In 2020, most WordPress themes offer the option to insert a featured image on posts or pages. But not all themes allow you to hide the featured image. If you want to know how to hide featured image in WordPress post, this article will help you.

How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress

So there are many more ways to remove featured photos from your WordPress themes.

Then if you want to easily hide featured image from WordPress post without using any code. Because you can hide an image using the plugin.

Let’s see, there is a plugin available to hide featured image in WordPress.

  • First, go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • So, open the plugin menu and click add new plugin.
  • After that, look for a new type of plugin to hide the featured image.
  • After all, install and activate this plugin on your website.
Hide Featured Image in WordPress

So when you install an active plug-in, you can make changes to the featured image plug-in.

After that go to menu and click on Settings button, then choose Featured Image tab and click on this button.

hide featured image in post wordpress code

All in all, you can see there are two options to hide page image and post without using any code, you can remove featured image from WordPress.

So if you select yes in the post option, the featured image is not visible in all posts. Also, the second option to hide the image of the pages.

Hide Featured Image with Code

With a single line of code, the featured image can be hidden from posts. To do this, go to Admin Panel> Appearance> Customize> Additional CSS and insert the following code

.single .entry-content img {
display: none;

The CSS code will hide the featured image from your single post. If you want to hide a particular post, use the code in the additional CSS area.

.post-12345 .post-image {
display: none;

Edit 1234 in the code with your actual post ID

How to Hide Featured Image in Post

Likewise, as you know, it hides the image process through the plugin, but here. Let’s see using the code to hide the thumbnail in the post.

Go to a single post page first and get the class or id from the thumbnail code. So right click on the web page and select the image to choose the class and apply this code with the code name.

.Typeclass {
    display: none;    

Therefore, only you can change the names of the classes in this style code. Also, it hides the featured image from the posts.

You can also remove the code from the thumbnail of the single.php file. Post content data is available to find the thumbnail code and remove the code from the image.

Likewise, I added this style code for the pages if you want to hide the featured image of the pages to add code with the class name.

Remove Featured Image From Body of Post

Just hide the featured image from your theme option, if your theme doesn’t have the ability to do that instead of using plugins or you can use the CSS code I mentioned above.

Remove Featured Image from Homepage

Here we show the code, but be sure to find the name of the home page thumbnail class and the id of the else class added in that code to hide the home page image.

.className {
    display: none;    

Hide Featured Image WordPress CSS

Let’s see in this example the use of CSS to hide thumbnails in WordPress. Therefore, WordPress provides CSS for some modifications of our themes.

Additionally, we can add custom code via a file structure directory already designed in the previous section.

  • Go to the dashboard, then click on appearance.
  • So there are customization options.
  • After that in the personalization you click on the additional style code.
  • Finally, add the display none CSS code in your WordPress themes.
.Classname  {
    display: none;    


Finally, I easily discuss the solution to hide featured images in WordPress. Also given sample code on post and page.

If you want to remove featured image without using any code. So use this hidden image plugin.

Hope the article helps you. If you have any suggestions on the subject, please share them with us.

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