Amazon affiliate marketing isn’t that lucrative the way it’s presented to people. It has some awe-inspiring factors for that more and more folks are joining this program. Before starting out, why not you learn some common mistakes affiliate marketers make while they’re with Amazon Associates.

Anyone can start with Amazon Associates, so everybody tries it with their level best. As a result, easy money seekers create a real crowd here. At the end of the day, it becomes harder for the tyros to find out a beneficial niche.

How Much Money Can You Make From Amazon Affiliate Program in India?

Let’s assume your main keyword has 20k monthly searches while the estimated long-tail searches are 10k and you have got an average of 2 in SERP position. From the total of 30k visitors, you’d get 3750 visitors (assuming 13% CTR as your position on the real top).

If 40% of visitors follow your affiliate links then 1500 traffic will visit Amazon from your site. And, if 5% of the total visitors convert then you’re going to get 75 actual buyers. Now, think they bought products which have an average price of $75. So, your monthly income would be $365.63 from that specific keyword.

You see, the income varies in a wide range of possibilities. First of all, the niche itself is the most significant player in the total calculation. If it’s highly competitive and starting, it would be difficult to reach the destination.

If your keywords don’t get enough searches that mean there are fewer potentials with your project. After niche analysis, the thing comes next is the average SERP position. Changing in that place even in a slight manner can cause a severe gain or loss.

Based on the ranking, the CTR will be jumping between notable numbers. Don’t forget that, everyone who clicks over the link and comes to your site will not click the affiliate links. And, those would follow the links might not buy anything.

Understandably, not every product fetches a high-profit margin for Amazon.

Hence the money you earn depends upon the product you are promoting. There are various structures for referral fees paid by Amazon to its affiliate marketers.

Amazon India’s Associate Program web page carries very explicit information about referral fees it pays.

The only category that pays you .3% commission is the Gold and Silver coins, all others pay either 2% or more than that.

The most profitable products to promote are Men’s Apparel. Here you get a cut of 12% on each sale you make.

Other categories like Kindle Devices, eBooks, baby products, sports, and fitness can pay you 10% in commissions.

With this commission rate, you can easily earn over Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month as a beginner. After some experience you can earn up to Rs 100,000 – Rs 500,000 per month.

How do you get Payment From Amazon Affiliate Program?

In India, Amazon pays its affiliate marketers within 60 days of recording a confirmed purchase from your website. You can opt for two payment modes.

1. Cheques:

Amazon will pay you by cheque if your total income during the 60 days payment cycle is Rs.2,500 or more.

If the amount is lower, the money will be carried forward till you reach the Rs.2,500 payment threshold.

2. National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT):

You can opt for Amazon to credit earnings from the affiliate marketing program directly to your bank account.

For NEFT payments, your earnings should be Rs. 1,000 or more during the 60 days cycle.

Should your earnings fall below this payout threshold, Amazon will pay you upon reaching the Rs. 1,000 earnings as referral fee and advertising fee.

In Conclusion

Amazon is the world’s largest online store. In India alone, there are over 170 million products listed on Amazon’s website.

Hence, there is no dearth of things that you can promote on a website or blog with the Amazon Associates Program. Further, the Amazon Associates Program is very simple to use: your income is directly commensurate with the efforts you exert.

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