best for placing targeted, unobtrusive ads.

Infolinks is an ad serving network widely used by over 100,000 publishers around the world.

Infolinks is the popular online text advertising network best suited for high traffic websites. Infolinks displays advertisements that match the content of your site. Infolinks converts certain keywords in your site’s content into advertising links and pays you for each click you make on those ads.

The best way to increase your income with Infolinks is not to put more links on a single page, try to limit them to 6 to 8 Infolinks per page and you will definitely notice good results.

Make sure you link like a pro, don’t intentionally use Infolinks to increase your income, this may not work if your audience isn’t reading your content at all. So keep focusing on writing great content and adding relevant links.

These are some of the amazing features of using Infolinks on your blogs or websites.

  • Has quick and easy setup without any changes
  • Infolinks ads are tightly integrated with your content without the need for additional space.
  • Free registration without commitment or risk
  • Less intrusive user-activated advertising that doesn’t distract from your site’s content

As you can see above the income from Infolinks is decent and if you get more traffic from countries like USA, UK and Canada your monthly income will be even higher.

Minimum system requirements for Infolinks

  • Infolinks takes up to 3 days to approve or reject your blog, while AdSense takes around 1 week to respond
  • Any site related to adults, gambling, race, gender, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation, etc. It’s not allowed.
  • The best part is that Infolinks is open to all website owners with no setup fees, no minimum pageviews, or no visitor requirements.

Infolinks payment details

They kept a 70% revenue share for their publishers (while Google AdSense shares 68% of total revenue), which is pretty good.

Payment can be received through PayPal after reaching the threshold of $ 50 every 45 days. They make payments via Paypal, check, wire transfer, ACH, etc.

4. PropellerAds.

Best for push notification ad format and other high-visibility ad units.

PropellerAds is an advertising platform for major new marketers and affiliates. It works for desktop sites, mobile apps, and even mobile sites.

This is a different kind of Google Adsense alternative from the others mentioned so far due to the functionality of the mobile app.

One of their biggest selling points is that they don’t have a minimum page view requirement. It even encourages new bloggers with little traffic to monetize their site early on.

They have standard ad units, as well as more aggressive ad formats that include:

  • Push notifications.
  • Contextual Ads (OnClick Ads).
  • In-Page Push (they look like typical push notifications, but they appear alongside your website content).
  • Native interstitials (full page ads that display at natural transition points in your app).

If you want a more discreet approach, you can place other ad formats: native ads, banners, smart links, and video ads.

It is also compatible with AdSense, so you can even use it with AdSense to generate additional passive income.

PropellerAds approval conditions:

  • There is no minimum traffic requirement.
  • Create a high-quality website design and user experience.
  • Create a website in English to generate more income, although they also support languages ​​other than English.
  • Your content must not violate any third party copyright laws and must comply with the guidelines.

Main features:

  • MultiTag: MultiTag allows you to display your ads on any website. It’s simple – just put a tag on your website and PropellerAds will automatically attribute the ads to your pages.
  • High Visibility Ads: Maximize your revenue by using high visibility (yet intrusive) ads for mobile devices and desktops.
  • Transparent dashboard: you get full access to your income reports and can see your income by area, country, ad format, etc.
  • Multilingual Dashboard – Your dashboard is available in nine languages, giving you full control in your native language.

PropellerAds payment structure:

PropellerAds pays 80% of the revenue generated to its publishers.

Minimum payment threshold:

Your minimum payment threshold is as low as $ 5. And you can get paid weekly (every Thursday) via PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, ePayments, WebMoney, and wire transfer.

5. BuySellAds.

Best for selling your ad space directly to the advertiser.

BuySellAds is a self-service advertising platform that allows you to sell your ad space directly to the advertiser. You can receive competitive offers from various advertisers willing to pay for ad placement on your website.

It is one of the more premium Adsense alternatives on the list and it is also the parent company of Carbon Ads, which is another premium advertising network.

Unlike the other platforms on this list, BuySellAds does not display targeted ads and does not follow an automated approach. This allows you to have full control over the types of ads you display on your site.

Standard ad formats include pop-up ads, text ads, dedicated email ads, referrals, and RSS feed ads. It also allows header auctions (banner ads). However, you must have at least 100,000 page views per month in order to use BuySellAds.

BuySellAds approval conditions:

  • Own the domain of your website.
  • Your website must be active and have exclusive and up-to-date content.
  • Create new content in technology, web design, development, and freelance niches.
  • Your site must not contain any inappropriate content.
  • Your site should receive 100,000 impressions every month.
  • The content you create must be in English only.
  • Don’t add a lot of non-targeted or irrelevant ads to your site.

Main features:

  • Investment Optimization Strategies: BuySellAds provides you with an ad manager to help you maximize your income without compromising the user experience on your site.
  • Ad Unit Recovery: Its built-in ad unit recovery tool helps you to recoup the revenue lost by the ad blocker. You can even use the BuySellAds ad unit revenue recovery calculator to calculate your potential revenue stream.

BuySellAds payment structure:

BuySellAds offers publishers a 75% revenue share. The CPM can range from $ 0.25 to $ 2.25. Although it is usually around $ 0.75.

Minimum payment threshold:

The minimum payment threshold is $ 20 by Paypal, $ 50 by check and $ 500 by bank transfer. If you choose to make a wire transfer, $ 35 will be deducted from your total payment.


There are tons of AdSense-like sites that you can use to earn more money online. The main key factor in making money from these AdSense alternatives is that you need to generate decent traffic to your websites from search engines.

Always remember that search traffic is the key to making more money with these advertising platforms. The more search traffic you get, the more clicks you can get, and the more clicks you get, the more money you can make with these AdSense alternatives.

So what do you think of AdSense-like sites? Share your opinions in the comments.

Can I use other ads with AdSense?

yes. You can use other ad networks with AdSense.

What is the best alternative to AdSense?

For us, the best alternative to AdSense could be powered by Yahoo! or Infolinks which is a famous advertising program based on inline Text.

What is the minimum payout for Google AdSense?

The minimum payout for Google Adsense is $100 which is quite higher.

How do I monetize without Adsense?

There are so many ways you can monetize your blog with Google Adsense such as affiliate marketing, selling your products, sponsored posts, etc.

Is Google AdSense free?

No, participation in AdSense is free. Even better, Google will pay you for clicks or impressions on the Google ads you’ll display on your site. For more details on the revenue you can generate with AdSense, read our entry on earning with AdSense.

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