Although English is the common language for the most part, grammatical errors are still everywhere. Fortunately, there are many proofreading tools and grammar checkers available on the market. But not all writing apps are compatible with Mac devices. In this case, I take this opportunity to compile a list of grammar checking tools for Mac only. So get rid of those pesky grammar mistakes by teaming up with your best Mac grammar checker.

What’s The Best Grammar Checker For Mac OS?

Grammar Checker for Mac should be a good spelling, punctuation, style, etc. checker. In simple terms; It should be a full English proofreading tool. You cannot use multiple typing aids to check for every type of typing error. Therefore, it would be helpful to have versatile English proofreading and editing software.

Additionally, the grammar checking software you choose should be compatible with the most popular browsers. Also check if the same tool is available for the mobile device, iPhone. So you can synchronize your documents and access them from both. In fact, anywhere and anytime.

With these ideas, let’s explore some of the best grammar checkers for Mac to adapt your writing.

Top Grammar Software For Mac OS

However, I also include a free grammar checker for Mac. So you can choose between free and premium grammar apps. It all depends on how seriously you write flawless content. If content is a demanding factor in growing your business, invest in a paid grammar checker for Mac devices. Most of the grammar checker tools here are available both free and paid.

If you’re unsure of a specific tool that’s right for your writing needs, give it a try before you pay.

1 .Grammarly For Mac – Best English Grammar Checker Tool For Mac

The most reliable writing software for the English language. The only downside is that Grammarly is not available for several other languages. But from an accuracy and functionality point of view, Grammarly has to be the best grammar checker for Mac.

Grammarly is one of the few writing tools available for Mac. In particular, Grammarly has a native desktop application for Mac devices. Just drag and drop your documents into your editor for instant verification.

Grammarly Online Checker

But, before that, how do you make sure that Grammarly is your perfect grammar checker? More than millions of writers, authors, students, and publishers trust and already use it.

The most exciting thing is that Grammarly comes in many facets for Mac users:

  • Grammar web editor
  • Browser extension for Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Grammatically for MS Word
  • Native desktop app for Mac

More importantly, Grammarly often comes with innovative features like a tone detector, clarity controls, and more. So when you choose Grammarly, you are not alone. Grammarly is exclusively available to entrepreneurs, educational sectors such as students, doctors and teachers, and to any individual writer. In fact, the free grammar checker for Mac students and any Mac OS user. Why not for you?

Also, when you use Grammarly, the actual formatting and links of your content remain the same. Keep the format of your content.


  • Free version available
  • Available browser extensions
  • Exclusive native application for Mac
  • Grammarly is available for MS Word
  • Very precise and fast results
  • Plagiarism check function
  • Easy switch between American and British writing lingo
  • Grammar keyword for iPhone
  • Check for errors in spelling, punctuation, style, etc.


  • Available only for the English language
  • No plugin for Google documents on Mac. However, you can use your browser extension in Google Docs.

2 . ProWritingAid For Mac – Best Free Grammar Checker App For Mac OS

Another best grammar editing software for Mac users that offers fierce competition to Grammarly. Along with your best grammar checker in the world, you also examine other crucial things like style and structure. Makes your content even louder and clearer.


In fact, a great advantage of ProWritingAid is its style check feature. Hence, it is a preferred proofreading and writing assistant tool for book writers, novel writers, story writers, and poets. In fact, for these writers, the writing style helps them develop the readership of their creations.

The ProWritingAid tool analyzes any text and gives you more than 25 reports on different writing elements. Includes grammar, writing style, sticky sentence, redundancy, repetitions, sentence length, consistency, dialogue tags, and more.

Mac users can use the ProWritingAid tool’s web editor or the nifty desktop app that comes with all premium licenses. It works perfectly with MS Word, Scrivener, Text, RTF, HTML or Open Document files.

The great advantage of using the ProWritingAid desktop application for Mac is that it keeps the same original format. It is a great time saver.


  • The best style checker for Mac
  • Complete tool for spelling, style and grammar checks.
  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • Plugins for popular browsers
  • Works with Word, Scrivener, etc.
  • Generate 25+ Editorial Reports


  • By default, the plagiarism check feature is not included in your premium license
  • Learn more about style controls. Therefore, complex grammatical errors may be missed.

3 . WhiteSmoke For Mac – Best Grammar Checker Software For Macbook

WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one tool for reviewing and editing your textual content. The software uses artificial intelligence to check your article for spelling and grammar errors, punctuation errors, etc. The tool can also review your sentence structure and provide detailed information to correct and improve your writing skills. WhiteSmoke uses a unique natural processing language technology that can recognize the style of content by generating information about your writing.


WhiteSmoke Writer is for Mac users as millions of people switch to Mac OS every year. For the growing potential, WhiteSmoke has released its Writer for Mac users. And, WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is for correcting your writing on mobile devices like the iPhone. You can simply copy the revised content from WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant and paste it anywhere. Like Ginger, with WhiteSmoke Translator you can use it in multiple languages.

Whitesmoke is compatible with almost all popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. But you should go for their Premium plan for fully integrated writing solutions for Windows and Mac devices.


  • Comprehensive spelling, grammar, and punctuation checker
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Works with MS Word, Gmail and all browsers.
  • Comes with a translation tool
  • Plagiarism check function
  • Write Checker for iPhone


  • No free software to try
  • Plagiarism feature comes with limited credits

4 . Ginger Software For Mac – Best Mac Grammar Checker

Ginger is one of the most powerful editing tools for checking your content for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Although the default Ginger software is not compatible with Mac OS, Mac users can use the Chrome and Safari browser extensions. Ginger offers a wide range of tools like Phrase Rephraser, Personal Trainer, Text Reader, etc. Plus, to power all the essential features any writer needs, Ginger is packed with extensive features.

Ginger Software

By installing the browser extensions, you can easily get started with the Ginger software. Like Grammarly, this tool also shows you word count, sentence count, synonym suggestions for correcting overused words, etc. Ginger is almost similar to Grammarly in its precision and characteristics. Still, I prefer to use Grammarly because it has a good interface and a native Mac application.


  • Free grammar checker
  • Works with MS Office
  • Chrome plugin for Chrome, Safari
  • Ginger Page Tool for iPhone
  • Add-ons like text reader, personal trainer


  • Does not have a native Mac desktop app
  • No plagiarism checker

5. 1Checker

1Checker is the free grammar checker application for Mac OS. The tool allows you to instantly check and correct spelling, grammar, or any clerical errors. It offers you suggestions for improvement to improve your content writing skills.

For a website designed by the University of Cambridge, the 1Checker grammar checker for Mac tools is pretty poor. The retro-inspired design looks good. However, it’s a bit cluttered and far from minimalist like Grammarly or Ginger. The word checking / writing interface is good too, but not great. Text is displayed efficiently and errors are underlined in red. You can click on it to get correction suggestions and click again to implement them.

The tool works with AI and NLP to improve your writing in all aspects. Includes style review, vocabulary improvement, translation, dictionary, etc. The professional explanation of each correction allows you to learn and avoid the mistake in the future. 1Checker is the handwriting enrichment tool that continues to be regularly updated with more advanced features.


  • Simple and interconnected online editor
  • Add-ins for Word and Outlook integrations
  • Desktop apps for Windows and Mac
  • Improved vocabulary and style review tools
  • Thesaurus and dictionary for more word options


  • No plagiarism feature available
  • There are no tools to help you on social or messaging platforms.

Best Spelling and Grammar check for Mac

Don’t let your stupid spelling and grammar mistakes ruin the distinctiveness of your content. Get rid of these errors with just a few clicks and put them to work. Make your presentations attractive to others, amazing email templates, error-free social posts and comments, or whatever. Trust a professional Mac spelling and grammar checker to prove your writing excellence.

Free Grammar Checker for Mac

If you are a Mac user looking for a free Mac grammar checker, only a few gamers can fit. Although many players offer free grammar checking services for Windows system, for Mac it is limited. Among which, choose a reliable tool that can accompany you wherever you write online. Don’t set limits for writing online.

So, What Is The Best Grammar Checker For Mac?

Here is the comparison between the most popular grammar checking tools.

A free version of Ginger is relatively solid. Ginger is not suitable for Mac OS. Mac users can use Ginger’s proofreading capabilities while composing text in Chrome.

Whitesmoke is generally cheaper compared to Grammarly. Supports more languages compared to other grammar checkers. It offers well up-to-date smartphone apps when sending SMS.

ProWritingAid is suitable for lengthy content checks. It offers an annual pricing plan and is a bit inexpensive on a yearly basis. It helps you maintain the nature of your writing. Provides many great features for desktop publishing. It is suitable for writers and bloggers.


Out of all the Mac grammar checkers discussed above, each has their unique ups and downs. The perfect tool should be the one that comes with a feature pack to completely proofread your text. The comprehensive tool, Grammarly, can check spelling and grammar errors, improve your vocabulary, check for content duplication, available browser extensions, and help you wherever you type. Also, the dedicated desktop application is available for Mac versions, then it is compatible with Google Docs and compatible with Andriod, iOs smartphones.

I would highly recommend using Grammarly as a proficient Mac grammar checker. Mainly because of its many features and distinctive solutions available for Mac. The tool has custom functions for Mac OS devices unlike others. Access any Apple app store for free or purchase premium to unlock more extensive features.


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