Digital signage is used in businesses such as retail stores and restaurants to display prices, menus, promotional offers, and other important information to customers. Digital signage software allows businesses to use television and computer screens to display their personalized message.

What is Digital Signage Software?

Digital signage software solutions allow you to display video, animation and text on an electronic screen. They transmit content through a remotely manipulated screen, such as a computer screen, television, or digital signage network. This signage is intended to inform the public, such as a menu outside a restaurant or an electronic bulletin board.

Digital signage is used for marketing purposes, for example to build a brand or to improve the customer experience. These solutions are integrated with content management platforms and the latter are used to store, manage and publish content on screens. In addition, digital signage tools must be integrated with the appropriate hardware, such as content display screens. The advantages of digital signage software are that you can easily manage the content remotely and update it as often as you need.



Digital signage applications are used to create, publish, and update the content that audiences see and interact with. Therefore, content is important to keep viewers interested and informed. The software is generally easy to use and can be managed effortlessly by assigning different levels of user roles.


This screen is more durable than the consumer screens found in homes. In addition, commercial grade displays offer more facilities for interoperability and connection of external devices. They usually have stronger consoles, glass, and cases, as well as sturdy hardware, which is essential as these displays operate for many hours each day. Other must-have features for heavy-duty digital signage solutions include commercial-grade glass, heavy-duty switches or frames, air conditioning, and extended manufacturer warranties.


A digital signage player is also called a media player. It is basically a small computer which is used to display the content on the signage system. To keep up with the technology, operators need to update their media players at regular intervals to expand functionality, improve system performance, and introduce new tools to interact with their target audience.


You need engaging and interactive content to entertain, inform, educate and advertise to the public. The digital signage solution must first engage the audience of viewers and keep them engaged long enough that they understand the message and take the action you want. As the cliché says, content is king.


This functionality enables the digital signage platform to deliver relevant content in an efficient, engaging, timely and easily reproducible manner. Integrations allow operators to update content automatically without user login.

An API (Automated Programming Interface) or web source is used to update content dynamically. Keeping your content up to date is essential, and the integration of dynamic content gives you more flexibility for regular content updates.

Things to consider when evaluating digital signage software:

  • The software should handle all common media formats including 4K videos and live content.
  • Remote content management, screen monitoring, and health checks let you manage your content and screens from anywhere. This is particularly beneficial for businesses based in more flexible or remote locations.
  • A key feature is the ability to automate the delivery of content. Verify that the software provides full programming and programming functionality.

Best Digital Signage Software in 2022

Here you can see a list of amazing software for digital signage tool that lets you know which one can meet your personal or business needs.

1. NoviSign

NoviSign software is an easy-to-use digital signage tool for creating and managing digital signage in the cloud. Each customer can generate, program and manage digital signage displays. The registration method is simple and automatic. No need for servers or technical IT configuration.


  • With NoviSign, you can quickly develop and manage your digital signage using the receptionist, administration team, marketing department, or human resources.
  • NoviSign software is for layers ranging from simple photo / video campaigns, static text scrolling, slideshows, tickers, weather, clock, RSS feeds, and many more.
  • State-of-the-art widgets are also included to generate a rich and engaging content atmosphere such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Ustream, games, polls, touch screen, virtual queue, and websites.
  • You can create content settings from any browser at any time and send them to any remote screen.


  • Business Plan: Buy this plan for $ 20 / month, which includes 500MB of storage, 10 supported file conversions, and social widgets.
  • Partner Plan: This plan includes many basic attributes, such as 10GB studio online storage, ad-free, and white label. For pricing details, contact the site administrator.

2. ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud digital signage software makes it easy for you to put important content on any screen, anywhere. Use it from anywhere in the world to monitor one or a thousand screens.


  • Add as many photos and videos as you want. Our cloud-based content management system is easy to use to optimize your products for different screen sizes.
  • Bring your screens to life with over 70 apps, including analytics, news, and social media dashboards.
  • So you can easily change any header text, color, style, and more.
  • It also allows you to generate content and publish it in the blink of an eye, so you always keep your screens updated.


By paying $ 20, you get all the features and functionality of the ScreenCLoud digital signage tool.

3. Mvix XhibitSignage

XhibitSignage digital signage software is unique in its extensive library of over 150 content applications and information sources. Users can easily view dynamic content that is automatically updated through apps and integrations like Salesforce, Social Media, KPI Dashboards, Live Transit, and Google Analytics.


  • This way, you can manage all aspects like screens, content, playlists, and schedules from one platform.
  • Content Tags and Hierarchy are autocomplete campaigns for creating visual stories that tell an overall story or message.
  • You can divide your screen into multiple areas by dividing the template editor to increase content delivery.
  • The software includes industry-specific applications and widgets, such as court records, movie ticketing, flight statistics, desktop posters, currency exchange rates, inventory quotes and sports statistics.


To go further with this digital signage software, contact the site administrator for pricing.

4. Screenscape

ScreenScape creates digital signage software that helps businesses connect and control screens using any Internet connection. With our simple plug and play device, ScreenScape customers can turn any screen into a digital signage. Once a display is connected, it can be updated, monitored, and managed using

Marketers and retail networks use technology to deliver digital signage content to their store screens.
Health centers, universities and other types of places use it to invite and entertain their visitors. It is part of a growing field of technology called place-based media, which is rapidly transforming television screens into location-specific media channels outside the home.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordability
  • Profitable overall


  • $ 40 per month
  • $ 200 per device
  • No device fees with a 36 month contract

5. Educate The Wait

Educate The Wait uses any television to engage, entertain and educate its customers, patients and employees. Create leads, increase sales, promote new products, and reduce perceived wait times. Educate The Wait uses a simple drag and drop panel that anyone can master.


Choose from many different display / area settings, plus all the apps you will need to customize your signage.


  • Devices start at $ 299.00
  • Monthly license starting at $ 19.99
  • Annual and volume discounts available for devices and licenses

6. Enplug

Award-winning, cloud-based, business-oriented digital signage software. Enplug enables you to improve internal communications and marketing with an easy-to-use interface and built-in templates and integrations. Keep your team updated and informed with digital signage. Easily view videos and charts ranging from security messages to metrics from your business intelligence software.

Plug-and-play installation and easy maintenance. Easily update thousands of displays from a single panel. Monitor devices on an interactive map. Enable or limit access to content with advanced user roles and permissions. One- and Two-Factor Authentication (SSO) Because our product is so flexible and powerful, it is ideal for a wide range of industries, including software, logistics, hospitality, and healthcare.


  • Free automated content apps to augment your content.
  • SOC 2 security certification and user management tools.
  • Integration with your existing content like Instagram, Youtube or Slack.
  • Remote content update and monitoring.
  • Digital screen saver and ScreenCast functions.


The price of this software is $ 32 per screen per month. For more advanced features, you can contact the sales team.

7. Rise vision

Rise Vision is a digital signage software platform that works with most major digital signage hardware technologies. Our service is cloud-based, which means you can manage hundreds of digital signage displays from a single computer anywhere in the world. They do not need to be in the same establishment. We are a trusted provider of digital signage software and have been driving digital signage for schools, universities, and commercial organizations since 1992. Rise Vision is used by more than 9,000 organizations and 3,000 schools and universities as their primary internal messaging platform.


  • Technology Agnostic: Rise Vision is compatible with Linux, Windows, Google Chrome OS, and Raspberry Pi digital signage hardware.
  • Hundreds of pre-made digital signage templates – no need to create signage illustrations or messages from scratch. With our pre-designed templates, you can upload a logo, choose colors, and choose a template that suits your needs. We have saved up to 16 hours per week for our clients when it comes to content creation work.
  • Emergency Notification Integration: Rise Vision integrates with leading emergency notification providers to send CAP alerts and other critical emergency messages at any time.
  • Cloud-based content management – An important feature of Rise Vision is that we have reduced the need for staff to roam campus to manage individual posts. Screens can be operated from a single online account.


Its cost starts at $ 10.08 per display license, per month for one display. Prices decrease as you increase licenses or add more screens to your account.

8. Wavetec queue management system

Wavetec is a multinational company that operates in 9 different regions. Wavetec offers a host of solutions to streamline and streamline your customer journey to increase retention rates, solve various queuing issues faced by organizations, increase customer satisfaction, and sell more.

In addition, Wavetec’s queue management solution is a complete system that meets all types of queue requirements, from a trivial queuing system to a highly complex multi-company, branch and multinational system. It enables consumers and customers to enter a queue by obtaining a ticket through various means, such as a self-service ticketing kiosk, online ticketing, independent mobile app, and online appointment booking.


  • Help predict wait times accurately
  • Allows you to define customizations
  • Compatible with many platforms
  • Offers predictive analytics and customer journey mapping.
  • Provide dashboards and reports to monitor performance.
  • Allows you to interact with customer expectations with digital signage solutions
  • Allows you to create your own solution choosing from several main functions


Get a quote by contacting their sales team!


Therefore, the above is the best digital signage software. I hope this article helps you find the right software for your business. Feel confident with the most comprehensive software research resource available.

How can I use my TV as a digital signage?

Any TV with a HDMI port will work. So, using your TV for digital signage is as simple as plugging in a digital signage player with a HDMI cable, for example, Cenareo’s Plug & Play player. This lets you control the TV from your content management system and start showing content.

How do digital signs work?

Digital signage is signage that works electronically. It typically makes use of LED lights, LCD screens or plasma displays to target consumers with changing messages, both textual and graphic. It also has a computer component, or player, that decodes content for the signage and displays it visually on the screen.

What is a digital signage device?

A digital signage player, also known as a media player, is a small, physical device that renders content to a TV, monitor, or other digital display. A digital signage player is a crucial part of any digital signage system, and the device is used across a variety of different industries and use cases.

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