So, are you worried about the Facebook verification process on your account? And do you want to avoid it? Recently, I noticed that Facebook is putting most of the Facebook accounts on verification, but we don’t have a proper guide to bypass this method and regain access to our Facebook account.

Do not worry! In this article, we are only talking about verifying Facebook account and how you can regain access to your lost or detained FB account. This method is quite simple to follow, but don’t miss any of the steps we offer below. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your identification.

Recently some of my close friends are also suffering from this method and lost their account, but after following this guide, they got access to their Facebook account within few minutes. You can also try to use this method to bypass your identity verification.

What is the Facebook verification process?

Facebook verification is a process in which Facebook keeps your identification pending and requests to verify your identity in order to continue using your identification. There are different types of verification that you can get on your Facebook ID, such as photo verification, identity verification, number verification, selfie verification, etc.

And believe me if I say if you got any verification other than photo verification you were lucky and will easily pass the verification in 5-10 minutes but if you got photo verification on your part identity, right? to worry! we also have a trick to solve the problem quickly.

When I was helping my friends with this I realized how easy it is to solve the problem, but several people got stuck in the process just for lack of knowledge, so now let’s go ahead and learn all the methods that exist. you will use to successfully bypass Facebook ID verification.

Facebook verification types

There are currently 4 types of checks that I myself have found. Other than that, there is no other verification process for Facebook. So rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

1. Checking Facebook photos

This is one of the hardest verifications I have come across on Facebook, in this method you have to check the photos of your Facebook friends who have uploaded their ID.

The reason why this is the most difficult of all, because many of us only use Facebook to share memes, food, and those kinds of photos, which makes verifying that much harder. Facebook will show us photos of faces from multiple accounts they’ve shared memes on, so it’s impossible to know.

2. Verification of Facebook ID

This is one of the most common checks you can get on your Facebook ID. In this method, you have to submit your government approved ID card on Facebook to confirm your identity.

3. Facebook number verification

This is the easiest and fastest method to solve if you got the number verification on your Facebook, you shouldn’t even look for the solution, just enter your number and paste the OTP you got and violate that you are done.

4. Facebook video selfie check

This is the strangest check, where Facebook asks you to take a video of your recent selfie to check if it’s you or not. But it is also easily resolved and you can get your ID back within 24 hours.

How to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification in 2022

Verify Facebook photo verification is not a difficult process. You should carefully follow the steps below to remove verification from your account. I will share different methods to avoid Facebook checks.

You can follow this method to verify your photo verification. This method works most of the time! And if this method doesn’t work, you can try another step below to bypass the Facebook verification process.

Methods to solve Facebook photo verification

  • Try to match the photos manually
    Now if you can, try to match the photos normally. Facebook also offers 3-4 hop options, you can try it on a daily basis. So if you think you can do it, you have to try it manually until it succeeds.
  • Bypass Facebook verification using a VPN
    If you cannot verify your Facebook account manually, you may need to use a VPN service for it. In this step, you need to use HideMyAss VPN service to bypass or bypass the Facebook verification process in just 1 minute.

Steps to bypass Facebook verification using HideMyAss VPN

Step 1: Purchase a paid HideMyAss plan (1 month only)
This is the first step to avoiding verification of your Facebook account. You need to buy a HideMyAss paid plan first to hide your IP and country (don’t use free VPNs and other VPNs here, some of them won’t hide your IP).

You can use this VPN to mask your IP and bypass its verification throughout the process. In this process, I will be purchasing the monthly plan for this VPN, as we only need this VPN for a few minutes or a few hours.

You can also use this method to get 75% DISCOUNT on this VPN if you buy a 36 month plan from here.

Step 2: Download and install the HideMyAss app
He once authorized HideMyAss VPN plans; you need to install HideMyAss app from PlayStore or Apple Store. Once you have downloaded the HMA app, you will need to log in with the same email id and password that you used during the HideMyAss license purchase process.
Once you are done connecting, connect your phone to the Japan VPN location in the HMA app.

Step 3: Connect to the Japan proxy and open Facebook
As we mentioned earlier in step 2, once logged into your HMA account, click on the “Japan” proxy to connect to the proxy. It will now ask for confirmation, “allow it”, and you are connected to the Japanese VPN.
Now you are connected to the Japan IP, type in the address bar and open the website (I prefer the Chrome browser here). Once you have opened, now log in with the same id and you will get a photo verification issue.

Step 4: Account login and verification
Once connected to the “Japan” proxy, type in the address bar and open the website. Once you have opened, now log in with the same id and you will get a photo verification issue.
Now that you are in the “Japan” proxy, another verification method will automatically display to bypass photo verification and government ID. Just click on “verify using mobile number” and enter your country code and mobile number in the box shown on Facebook.

For example; Enter (+91) as a country code under your mobile phone number and click “Get OTP” to receive OTP verification on your mobile number.

How to Bypass Facebook ID Verification

Facebook Identity Verification is basically the easiest verification. All you need to do is download an official government ID card and wait for it to be approved. This process will take approximately 24 hours and you will receive an email regarding your Facebook verification.

You can also follow this form to directly download your identity card. You can upload a maximum of 3 credentials to increase your chances of a successful verification.

If all of your information is correct, you will surely get your username to unlock within 24 hours, but for some reason it is not verified, so everyone tries the alternate method as shown in the process below. -above. All you have to do is install the HMA VPN and then try to do the verification and this time instead of an ID card it will ask for your cell phone number and date of birth. .

Simply enter your details and you will have access to your Facebook account.

Please note that if you have incorrect information on your Facebook account, please remember to convert it back to real information, otherwise you may see it banned again.

How to Bypass Facebook Selfie Verification

This is one of the most recent verification process started by Facebook in 2021. In this process you have to upload your moving selfie or you can say video selfie in Facebook verification and they will verify and verify your account in 24 hours.

An additional tip for this process is, if possible, to provide the selfie that you have already uploaded to your Facebook account before. This will speed up the process, as Facebook uses artificial intelligence technologies to verify these checks. Therefore, you will quickly activate your account if you provide the same selfie.


Hope this article helps you to successfully bypass Facebook verification process and now you can successfully log into your Facebook account.

You can easily bypass Facebook verification as long as you just go the royal route. You should never take a shortcut for this. There are several other methods that you will find on many other blogs, but we do not suggest that you try them because you might also lose your Facebook account forever.

If any of your information on Facebook is different from your government ID, we suggest that you use it on its own and open it and change the details to your actual information as soon as you get your account back.

If you have any further questions, as you might have an issue with Facebook verification, you can contact us or comment below.

Can I use a fake Govt ID or Selfie in this Process?

I would suggest you not upload a fake Govt ID or Selfie as it will lead to permanent account disable, so you should only need to provide them with real info. If you were using a different name or DOB on your account then the best way is to provide them with what’s real and ask them to makes changes to your account as well.

Is it safe to upload our selfie or Govt ID on Facebook for verification?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to upload your selfie or government id card on Facebook, as Facebook deletes it from its server as soon as the verification process is completed.

How much time does it take to verify my Facebook verification?

It usually takes 24-48 working hours to successfully verify your facebook verification and to unlock your Facebook ID. Sometimes it verifies within 2-5 minutes also.

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