Artificial Intelligence (AI) may sound like something like “The Jetsons,” but AI isn’t just about robots and science fiction. From the way we shop to the way we drive to the way we run our homes (thanks Alexa), the reality is that we all depend on AI every day.

Today, employers around the world are increasingly turning to AI recruiting.

While a single job at the height of the pandemic could generate hundreds, if not thousands, of applications, the war for talent is intensifying again. We are back in a candidate market and recruiters must compete. While a candidate-driven market is a sign of a healthy economy, it makes hiring difficult. HR and hiring teams should use every tool in their arsenal to find and hire exceptional candidates as quickly as possible. For many, that means using AI to drive their recruiting processes.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what AI recruiting is, how AI-powered recruiting is altering the talent acquisition landscape, and how hiring managers and recruiters can adopt AI recruiting tools to hire the right talent. , faster.

What is AI recruiting?

AI recruiting is the use of artificial intelligence in the talent acquisition process. From automated candidate selection and more efficient communication management to interviewing and evaluating candidates, AI offers a number of applications that can help recruit professionals to hire smarter, faster and without prejudice.

The goal of AI recruiting is to streamline or automate certain parts of the recruiting workflow. This, in turn, enables recruiters to work more efficiently, hire the most suitable candidates, and spend more time on work than only humans can do, such as building strong relationships.

And AI is no longer just for big tech companies. According to a study by the HR Research Institute, 96% of HR managers believe that AI has great potential to help acquire good talent, and 55% say that AI will be an integral part of the hiring process in companies. next five years.

Why should you use an AI recruiting platform?

Companies in all industries are increasing their human resources and hiring investments in AI. Almost 9 in 10 companies around the world are already using AI in one form or another for HR, and 63% of talent acquisition professionals say AI has changed the way it is carried out. carry out recruiting in your organization.

For many organizations, it’s less about whether to use AI recruiting tools, but more about how and where to use them in the recruiting process.

AI recruiting software enables recruiting teams to be more efficient and make better recruiting decisions. AI recruiting technology also enables recruiters to take more advantage of the tools and systems that already make up their recruiting technology stack, such as their Applicant Tracking System (ATS). An increasingly important part of the HR technology ecosystem, AI-powered recruiting tools enable organizations to make the most of their existing technology investments while hiring faster, smarter, and fairer.

A wide variety of AI recruiting tools exist for candidate search, selection, interviewing, and onboarding. But to improve hiring processes, any tool must integrate with your existing hiring technologies. An AI-powered video interview solution, for example, needs to integrate seamlessly with the video conferencing platform you already use to conduct interviews, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Otherwise, it could cause more headaches than it’s worth. After all, any AI recruiting tool should make your hiring process easier, not more complicated.

Best AI Recruiting Software in 2022

1. Arya

Ideal for intelligence-driven talent acquisition.

Arya is a revolutionary AI recruiting platform that delivers better hires, faster. The company has developed an easy-to-use tool that harnesses artificial intelligence to find top talent and connects you with employees you’ll love.

With Arya, recruiters can reduce the time they spend researching and browsing CVs, allowing them to focus more of their efforts on interviewing and hiring the best talent available.

The company provides tools that allow recruiters to quickly find the right candidate without spending hours and hours searching for themselves. If you want recruiting done right the first time, then Arya is definitely a tool to consider.


  • Identify top talent quickly (faster than your competition) so you can hire the best people quickly.
  • Avoid wasting time researching resumes by letting Arya do all the work for you.
  • Arya provides tools to quickly and easily identify top talent so you can focus more on your maintenance efforts.
  • Find people who have the skills you need and who are similar to your current candidates with this recruiting software.
  • Build high-quality candidate pipelines that are ready to scale and automatically engaged with personalized communications so you can make better, faster, and more accurate hiring decisions.


With two different plans available (Arya Pulse and Arya Quantum), you will find what you need, whether you have limited recruiting human resources and need affordable support or even looking to train your professionals. recruitment with precise information.

When it comes to Arya Pulse, there are 4 types of plans available:

  • Free
  • Basic: $ 199 per job
  • Full service: $ 599 per job
  • Multiple worktops – Contact Arya’s sales team for a quote

On the other hand, you can request an Arya Quantum demo if you think this plan is better suited to your needs.

2. Hiretual

Ideal for discovering your next best rental.

Hiretual is a job search engine that connects recruiters with the best talent in their industry. The company has helped more than 5,000 leading recruitment teams hire faster and smarter by sourcing qualified candidates from a diverse network of more than 50 million resumes and profiles.

Hiretual’s proprietary matching algorithm matches resumes to jobs based on skills, experience, location, education, and other factors important to employers.

Main Features

  • Your contact search success rate is around 85%, which means you’ll get the right personal emails, work emails, phone numbers, and social media connections.
  • Hiretual does not believe in messy data, which means that it maintains the integrity of your candidates’ data across all the systems you use so that you have access to the latest information.
  • Hiretual includes everything you need for the right candidate experience, with no added fees or surprises included.
  • Your data will be kept safe. Hiretual is certified to CCPA, GDPR and SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 standards, as well as the EU-US Privacy Shield program. All of this means that Hiretual is committed to protecting data and ensuring customer trust.


With 4 different pricing plans, new and experienced recruiters can use this AI tool to ease the hiring process.

The times are as follows:

  • Beginner: Free – Ideal for a single recruiter
  • Standard: $ 40 per month
  • Professional: $ 99 per month
  • Company: A personalized plan based on specific needs.

3. TurboHire

Ideal for integrating recruitment into a single process.

TurboHire is a structured, collaborative, and data-driven hiring process for finding the best candidates for your business.

The TurboHire platform integrates with your current CRM software, recruiting site, and other systems so you can have confidence in every candidate you hire. This means that you will use AI to dramatically reduce the time spent interviewing candidates.

TurboHire’s platform enhances the traditional recruiting process by using a smart algorithm to match qualified candidates with jobs based on their skills, interests, and availability without relying on resumes or interviews.

With a collaborative approach that meets with hiring managers midway through the interview process, TurboHire enables more effective candidate evaluations and empowers them to express themselves like never before.

Main Features

  • Get an overview of the hiring process workflows, so you can organize your hiring well in advance.
  • Create a talent pool for all your open positions so your business can continue to grow.
  • Make a candidate comfortable with a personalized interview experience that meets their requirements by allowing them to complete the process from anywhere.
  • On the same platform, engage all stakeholders, track your talent stream, and generate powerful hiring reports.


With a free 14-day trial, you can give TurboHire a try and see for yourself how a more collaborative approach to interviews can improve your hiring process.

After that, you can choose from 4 packages:

  • Basic: From $ 40 per month
  • Pro: Starts at $ 177 per month
  • Premium: Starts at $ 450 per month
  • Business: from $ 1,340 per month

4. Manatal

Manatal is an all-in-one ATS and CRM solution designed to simplify and streamline all recruitment operations. The software includes tools that cover the entire hiring process, from posting job openings to thousands of free and premium channels, to creating and customizing a career page, finding candidates, and managing your candidate pools, collaboration with your team and external stakeholders, and much more. Plus, the software is so easy to use that hardly any training is required to be proficient.

Additionally, Manatal features a number of innovative features that take advantage of the latest artificial intelligence technologies. These range from qualifying and recommending candidates based on job descriptions or user-defined requirements, to advanced CV analysis and enriching candidate profiles on social media. All this at the most competitive price on the market (15 USD and 35 USD per user / month). Don’t miss out on the 14-day free trial to start increasing your team’s productivity.

5. Textio

This tool uses big data and machine learning for effective talent acquisition. Its main goal is to help companies find the right words when writing employer branded content. With Textio, an organization can create content that resonates with the language expected by desired candidates.

Many big brands use Textio to write marketing content. Examples of these companies include Slack, McDonald’s, Spotify, etc. This platform also has a wide range of the latest features. Now you can take advantage of features like team analysis, ATS workflow integrations, extended language, and more. in this tool.

6. Olivia

Olivia is a second pair of hands every business needs to use today. It’s an artificial intelligence assistant designed to make hiring and hiring more human. Olivia answers questions from candidates interested in a position. He also welcomes them to learn more, help with selection and planning, etc.

This artificial intelligence tool will help you save time and attract great candidates. This artificial intelligence assistant ensures that people don’t have to wait for hours for help or even click. Olivia is available 24/7 and responds in real time to potential hires. Moreover, you can also use it to promote an event via SMS and emails.

7. Eightfold

Now it’s easy to create an instant portfolio of qualified candidates. You can use Eightfold AI recruiting technology to predict the best job openings for individual profiles. Helps you save time by scanning millions of profiles and setting up your equipment in seconds.

Big brands like Air Asia,, Capital One, etc. use Eightfold for talent acquisition. It is a tool that is best suited for large organizations with more than 2,000 employees and business customers. Eightfold is the best tool a business can use to increase their conversion and retention rates.

8. SeekOut

Ideal for recruiting hard-to-find talent.

SeekOut is a company specializing in advanced talent analysis. One of the ways they accomplish this is by offering in-depth talent analysis so companies can diversify their processes, reduce bias, and improve candidate engagement to meet recruiting goals faster.

SeekOut’s Talent 360 platform delivers a personalized experience for each individual with a wide range of data points from both objective and subjective sources.

To provide candidates with the best experience when applying for positions, SeekOut provides access to easy-to-use tools, such as video interviews and CV analyzes, which allow them to customize their application process according to their needs. .

Additionally, SeekOut provides executive level information to hiring managers so they can make the best decisions possible.


You can book a real-time demo for one of their experts to show you how Seekout can be the best AI tool when it comes to recruiting top talent.

You will also learn more about the Seekout solution and its talent analysis so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision.


We cannot emphasize enough the benefits of using AI recruiting software in a company. These tools are all you need to keep your hiring process smooth and flawless. They help HR teams with tedious and repetitive tasks. This saves them valuable time and increases their focus on more strategic tasks.

But then there are some pitfalls that you need to be aware of even when using artificial intelligence tools. Be on the lookout for AI biases, tools that don’t meet candidate expectations, etc. That said, AI recruiting tools shouldn’t replace humans.

They should help a business save time and costs while increasing recruitment efficiency. But then it is also essential to check the ROI that your business will get from AI recruiting software.

What is AI recruiting software?

AI recruiting software are platforms or tools that use artificial intelligence to automate certain parts of the talent acquisition process.

How is AI used in recruitment?

AI is used in every aspect of the recruitment pipeline, including the following:

Screening: Using chatbots to automatically answer candidate questions
Video Interviews: Analyzing video interview responses to see how they fit into hiring criteria
Tech Screening: Using AI to figure out the quality of a given candidate’s answers
Sourcing: Scanning talent databases for candidates relevant to job reqs
Scheduling: Automatically aligning candidate and hiring team schedules for available connection
ATS Re-Engagement: Checking your ATS for former candidates who would be a good fit for a new role
Referrals: Combing through employee networks for relevant candidates

How is AI used for hiring?

AI in the hiring process is helping Talent Acquisition Managers (TAs) automate an array of time-sucking tasks. From mundane administrative tasks to creating and improving standardized job matching processes and speeding up the time it takes to screen, hire, and onboard new candidates.

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