The sales funnel may be the best known, most basic, and straightforward model that details the process by which leads become customers.

The old sales funnel is generally divided into three stages: knowledge, thinking and decision. The funnel narrows with each transition to a new stage. Not all prospects move from awareness to consideration; The same goes for changes in decision review and purchase decision.

The term “sales funnel software” generally refers to the platforms and resources that facilitate this process by helping businesses automate or create assets such as landing pages, follow-up emails and payment gateways. In short, they provide tools and features to help convert interested prospects into paying customers.

Here are some of the best sales funnel software available, and general descriptions of whether they might be right for your business.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel is a marketing concept and process that highlights and follows the journey of a potential customer to becoming a customer.

The process requires the use of a large number of creative and marketing assets such as landing pages, lead capture module, email marketing, payment processor, webinars, etc.

This concept is likened to a funnel due to the fact that a large number of prospects or potential customers may start in your entry-level sales process, but as they progress through the sales process. , only a few make the purchase decision.

One thing to keep in mind here is that as potential customers move through your sales process or sales funnel, they show deeper commitments to buying the products and becoming your customer.

What is a sales funnel builder ?

A sales funnel generator is software or a set of tools that allows you to create and manage a sales funnel.

The software is capable enough of aligning and integrating all the elements (landing pages, lead capture, email marketing, payment module, webinar, etc.) together to make your sales funnel run like a greased machine.

Typically, if you are not using sales funnel building software, you will need to rely on multiple tools to accomplish a single task.

But since the funnel builder includes all the tools, you cannot use any other tools. Everything can be done and done from a single card.

Best Sales Funnel Software 2022

  1. GetResponse – All-in-one machine
  2. Kartra – Great for agencies
  3. ClickFunnels – Unlimited contacts
  4. Wishpond – Good looking templates
  5. Thrive Suite – Good value for money
  6. Keap – Plenty of options
  7. Leadpages – Collect unlimited leads

Sales Funnel Software Features Compared

Funnels Unlimited Unlimited 20 funnels20,000 visitors Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited n/a
Email marketing 15,000 email per month Only in expensive top tier plan No No
Custom domain 1 1 3 1 No No 1
Landing pages Unlimited. A/B split testing 100 pages 100 pages. A/B split testing Unlimited UnlimitedA/B split testing UnlimitedA/B split testing Unlimited
Website builder No No No No
Webinars 100 attendees No No No
Opt-in forms and popups
Ecommerce 20 products No No No ✅On top tier plan No
Social media campaigns No No No No
Payment processing Payment gateway integration Payment gateway integration No Payment gateway integration With Pro plan
Pricing $49 p/month  1,000 contacts $99 p/month2,500 contacts $97 p/month Unlimited contacts $49 p/month1,000 contacts $30 p/month (paid quarterly) $79 p/month500 contacts $37 p/month

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is probably the most comprehensive solution on this list. Having recently introduced its conversion funnel feature in your email marketing software, you can now set up everything from social media campaigns and landing pages to webinars and email automations.

You can even sell your products through GetResponse or integrate your account with your existing e-commerce.In terms of sales funnel software, GetResponse’s conversion funnel is quick and easy to set up, and you can visually see exactly how your leads are filtered. They also have a good selection of modern newsletter and landing page templates.

If your company offers webinars, GetResponse could be a great option for you.

Packages and prices

-Plus: $ 49 per month for 1,000 users – $ 95 per month for 10,000 users

3 Users, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Webinars, Sales Leads and Funnels, Forms and Surveys, Automations, Ecommerce Tools, Social Ads, Templates and Images, Tracking and Reporting, Integrated CRM .

-Professional: $ 99 per month for 1,000 users – $ 165 per month for 10,000 users

All Plus features plus 5 users, unlimited paid webinars, contact tagging and classification, automation and segmentation builder.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Very complete all-in-one service! I really liked that you can see all the stages of your funnel and conversion rates at a glance.
  • Because you pay according to the size of your contacts, depending on the number of contacts you have, GetResponse can be very expensive.

2. Kartra

Kartra is another gem of software created by the Genesis Digital team. It is an “all-in-one” e-commerce tool that was launched in 2018. It is the same company that has created and launched some of the best WebinarJam and EverWebinar webinar platforms.

Since launch, Karta has been home to some of the best marketing tools, such as Landing Pages, Checkout Pages, Email, Membership Site Builder, Forms, Marketplace Builder, and most importantly, The Creator. sales funnel. Due to its set of marketing tools, it is considered the most comprehensive and best funnel builder.

Main features that make Kartra the best sales funnel builder

  • As I said earlier, Kartra is an “all-in-one” funnel builder that allows you to create landing pages, include a lead capture module, send emails , sell products and collect payments.
  • Like its competitors, Kartra offers a large number of ready-to-use sales funnel models. However, the unique factor of Kartra is that it also allows you to import your customers’ top performing funnels.
  • You can also automate your sales process by creating an automated marketing sequence. The sequence would run 24 hours a day and would be personalized for each new prospect.
  • To provide better value and information to your potential customers on landing pages, Kartra allows you to host videos. With the help of this, you don’t have to depend on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or DailyMotion.
  • In addition to this, Kartra offers an assistance support system. By using this tool, you can provide quick support to your customers through support tickets and live chat.

Kartra price

Kartra takes a unique approach to providing software testing. It charges you $ 1 to test the app for 14 days.

Once the trial period is over, you will need to upgrade to your monthly or annual subscriptions. Currently, there are four subscription plans based on the number of leads captured, acquired, or imported.

However, the best part about Kartra pricing is that it gives you access to all the marketing tools, and especially the funnel generator. Please note that there may be some restrictions on the use of functions.

  • Start: $ 79 per month billed annually / $ 99 billed monthly

Up to 2,500 leads, 15,000 emails per month, 50 GB of bandwidth per month, host 100 pages, sell 20 products, 2 membership sites, 1 custom domain.

  • Silver Plan: $ 149 per month billed annually / $ 199 billed monthly

Up to 12,500 leads, 125,000 emails per month, 125 GB of bandwidth per month, host unlimited pages, sell unlimited products, unlimited membership sites, 3 custom domains.

  • Gold Plan: $ 249 per month billed annually / $ 299 billed monthly

Up to 25,000 leads, 250,000 emails per month, 200 GB of bandwidth per month, host unlimited pages, sell unlimited products, unlimited membership sites, 5 custom domains.

3. ClickFunnels

This list of the best sales funnel creators would be incomplete without ClickFunnels. Such is the popularity and effectiveness of this software. The founders of this software, Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, were the first online marketers to popularize the concept of sales through a sales funnel.

ClickFunnels was developed by them just to undo all the hard manual work and speed up the process of creating a successful funnel. And, over the course of the year, just for its ease of use, ClickFunnels has amassed a user base of over 111,300 users. So if you are a business owner, ecommerce site owner, marketer, blogger, or online trainer, ClickFunnels could solve your funnel building problems.

Key features that make ClickFunnels the best sales funnel generator

  • ClickFunnels has a prolific history and reputation for creating sales funnels for lead generation, sales, and event hosting. To help you quickly set up a funnel, it has a host of sales funnel templates out of the box.
  • When it comes to using funnel editing software, ClickFunnels offers a drag and drop editor. In addition to this, drag and drop functionality is also used to create and customize landing pages.
  • Not only are all funnels and pages optimized for conversion, it goes one step further to increase your overall revenue through one-click upsells.
  • ClickFunnels has a native email marketing and automation module (formerly known as Actionetics) that can send custom email campaigns. Since the email marketing suite is already present on ClickFunnels, you don’t need to use any third-party email marketing services.
  • To help you expand the reach of your business and attract a new flow of traffic, you can start your own affiliate programs with ClickFunnels. Additionally, you also have access to the ClickFunnels – FunnelFlix training module to learn best practices for creating sales funnels.

ClickFunnels pricing

  • Starter plan: $ 97 / month

20 Funnels, 100 Pages, 20,000 Visitors, Unlimited Contacts, 3 Custom Domains, Split A / B Testing, Subscription Funnels, All Advanced Funnels (Sales, Webinars, Membership), Order Pages, and Up and Down Sales Pages down.

You will need to integrate with your email service provider, as email marketing is not included in the standard plan. Here are our top picks.

  • Etison Suite: $ 297 / month

Everything is unlimited. You also have access to integrated email marketing services, lead scoring, advanced targeting, and affiliate management software.

4. Wishpond

Wishpond is a really easy-to-use marketing platform that lets you create landing pages, pop-ups, social media contests, and take care of your email marketing and automation. I especially liked their range of eye-catching, easy-to-configure templates. If you give a lot of gifts, for example on social media, Wispond has a ton of landing page templates and pop-ups.

Their marketing automation is not bad at all, with many conditions to choose from. You can also A / B test your newsletters to find out which one works best.

If you’re already with an email marketing provider like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign, Wishpond makes it easy to integrate into your software.

Packages and prices

From: $ 75 per month billed monthly / $ 49 per month billed annually

Unlimited landing pages, social media contests and pop-ups, email delivery campaigns, marketing automation, unlimited user accounts, 1,000 leads max.

Everything you need: $ 149 per month billed monthly / $ 99 per month billed annually

All in “Getting Started” plus A / B testing, custom CSS and JavaScript, API access, and a limit of 2,500 leads.

Rapid growth: $ 299 per month billed monthly / $ 199 per month billed annually

Premium customer support, free implementation support, 10,000 leads.

(Once you get past 10,000 leads, prices really start to go up.)

Pros and cons

  • The software is very easy to use and offers many attractive templates and advanced automation workflow options. Their start-up plan is quite affordable for what it is, and their 1,000 contact limit should be enough to get small businesses started.
  • In terms of use as a sales funnel generator, the ability to see how everything works together is missing because there is no visual sales funnel generator.

5. Thrive Suite

Thrive Suite is a fairly complete package. The suite offers you all the features for just $ 30 per month (paid quarterly) or $ 19 per month (paid annually).


Signup Forms and Landing Pages with A / B Testing, Conversion Focused WordPress Themes, Visual Drag & Drop Website Builder, Widgets, Headline Optimizer, Scarcity Campaign Builder, Testimonial Plugin, Creator Quiz and online course creator.

Packages and prices

  • $ 30 monthly paid quarterly / $ 19 monthly paid annually
  • 25 sites, all plugins and themes.

Pros and cons

  • Considering everything that is included, Thrive Suite is very affordable. It seems like one more solution for agencies and developers (hence why you can use the functions on so many websites). If your company offers online courses, this might be a good option.
  • Lack of automation and email marketing. Unfortunately, Thrive does not offer a free trial.

6. Keap 

Infusionsoft, or rather Keap, as it is called now, offers a fairly comprehensive service. Marketed for small business owners, users can use their CRM, marketing automation, landing page builder, and reports (high-level plan).

You can integrate Keap with the existing tools you use, such as Shopify, Magento, and WordPress.

Packages and prices

All plans are based on 500 contacts and 1 user, although you can pay more for more of the two.

Lite: $ 79 per month

Includes CRM, segmentation, appointments, contact segmentation, business phone line and text messaging, invoices and payments, quotes,

Pro: $ 149 p / month

Advanced automation, recurring payments, landing page builder, sales channel automation and reporting.

Max: $ 199 p / month

Professional features, analytics, lead appraisal, checkout pages, and subscription management.

Pros and cons

  • Its visual sales funnel generator is easy to use and has many options.
  • Although it is marketed for small businesses, it has a medium commercial price; in fact, it is one of the most expensive sales funnel software on this list. Plus, 500 contacts isn’t a lot considering how much you’re paying, and there’s a one-time fee of $ 499 per training.

7. Leadpages

No introduction is needed for Leadpages. It is one of the best and most popular landing page builders for all types of businesses and marketers. That said, did you know that Leadpages is also capable of creating sales funnels?

That’s right, Leadpages is prolific at creating micro-sales funnels. It only requires three blocks or steps i.e landing page, popup window and thank you page. If you like simpler sales funnels, Leadpages will definitely help you create them.

Top Features That Make Leadpages The Best Sales Funnel Builder

  • There is no page builder on the Internet that can compete with the efficiency and power of Leadpages. Not only that, but it also simplifies the page creation process using a drag-and-drop page editor.
  • Then Leadpages also allows you to create pop-up windows. Unlike other funnel builders, Leadpages makes your popup smart by triggering it on certain parameters like time, page scrolling, exit intent, etc.
  • If you’re new to page building, Leadpages has a ton of out-of-the-box page templates for sales, lead capture, webinars, payments, and more.
  • Leadpages also goes one step further to improve your conversions and engagement with alert bars. You would have the option of placing these bars at the top or bottom of the page to increase the chances of interacting with your page.
  • This micro funnel creation software also brings you a huge integration library. You can connect your pages with email marketing software, analytics tools, payment modules, a webinar platform, and more.


To get started, Leadpages offers a free 14-day trial period. However, keep in mind that accessing the free trial features is different and based on the plan you sign up for.

On top of that, you’ll be glad to know that whatever plan you choose, you can create and publish an unlimited number of landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. Some feature restrictions can be removed by purchasing higher plans.

  • Standard – This plan will cost you $ 37 a month and only applies to 1 website. You should also know that in this plan you will not be able to sell online or collect payments.
  • Advantage: To use Leadpages on 3 websites, you will have to pay $ 79 per month. At this level, you will be able to collect payments online, A / B test your pages, and unlock other features.
  • Advanced: Finally, if you pay $ 321 per month, you can use Leadpages on 50 sites. In addition, you will be able to get full access to the software and use it without restrictions.


After exploring all the sales funnel builders and software, I guess you will be able to find the right one for your business needs.

Even if you haven’t finished, I encourage you to sign up for your free trials. Doing this would help you test this software for yourself and ultimately help you make a better decision.

However, if you don’t have the time and are looking for my personal recommendation, I suggest you use GetResponse. It is one of the most comprehensive funnel creators that I have used and contains almost all the important features.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Other than that, ClickFunnels and Kartra are also decent sales funnel building software.

How much do funnel builders make?

 It’s possible to make over six figures a year as a funnel builder. A simple opt-in funnel can range from $250 to $450. A sales funnel can start from $750, but you can charge $10K or more for an in-depth sales funnel.

What are the stages of sales funnel?

The Sales Funnel Stages:
Stage 1: Awareness.
Stage 2: Interest.
Stage 3: Evaluation.
Stage 4: Engagement.
Stage 5: Commitment/Purchase.

Who is the youngest funnel expert?

Udit Kumar – Asia’s youngest Sales Funnel and Marketing Expert
sales funnels and Facebook ads. …
Udit Kumar (born 18 August 2000; India) has spent the majority of his time studying the Internet.

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