Whether you have a large team that needs to meet every day (sometimes, even a few times a day) or you need to meet with clients one on one, conference calls are probably your choice.

And if you’ve used a few conference calling services or done a decent amount of shopping online so far, you’ve probably come across “solutions” that promise too much and don’t offer enough.

Maybe it didn’t come with a mobile app. (Which is essential when there are so many businesses on the move these days.)

Maybe a tool that only does the bare minimum is costing you too much. (More on that later …)

Maybe you’ve discovered that for some reason it doesn’t do the little things that make your life easier (like integrating with your calendar app).

Some conference call services are simply better suited for small businesses than others.

What is a conference call service?

Conference calling services allow people to meet and interact over the Internet using the video and audio capabilities of a computer or mobile device. These tools allow companies to organize meetings, presentations, training seminars, etc. Virtually, therefore, they are accessible to anyone with a device and an Internet connection.

To facilitate collaboration and participation, most conference call services include features that mimic the functionality of in-person meetings. These features include file presentation and sharing, live chats for easy communication, whiteboard tools that enable collaboration on documents, and more.

Les entreprises ont commencé à développer des produits de conférence telefonique à la fin des années 1990. The expansion of Internet technology à large band au debut des années 2000 a permis aux entreprises de se connecter encore plus facilement avec des collègues et des clients du whole world.

One of the most popular conference calling tools, Skype, was launched in 2003. Although not ideal for business use, Skype is still popular because it is a free, cross-platform service. Since then, dozens of companies have developed conference calling services specifically for business use. These products accommodate hundreds or even thousands of participants, offer enhanced collaboration and communication tools, and emphasize security and privacy.

Essential features for conference calling services

For a conference call service to be functional and cost effective, there are some essential features to consider when selecting a product, including:

  • Audio and video quality: conference calling is supposed to facilitate communication. Poor video or audio quality can negatively affect this, so choose software with consistently high video and audio quality.
  • Collaboration tools: Your conference call service should allow you to share files, view presentations, and use a whiteboard or remote access feature for real-time editing.
  • Communication tools: in addition to good audio and video quality, other tools such as screen sharing, live chats, questions and answers, and surveys facilitate good communication and participation.
  • Recording Capability – Hosts often need to record meetings for future reference or share with people who were unable to attend.
  • Ease of Use – The people who use your conference call service are likely to have the full range of technical skills and common sense, so you will need software that is easy to use and intuitive.
  • Scheduling tools – Scheduling meetings, adding calendar appointments, and sending invitations directly through your conference call service makes life easier for you and your meeting participants.
  • Security: Security features can include password-protected meetings, user authentication, and confidential participant lists.
  • Mobility: Users must be able to participate in web conferences from anywhere, on any type of device, including smartphones and tablets.

Best Conference Call Providers of 2022

Different companies will prioritize different features and capabilities of their conferencing software. The top three services offer great all-around packages, but venturing out to check out the top ten services can be worth it, too.

Remember that while cost should be an important factor when choosing a conference call service, the goal is not to choose the cheapest option, it is to choose the price that will ultimately work for your business to save the most money. Once you know that the service offers the capabilities your operation needs, you can compare it to the price to see if it is worth buying.

Tech.co has selected and ranked the best conference calling systems based on five main criteria: audio and video quality, user-friendliness of the interface, variety of features, availability of support, and types of pricing plans offered. .

Here are the best conference calling services for your business to consider:

1. GoToMeeting

Price: $12 per user per month
Free plan available: Yes

If you are looking for a reliable conference call service with years of experience and many conference calls under its belt, GoToMeeting is the software you need to investigate. Yes, we recommend it even above Zoom.

Since 1997, GoToMeeting has become one of the biggest names in conference calling, with 18 million users hosting 80 million meetings each year.

With HD video, crystal-clear sound, and enough useful features to keep everyone up to date, GoToMeeting is an industry standard for a reason. The simple interface, combined with an easy-to-use design, makes it a no-brainer for everyone in the office. In particular, this software offers unmatched compatibility with a wide range of devices, from mobile devices to PC and Mac.

The only downside is that GoToMeeting lacks some advanced features that could really add to the conference call experience. You can’t share videos and you can’t take surveys, for example. But if you can forgo those things, it’s cheaper than Zoom’s equivalent service and provides a high-quality user experience.

GoToMeeting pricing

GoToMeeting offers three plans, all with the same basic features. The Professional and Enterprise plans can accommodate conference calls with up to 150 and 250 participants, respectively. The Enterprise plan can accommodate up to 3,000 participants.

  Free Professional Business Enterprise
PRICE Free $12 per host per month $16 per host per month N/A
LICENSES 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
PARTICIPANTS 3 150 250 3,000
TIME LIMIT 40 minutes None None None

GoToMeeting Features

  • Share screen
  • Dial-up conference lines
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Personal meeting rooms
  • Great mobile app
  • Customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Slack and Salesforce integrations

2. Zoom

Price: $14.99 per user per month
Free plan available: Yes

New to the conference call service game, Zoom has been turning heads since its inception in 2011. This reliable, easy-to-use software makes conference calling as easy as emailing potential participants with a link.

Despite Zoom’s rookie status in the world of conference calling services, this company has proven that experience is not everything. The easy-to-use interface, combined with the low price, fast setup times, and loads of features, easily makes up for any audio quality issues you may have and places Zoom just below GoToMeeting as a conferencing service worthy of the name.

Some critics have complained that the audio quality is not perfect, despite the state of the HD audio. Additionally, the service has overcome some security issues that can cause a disruption for privacy-conscious users. However, other than that, Zoom offers one of the most affordable and comprehensive conference calling services out there.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom offers a limited but impressive free plan, as well as three paid plans that offer a wide range of different features. Take a look at their pricing table to understand it better.

  Basic Pro Business Enterprise
PRICE Free $14.99 per license per month $19.99 per license per month $19.99 per license per month
LICENSES 1 9 10-99 Minimum 100
PARTICIPANTS 100 100 300 500
TIME LIMIT 40 minutes 30 hours 30 hours 30 hours

Zoom Features:

  • Direct messaging
  • Video webinar functionality
  • Break rooms
  • Share screen
  • Gallery view
  • Virtual funds
  • End-to-end encryption

3. RingCentral Glip

Price: $11.99 per user per month
Free plan available: Yes

RingCentral just added a new video conferencing platform that could give some of the more established providers a run for their money. Nicknamed Glip, this new software enables 24-hour meetings on its free plan, making it one of the best options for longer meetings on a reduced budget. It is true that this time extension feature is temporary until July 2021, but it is a great advantage while it lasts.

RingCentral Glip also has a lot of great features when it comes to its paid plan. You’ll get tons of cloud storage for meeting recordings, advanced analytics to see how your team is communicating, and integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace for easy planning.

Choosing an established VoIP provider like RingCentral means you’ll also have easy access to other phone conferencing and unified communications features in addition to Glip video calling. If you are looking for desktop conferencing benefits, for example, RingCentral recently announced a partnership with Logitech that should provide a seamless experience, if you upgrade to the Ringcentral Rooms product.

RingCentral Glip Pricing

RingCentral Glip keeps things a little more basic than other providers, offering only two pricing plans, including its robust free plan. Below is information on how these two plans compare to each other.

  Pro Pro+
PRICE Free $11.99 per user per month
LICENSES 1 Unlimited
TIME LIMIT 24 hours 24 hours

RingCentral Features

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Online storage
  • Connection functions
  • Virtual background
  • Browser functionality (no app needed)
  • Integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

4. Vast Conference:

Vast Conference is our pick for the best overall conference call service because it offers everything a business could want in a conference call service. You can choose between unreserved or operator-assisted services, there are various cost structures based on how often the service is used, and it offers a wide selection of great features.

The no-reservation service allows you to set up conference calls at any time without scheduling them in advance. This option easily accommodates up to 500 callers (and can be increased by alerting the Vast Conference of your needs). It offers customizable greeting options and includes call recording at no additional cost. Hosts can monitor these meetings from their phone or from the service’s online portal.

The no-reservation service is available with monthly rates and pay-as-you-go plans. Monthly plans allow you to receive as many calls as you want each month. The plans, which range from $ 15 to $ 40 per month, vary based on the number of participants that can be on each call and the recording space in the cloud. The pay-as-you-go plan supports up to 500 callers and costs 3.5 cents per person per minute.

You can add callers to a meeting on the fly by tagging them, and it’s easy to turn the meeting into a video conference so participants can view and view presentations or documents while sharing the screen.

For those looking to set up larger, more formal conference calls, operator-assisted service may be a better option. This option can accommodate calls with up to 6,000 participants and provides a dedicated operator who helps you schedule the call before it is made, greets callers when they join, and remains in the meeting to handle calls, ask questions, or conduct sessions. of questions and answers. .

Operator-assisted service costs 16 cents per caller, per minute for a standard event and 19 cents per caller, per minute for a premium event.

Regardless of the service you choose, there is no contract with Vast Conference, so you can cancel at any time.

Vastconference pricing

Vast Conference Conference Calling offers two types of pricing plans for its no-reservation service: monthly and pay-as-you-go. With monthly plans, you pay a flat fee each month and can host as many meetings as you want. There are four unlimited monthly plans:


  • Price: $ 11.99 per user per month
  • Participants: 10
  • Cloud recording: 1GB


  • Price: $ 15.99 per user per month
  • Participants: 100
  • Cloud recording: unlimited


  • Price: $ 31.99 per user per month
  • Participants: 250
  • Cloud recording: unlimited


  • Price: customized for each company
  • Participants: 500
  • Cloud recording: unlimited

5. Webex

Price: $13.50 per user per month
Free plan available: Yes

Webex is a safe bet if you are looking for a very robust conference calling service. You won’t find any more features in any software on this list, and its resources provide all the support you need to make it work for your business.

Any conference call service run by a company as big and as reputable as Cisco must have understood the technology, and that is what they never do! This robust software is packed with all the extra features you could imagine, and more.

Webex pricing

Webex offers four different plans, one free and three paid. Here’s how they stack up:

  Free Starter Business Enterprise
PRICE Free $13.50 per host per month $26.95 per host per month N/A
LICENSES 1 50 100 Unlimited
PARTICIPANTS 100 150 200 100,000
TIME LIMIT 50 minutes 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours

Webex features

  • Screen sharing
  • Multiple gallery layouts
  • Cloud recording in MP4
  • Small group sessions
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • End-to-end encryption

6. Google Meet

Price: $6 per user per month
Free plan available: Yes

You can’t deny that Google Meet is a great and useful option when you need to talk to your team. But if you really need to communicate regularly, you’d be much better off with service focused on audio quality and solid connectivity.

As perhaps the norm for businesses that don’t want to shell out resources for a paid conference call service, Google Meet certainly works admirably as a free alternative. Its compatibility with Gmail and Google Agendas automatically gives it an advantage over any competition.

However, free services have their limits, and Google Meet is no different. Connectivity issues are on the increase, especially with video chats that host multiple users, and there is no way to record meetings. Audio quality also suffers compared to paid services, and no noise cancellation technology is to be found.

Google Meet pricing

Google Meet has a great free plan, but you’ll also get a lot if you choose to pay for the service. Take a look at their differences below:

  Free Starter Standard Plus Enterprise
PRICE Free $6 per user per month $12 per user per month $18 per user per month On request
LICENSES 1 up to 300 up to 300 up to 300 Unlimited
PARTICIPANTS 100 100 150 250 250
TIME LIMIT 24 hours (until June) 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours

Google Meet features

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Split screen
  • Mobile app
  • There is no recording
  • Telephone numbers to dial for the United States and internationally
  • G Suite integrations

7. Microsoft Teams

Price: Free

If you haven’t heard of Microsoft Teams during the pandemic, you must be living under a rock. This team collaboration tool has seen a meteoric rise over the past year, offering a wide range of tools for remote teams and updating the platform so consistently that it already competes with Google, Meet, Zoom and many more.

However, that doesn’t mean that Microsoft Teams is much more than just a video conference. It is a complete team collaboration platform that enables project management, along with a wide range of other team features that are perfect for remote teams.

Microsoft Teams pricing

Microsoft Teams is completely free, which makes it a great deal if you are looking for commercial software that can handle more than video conferencing. However, if you want even more for your team, Microsoft 365 Basic software offers a wide range of other Microsoft business tools, including Microsoft Teams for just $ 5 per user per month, and the Microsoft 365 Standard plan is free. Only $ 12 per user per month. so they are also ideal if you need that extra power for your business.

  Microsoft Teams Microsoft 365 Business Basic
(includes Teams)
Microsoft 365 Business Standard
(includes Teams)
Microsoft 365 E3
(includes Teams)
PRICE Free $5 per user per month $12.50 per user per month $20 per user per month
LICENSES Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
PARTICIPANTS 300 300 300 10,000
TIME LIMIT 60 minutes 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours

Microsoft Teams features

  • Split screen
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Chat attachments
  • Microsoft Office collaboration in real time
  • Conference
  • File storage

How We Choose the Best Conference Call Service

When it comes to choosing a conference call service for your small business, your business needs will help you determine the best option for you. When creating our list of recommendations for conference calling services, we looked at the three key criteria companies use to assess which product is best for them.

Meeting functionality

Most companies want flexibility in their conference call service to meet all the different needs that may arise. Beyond the basic functionality of facilitating video conferencing, this may include a webinar functionality that allows presenters to address a group with limited attendance; audio conferencing, when video is not needed; and the ability to schedule meetings, invite guests, and schedule appointments through the software.

Collaboration tools

To promote engagement and support workflow, the best conference call service should offer the ability to collaborate as if you were in an in-person meeting. Essential collaboration tools include screen sharing, file sharing, real-time chat, and whiteboard functionality that gives hosts and participants the ability to annotate a shared screen.

Apps or mobile access

The goal of a conference call service is to facilitate interaction from anywhere, even on the road or from workplaces where employees may not have a computer at hand. Therefore, we are looking for platforms that are optimized to support access from a number of different devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Why don’t we consider the price?

Most of the companies we analyzed offer free and paid plans. Depending on your business needs, a free plan may be sufficient or you may need to select a paid plan to have access to all the tools and features you need. You know your needs and your budget better, so you can compare plans based on what you will get for your money.


According to our research, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and RingCentral Glip are the top three conference calling services due to their robust feature catalogs, efficiency across multiple devices and operating systems, and overall ease of use for users of all skill levels.

If you want to set up a conference call at your company, as part of a complete unified communications solution, the most important thing you can do right now is get a quote. You will be able to better understand the costs of these types of services and evolve towards a more complete system. Compare prices in less than a minute and find the best deal for your specific business needs, with no obligation to purchase.

Does my business need a conference call service?

This primarily depends on the purpose and functionality of your business, but there are many benefits to having conference call service. Meeting virtually allows workflow and communication to continue uninterrupted even if you can’t gather in person. It can also save on travel costs and time, improve employee efficiency and engagement, and create a more flexible work environment.

What’s the cost of a conference call service?

While most conference call companies offer a free option, their functions are usually limited. Investing in a paid plan unlocks the essential features you need for your conference call service to run smoothly and effectively. The cost of plans ranges from free to $199 per month, and many companies offer scalable plans that allow you to upgrade as your business grows or your needs change.

What’s the best conference call service for small business?

The best conference call service is the one that meets your small business’s needs and budget. We selected our recommendations because they are among the most functional and accessible products on the market, with tools and pricing geared towards small businesses. You should compare products to find the one that provides the functionality you need, at the right price for your budget

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