It’s hard to believe. I started these blogs in 2019. I’ve made over 3515 USD last month. this is my earnings from various affiliate programs and adsense.

Believe me i failed in the past. That’s the reason i’m going to share everything i’ve learned in the past year.

Can I start a blogging in 2021?

Absolutely, Yes. Blogging is never saturated. You can create a blog in 2021. If you’ve failed before you won’t be failed in 2021. My 1st blog i posted is 2017. I’ve quit 2 times, But didn’t stop to learning. I’ve learned SEO and content marketing.

Most of my blogging is auto-piloted. I don’t need to check everything it does the job automatically including posts, emails & affiliate earnings. You can do it by Copy My Affiliate Blog Materials.

If you are planning to start a blog You can start with (Month to Month Billing) Upgrade when your traffic goes up. I have hosted 3 blogs in the same hosting plan.

Above hosting’s are my own recommendation. You can choose any other hosting provider as you want.

Here’s my blog income report on December 2021

In December My Blog Income Report 4785 $

Total Website Visitors Increase by 37% . Total Website Visitors in December 3,00,581 . I Build high quality backlinks for my blogs.

Around 75% of my visitors comes from organic searches.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

From 9+ Different Affiliate programs, I’ve made 2689 $

It’s 19% increased compare to last month. I didn’t enclose amazon affiliate income reports here.

List’s of Companies I’ve signed up

  • Cloudways
  • HostGator
  • SEMrush
  • Interserver
  • Shopify

Here’s My Trick – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is one of the best blog monetization. You can see the results in few weeks.

How can you search for the affiliate programs?

find a product based on your audience interest

How do I generate affiliate revenue from my posts

It’s a simple step. Mostly my revenue comes from my blog posts. First I perform keyword research using SEMrush and find out the keywords and convert them into affiliate posts in my niche.

My affiliate post type examples

  • How to
  • Vs
  • Review
  • Alternative
  • Best

Using this combination I’ve create my affiliate posts. you can use the same method.

Okay! I’ve created my affiliate post what next?

Build a Backlinks for your post. Backlink should be comes from high authority sites. Do some on page SEO and wait for the post to rank in google. if the post get ranked in 1st page, You’ll get minimum 5 sales every month (That’s my strategy. comment below if you have any queries).

Now you have the understanding how the affiliate marketing works. Now your turn. Start your affiliate blog now. If you don’t have an idea, Copy my affiliate blog and start earning.

My Advertising Revenue

I’ve Joined the AdSense network in august 2020. It’s one of the best ad network so far.

My total AdSense revenue 2096 USD. as of now I’m using AdSense for my 2 blogs. Both blogs are auto pilot mode. You can copy my exact blog and start auto blogging in 2021 .

Autopilot blog is profitable?

The short answer is yes. My Secret strategy (not a secret, nobody knows the exact formula. but I do) You can copy my exact blog and start auto blogging in 2021 .

Here’s the screenshot – one of my auto pilot blog revenue

Auto blogging earning December 2020
My Auto Pilot Blog Revenue – Dec 2020

How to monetize the blog through advertising?

It’s simple. User read your blog, See some ads and click it you earn some $. But the question is how do you do? how can you get high quality traffic?

Follow these steps to earn high revenue through advertising

  • Do Keyword Research
  • Find the LSI Keyword
  • Post a blog using How to, Best, Pros and cons
  • Build a backlink

these are the 1st step to earn some revenue follow and repeat the step to earn high.

My Expense in Dec – 2020

Hosting – Hosting is the main expense for every blogger. I’m using cloudways and interserver.

Total expense for hosting – 57 $

Content – For Content writing, I hired a 2 freelancers in upwork.

Total Expanse for content – 175 $

WordPress Plugin and other Expanses – 140 $

My total expense in December – 372 $

The First Dollar.

If you are beginner or expert, the first dollar is hard to earn in affiliate and advertising. That’s why I come up with my own strategies to help you. You can copy my exact auto pilot blogging and affiliate marketing blog. You can get all the plugins and secret strategy. click the link below get your copy.

Affiliate Marketing

Auto Pilot Blog (Advertising through AdSense)

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