Customer Data Platforms (CDP) collect customer information across the web and consolidate it in one place.

This helps you better predict the next step in the customer journey so that you can deliver the right personalized marketing messages to nurture and retain them.

Some of the main tools that integrate data into CDP include:

  • Email Marketing Software
  • CRM software
  • Marketing Automation Software
  • Business intelligence software
  • Data visualization tools

In this guide, I’ve ranked and reviewed the best customer data platforms based on their features, integrations, ease of use, price, support, and more.

What are customer data platforms?

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) collect and store transactional, demographic, and behavioral data about individuals. Extract data from multiple proprietary sources and aggregate all of that information to create unique and unified customer profiles. The main goal of CPDs is the need to create an accurate and complete picture of customer profiles, so that they can be used to better segment and target parts of the customer base.

CDPs give marketers the ability to create targeted campaigns and very specific audience segments. However, CDP is first and foremost a data warehouse and not a campaign execution tool. It contains technologies to collect data at customer touch points and share the information collected in marketing systems. This improves marketing interactions and customer relationships.

The defining characteristic of a CDP is that it gathers all the first party customer data available from CRM, marketing automation platforms, websites, email marketing software, advertisements and point of sale (POS) systems in a single repository.

Beacon management systems are responsible for collecting some of this data, such as cookies and user behavior data. The resulting customer profiles can be enriched with additional data, such as lifetime value, to provide a unified view of all customers. Consolidated data can be sent to marketing execution partners in real time, through data connectors.

Features of the customer data platform

Customer data platforms offer the following set of features:

  • Collect and reconcile data from a multitude of data sources
  • All customer touchpoints generate actionable data
  • Track the customer journey between devices and platforms
  • Purchase history, navigation, cart and other data included
  • Create a centralized 360 view of customer profiles
  • Accessibility of customer data to marketing systems.
  • Performs identification resolution based on customer data
  • Business rules defined by marketing
  • Profile enrichment with correspondence of product data
  • Identification of people to unify data between platforms
  • Audience segments, profiling for marketing campaigns
  • Marketing technology integrations (e.g. MAP, RTIM, email marketing, etc.)
  • Predictive customer analytics to manage interactions in real time

Comparison of customer data platforms

Before investing in a CDP, consider the following key factors:

  • Use Case: Since there is some overlap between CDP, CRM, and DMP, please carefully evaluate your use case. Looking for a platform to help you collect customer data across all channels and touchpoints? Or are you looking for a tool that can help you streamline and optimize your sales operations? CDPs can help you achieve the first, while CRM software is better suited to help you with the second. In this sense, CDPs are much more marketing oriented, while CRMs are sales oriented. Because DMPs collect and store anonymous data, they are better suited for digital advertising use cases.
  • Technology stacks – CDPs can be extremely useful for organizations with large and complex technology stacks that produce large amounts of their own data. In such situations, CDPs can help ensure that valuable customer data is not lost or mired in data silos. However, if your organization does not have a large stack of multi-tool technologies, a CDP may be overkill for your business.
  • Budget: CDPs can be an expensive purchase, especially for small businesses that don’t have large marketing budgets. For many businesses, the investment is worth it. But they can be excessive for others. First, assess your company’s budget and the level of buy-in you would likely get from executives.

Price information

CDPs are generally available with a monthly or annual subscription. The price is linked to the number of monthly users tracked (MTU) or the number of identifiable profiles. In addition, some CDP providers combine their CDP with other advertising and retargeting modules, handling interactions in  real-time interaction management, or other marketing activities.CDP installations can range from $10,000 up to $300,000 annually. Most vendors do not publicly disclose pricing information on their website but will provide a quote upon request.

What Are the Best Customer Data Platforms? 

Here are the best customer data platforms to use this year. 

1. Oracle CX Marketing

Best overall customer data platform (Quote-based)

Oracle CX Marketing is a cloud-based customer data platform that converges data from multiple channels into a single view to help you deliver a personalized customer experience.

Its data-embedded solutions also help you to A / B test and launch multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Connect customer behavior, transactions, and demographics between marketing, sales, service, and back-office applications to unify data. It also helps you personalize buyer marketing across all customer touch points like email, SMS, mobile, web, social media, etc.

You also get real-time insight and marketing automation features to engage, convert, and maintain customer relationships.

In general, Oracle CX Marketing offers customized solutions for B2B marketing and B2C marketing.

For example, it has integrated tools like Eloqua Marketing Automation, DataFox Data Management, Content Management, etc. for B2B marketing.

And there are tools like Responsys Campaign Management, BlueKai Data Management Platform, CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, Audience Segmentation, and more for B2C marketing.


Contact the supplier for personalized pricing plans. You can also request a free demo before making your final purchase.

2. Segment

Best for creating single view customer profiles ($0 – $120 per month).

Twilio Segment is the world’s leading Customer Data Platform (CDP). Our platform provides businesses with the database they need to put their customers at the center of every decision. With Segment, businesses can collect, unify, and route their customer data to any system where it’s needed to better understand their customers and create transparent and engaging experiences in real time. Thousands of companies, including Intuit, FOX, Instacart, and Levi’s, use Segment to make real-time decisions, accelerate growth, and deliver world-class customer experiences.

The best part about the Segment platform is that its powerful integrations make it easy to integrate a new service into your analytics. When you do this, your digital infrastructure will reduce the hassle and the amount of work that goes with it. On top of that, its super affordable side makes it a must-have for many. Some of the best features including real-time tracking, access to manual analysis and interpretation, and editable dashboards let you take advantage of its capabilities.

3. Emarsys

Best for an omnichannel approach (Quote-based).

Emarsys, now an SAP company, offers digital marketing leaders and business owners the only omnichannel customer engagement platform designed to accelerate business results. By quickly aligning desired business outcomes with proven omnichannel customer engagement strategies (leading brands in the crowdsourcing industry), our platform enables you to accelerate ROI, deliver superior individual experiences, and deliver measurable results. … quickly. Emarsys is the platform of choice for more than 1,500 customers around the world. Join the thousands of leading brands who trust Emarsys to deliver the predictable, profitable results their businesses demand and the highly personalized omnichannel experiences their customers deserve.


Emarsys comes with three quote-based plans: Essential, Advanced, and MAX AI. You need to contact the seller for details.

4. Tealium AudienceStream CDP

Best for ML-based insights and identifying visitor behavior patterns (Quote-based).

Tealium AudienceStream is a customer data platform that helps you optimize customer data across multiple channels and build actionable customer profiles. You can use this data to identify high or low value customers and key engagement information.

It helps you come together from various sources like web, mobile apps, IoT, servers, kiosks, and offline sources. This unification of data gives you a complete view of your customers.

The CDP tool also helps you track customer activity on your website and make a personal connection on any channel. Integration with your email, online advertising, marketing automation, and CRM tools and strategies is also helpful.

Here is a brief overview of the main features of Tealium AudienceStream:

  • Predictive information based on ML (Machine Learning).
  • Use customer badges to identify patterns of visitor behavior.
  • Consent management and regulatory compliance to eliminate legal risks.
  • Increase customer interaction and monitor customer behavior with Audience Emotional Intelligence feature.
  • Receive real-time customer data signals to trigger action, plan, orchestrate, and implement new marketing strategies.
  • AudienceStream data connectors give you access to online marketplaces such as Criteo, Facebook, and Amazon web services.

Tealium AudienceStream’s ML-based analytics also help you identify high-value prospects. You can manage the effectiveness of the campaign by targeting high value-added audience segments and eliminating low-value-added audience segments.

In addition, the “frequency of actions limit and prioritize functionality” allows you to avoid triggering specific actions. You can set deadlines for particular actions and prioritize the most important triggers based on customer behavior.


Plans based on quotes.

5. Exponea

Best for real-time predictions and segmenting customers (Custom pricing).

Exponea is an end-to-end CDP and Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) that integrates customer data analytics to meet your marketing needs. It allows you to track customer data and create personalized marketing campaigns.

The tool collects data from a variety of online and offline sources to create a single, unified view of the customer. The unified view helps you understand and track different patterns of customer behavior. You also get real-time analytics powered by artificial intelligence to predict and tailor customer experiences.

Some of its main features include:

  • Omnichannel Orchestration: This feature helps you engage with customers through their preferred channel, improving the customer experience across all digital touchpoints. Personalize the visitor experience using multiple data sets.
  • Web Optimization – Exponea’s visual editor offers product recommendations, better website appearances, and hypothesis testing. It also allows creating A / B tested website overlays to display personalized messages in real time and based on behavior.
  • Analysis and Segmentation – Provides advanced analytical reports and helps you create segments that can be tailored to customer behavior.
  • Product Recommendations: Exponea uses advanced algorithms to analyze real-time and historical cross-channel data to understand customer preferences. Ongoing A / B testing and real-time optimization also ensure that recommendations match the company’s KPI goals.
  • Real-Time Customer Predictions – Uses advanced machine learning technology to deliver real-time predictive data to enrich the unique customer view. Insights derived from past, present, and planned behaviors also help you segment high-value and low-value customers.

Exponea also comes with predefined templates like opening emails, purchasing, unsubscribing, session prediction, etc. Additionally, Exponea BigQuery allows analytics teams to choose their preferred BI tool and work with all of the data in a secure environment.

Other advanced features include a drag-and-drop editor, campaign calendar, real-time A / B testing, and integration with third-party tools.


Contact your sales team for personalized pricing plans. You can also request a free demonstration of the product.

6. Optimove

Best for self-optimizing algorithms and real-time statistical data (Quote-based).

Optimove is a leading CDP company in the creation and management of large-scale customer journeys. He is best known for autonomously delivering invaluable customer engagement opportunities and has worked on optimizing customer journeys by measuring the overall impact of his marketing interactions across channels. Some of Optimove’s main brands include JD Sports, Dollar Shave Club, Family Dollar, Staples, Penn National, and GVC. With this, you can create thousands of segments through your information discovery solutions, which also include a single dashboard for customer visualization and predictive customer analytics.

Optimove leverages artificial intelligence to autonomously emerge valuable customer segments, orchestrate self-optimizing CRM journeys, and accurately deliver marketing engagement with the greatest incremental impact. Optimove is used by leading brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Entain, Papa John’s, Penn National and Staples, to maximize customer loyalty, retention and lifetime value.

7. Blueshift

Blueshift helps brands deliver relevant and connected experiences with every customer interaction. Its CDP SmartHub provides brands with a comprehensive set of tools to deliver real-time 1: 1 experiences along the omnichannel journey, including real-time data unification, audience segmentation, intelligence predictive, 1: 1 personalization, omnichannel orchestration and unmatched scale. The flexible and easy-to-use platform unifies customer data from any source, unleashes intelligence with customizable artificial intelligence, and activates data through real-time touchpoints using intelligent one-stop decisions. hit. The path to customer-centric experiences that increase revenue and drive results has never been faster. Blueshift CDP SmartHub delivers relevant and connected experiences along the omnichannel journey by unifying, informing and activating data.


When you really want to know your customers inside and out, you need to start empowering them. And in that sense, a customer data platform is a great tool to move in that direction. Equipping it will allow you to enjoy a number of benefits that would otherwise go unnoticed.

What are the 4 main customer data types?

4 primary types of customer data

Support ticket records. Online reviews. Transactions. Cross-device usage patterns.

How do you select a customer data platform?

To choose the right CDP, you need to define your use cases ahead of time. Take some time to think about what you want your CDP to help with. Then, talk to the other stakeholders about their ideal use cases. From there, try to identify three or fewer ideal use cases.

How much is a customer data platform?

The cost to purchase a CDP can range from $100,000 to $300,000 annually, based on Gartner client and vendor conversations, while the labor costs to build and maintain a CDP in-house can be significantly more

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