Guest posting has become one of the best search engine optimization practices for any website, from everyday bloggers to large corporations. One of the biggest challenges for an online business is getting your messages across to potential prospects, and while a solid social media strategy always pays off, it may take a while before you see the fruits of your business toil. This is where guest posting can come in. Next, you’ll learn how guest posting can improve your results, and how to get it right.

What is guest posting?

Guest blogging, also known as guest blogging, is the act of writing content for another company’s website. Guest bloggers typically write for similar blogs within their industry in order to: Drive traffic back to your website.

It may seem counterproductive to spend time writing articles for other sites (which you can at least consider as competitors) when you could use that time to create content for your own site. But the opportunities guest posting can bring you can be monumental for your SEO and sales goals. Here are some of the things that guest posting can do for your site.

How to Find Paying Guest Blogging Clients

There are several factors that come into play when it comes to finding clients willing to pay you to write guest posts for them, but as someone with a lot of experience in this area, I’ll give you an idea of ​​the type of people you can contact who will be delighted. to pay you for your guest blogging services.

  1. SEO Companies: The first type of people most likely to be interested in your guest blogging services are SEO companies. In most cases, these companies have many clients for whom they want to create long-lasting, high-quality backlinks, and one of the smartest and most reliable ways to do this is through guest blogging. Some of these SEO companies have many clients and in some cases they will need thousands of guest posts for those clients combined in a single month; Obviously, they cannot write these guest posts themselves, so they will gladly hire professional guest bloggers. to help them with that.
  2. Big Brands – The next option on this list is Big Brands. The big brands I’m talking about could be an online startup with a big budget and great potential, or a Fortune 500 company with a big marketing budget. In most cases, you should contact these companies’ marketing specialists, or their SEO professionals, to let them know what service you can offer them and why you will be the best for them.
  3. Professional bloggers – You might be surprised to hear this, but professional bloggers may also need a lot of guest posts written for them. Many professional bloggers create websites that rely on search engine traffic for affiliate sales, and as a result, they will hire other talented writers to help guests post to other blogs in order to build quality links to their blogs. affiliate reviews, which will eventually lead to more. rankings and income for them. If I were to go out and personally research guest blogging clients, professional bloggers will appear on my list, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get great deals from any of them in any given month.
  4. Marketing companies – The last type of customer you can contact is marketing companies. In most cases, these companies have many plans to help themselves and their clients achieve great results and they will be happy to try guest blogging as well.

What should I write about?

For each blog you want to post on, take a few minutes to review your current posts. What are the most popular topics? Which topics get the most responses from readers? Is there a topic that has NOT been covered, but that is relevant to the audience? (i.e. Michael doesn’t really talk about SEO in his blog posts, which is why writing SEO posts was a good fit for IncomeDiary)

Take the time to browse through these blogs so that you can start to put together a list of ideas for articles you could write about. Damn, if you don’t know what to write about, email the blog owner and ask if there’s a specific topic you’d like to see covered. It never hurts to ask! J

Basically, I’ll create a topic list for every blog I’m interested in, receive comments from the blog owner via email, and start writing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the more you interact with the blogger you want to post a post to, the more likely (unless you’re an idiot) that they’ll approve your post (assuming they are well written) when he sees it coming.

As with any business relationship, the best way to connect with people is to be their friends first. So don’t approach bloggers with a “ME ME ME” attitude. Ask them how YOU can help them and I promise you will get much better results and a much better chance of getting your blog post on your site.

10 Tips to Maximize the value of your Guest Posts

  1. Sell ​​yourself: By “selling yourself” I don’t mean selling yourself as a prostitute. I mean, in your blog post, show your target readers that you are credible, trustworthy, and personable. Show them that he’s a cool guy – if he did something interesting that day, start the blog by talking about it. For example: “Yesterday, while I was driving my jet ski …”, this sentence may not sound like anything, but you easily show that you are a) interesting, because the interesting people are the jet ski, of course, and b) you are in the go. Except for something successful, like you’re broke and can’t afford a jet ski. And all of this is done without saying “I am interesting and successful!” Something to think about with ANY content you write, really, not just guest blog posts.
  2. Link to your business – It’s silly to write a blog post without sending people SOMEWHERE to find out more about you. You should always have a direct response element in your guest blog posts, and that direct response is going to YOUR blog. The best way to do this is to link to relevant blog posts on your blog within your guest post. So if I’m talking about exact match domains, I will link to my exact match domains blog post somewhere in my blog post. (look what I did there?)
  3. Capture Click Traffic – Most blogs will probably not allow you to link to a compression page after each blog post, however they will almost always allow you to link to your blog. If you want to make sure you catch that traffic as it comes in, make sure you have PopUpDomination set up, so that you can at least capture some of the potential customers who visit your site.
  4. Tell a story – The best way to demonstrate and persuade is to use the story. The story is an extremely powerful tool – you can use it to show your audience your credibility and loyalty without telling them ‘hey, I’m credible and trustworthy’. The story is great because it breaks people’s defenses and allows you to persuade them without them resisting all the time. For more information on the history of persuasion, read “The Story Factor” by Annette Simmons.
  5. Write GOOD – The easiest way to sabotage a guest posting opportunity is to write poorly. Make sure you have good grammar, check all your spelling, and really take the time to make sure everything sounds good and makes sense. The best way I’ve found to make sure everything I write sounds good is to read it out loud. If I can read a blog post out loud and it makes sense and it makes sense, then I know it’s good. If you are still struggling, I recommend reading William Zinsser’s book “On Good Writing.”
  6. Write with personality: don’t be bland. Include your personality in your writing. If you have a dry sense of humor, use it. The key here is not to be afraid to let your personality shine through in your writing. If your writing is smooth and resembles others, it won’t stand out, and your blog post won’t perform as well.
  7. Respond to reader comments: If your post receives a lot of comments and questions, be sure to respond! Not only does interacting with your readers help build a relationship between you and them, the blog owner appreciates that you are there to help beyond just writing the post. The better you provide your readers’ experience, the better your situation (and the more likely you are to be able to publish blog posts in the future)
  8. Write a Badass Headline – You should spend a lot of time creating a great headline for your blog post. Headlines do most of the dirty work of determining how many people end up reading your post, so be sure to give it time. To see some examples of titles that work, just look at popular posts like Men’s Health, MSN News, Yahoo News, and the National Inquirer. There’s a reason writers for these companies get paid so much, so if you need some inspiration, take a look.
  9. Use Quora or Yahoo Answers to Help You Write – If you’re still having trouble writing ideas, you can use Yahoo Answers or Quora to find common questions about the topic you want to write about. And then you can embed and reply to them in your blog post.
  10. Be persistent: If Edison gave up after one try, would we even have lightbulbs? The point is, if your blog post doesn’t get accepted on a certain blog – it’s not the end of the world. Keep trying – keep writing good content, and keep submitting new stuff. Don’t spam blog owners or anything, but I promise you, persistence pays off.


One thing to keep in mind before you start posting comments (especially if you’re only doing SEO for SEO) is that you DEFINITELY need to monitor your on-site SEO. If you link through guest posting and your on-site SEO goes down, you won’t get the full value of your work. It’s like getting paid $ 20 an hour for a job of $ 40 an hour.

Luckily for you, we have a complete guide on how to do this on The WordPress SEO Blueprint. I highly recommend any budding blogger check it out as I know it will dramatically increase your traffic and the value of your SEO efforts.

I hope you enjoyed this guest post and let me know what questions you might have in the comments.

Do you get paid for guest post?

In most cases, paid guest posting opportunities aren’t exactly lucrative. You can easily make more with a regular freelance writing gig. However, guest posting isn’t about making money – it’s about building backlinks to your blog.

How much do guest bloggers get paid?

 There’s no typical rate. You can easily find someone willing to charge $50 for a published guest post – and on the other hand, someone else who charges in excess of $300 to publish guest post.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging, also called “guest posting,” is the act of writing content for another company’s website. Generally, guest bloggers write for similar blogs within their industry in order to: Attract traffic back to their website.

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