When it comes to making money online without selling your own physical goods or services, two of the most recognized proven approaches to doing so are affiliate marketing versus AdSense.

You can make money through Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing by displaying third-party advertisements or promotions on your own blog or website, and in some cases through other channels as well. However, while affiliate marketing and AdSense are often seen as two sides of the same coin, and AdSense is sometimes referred to as a type of affiliate association, the two systems are very different in terms of how they work. . They’re doing it. you can use them to earn income.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between AdSense and Affiliate Marketing, explain the meaning of these two respective terms, and highlight the similarities between the two systems and how they work, as well as their advantages and limitations.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting and marketing specific third party products or services to capture leads, make sales or generate traffic for the third party site or program.

The principle of affiliate marketing is that the affiliate, the person who markets or promotes someone else’s offers, receives a fixed commission rate for every successful action they take. This action can be as simple as clicking on the partner’s site, or it can involve making an acquisition or triggering a sale.

Affiliate is responsible for marketing and promoting their Affiliate Partner’s products or services through any channel of their choice, from websites and blogs to email, paid advertising and more. , and their success in this area determines the level of their payments. .

Affiliates have full control over what and how they choose to promote, and they manage their content and promotions themselves, deciding when, where and how to present them.

What is AdSense?

So what is AdSense? Well, AdSense is an ad serving platform operated by Google that allows publishers who join Google’s network of content sites to serve automated ads to their visitors. These can be in text, image, video, or interactive format, and are designed to complement your host site’s organic content type and audience demographics.

AdSense marketing is automatically provided by Google, which chooses and places the ads on the third-party site rather than by the site owner who chooses and presents the ads of their choice. The owner of the website that hosts the AdSense ads receives commissions for doing so, which can be paid per ad impression or per click received on the ad.
AdSense ads are placed only on sites chosen by Google and cannot be embedded in emails.

This means that the people who host the AdSense ads are affiliated with Google, although AdSense is not strictly what one would consider an affiliate program in the strictest sense.

AdSense or affiliate: how it works in practice

When you join the Google Content Site Network, you become a member of the Google Affiliate Network and can display advertisements and promotional content on your own websites when Google deems it appropriate.

Google affiliate sites are generally not specifically designed to make money with AdSense; They are typically designed for another purpose consistent with the AdSense model, allowing them to cover part of the site’s operating costs and potentially make a profit. sell real estate.

However, despite the fact that the term “affiliate” is often used to refer to the people who partner with AdSense to present ads, the lack of control over the content presented and the limited ability to choose a commission structure, it is very different from the standard. Affiliate program. Affiliate programs offer a greater degree of flexibility, freedom, and control, as well as the opportunity to earn much larger sums of money than AdSense affiliates.

what are the main differences between affiliate marketing and AdSense

• Affiliate marketing allows the potential affiliate to choose from a wide range of different programs to find the right one for them. Google AdSense affiliate and partner sites must operate within Google’s payment framework and structure.

• Affiliate merchants can choose whatever commission structure they want, in terms of the action required to trigger a commission payout and the level of commission they can earn. With Google AdSense, this is the default.

• Affiliate merchants have full control over the products and services they offer and can choose which ones they like and want to work with. AdSense partners present ads chosen by Google, which automatically places them in the content.

• Affiliate marketers can choose where, when and how to promote their affiliate products and offers, with a much greater degree of control over their activities and promotions. AdSense partners only have fixed and fixed placements to place their ads on, on their own web pages.

• Affiliates can advertise and promote their offerings on the Internet in general, mobile ads, e-mail, paid advertising, etc. AdSense partners do not have the ability to do this and, in particular, there is no email marketing provision for AdSense to send email to you.

• It almost always happens that a busy, successful website or hosting portal that generates a lot of traffic (and therefore leads) generates more money when monetized with affiliate offers than through AdSense.

• Virtually every niche you can think of has an affiliate program, while many niches are excluded or banned from AdSense.

• There are few barriers to entry when it comes to joining an affiliate program; Most programs go out of their way to encourage new affiliates with information and guides on how to become a CPA affiliate (an affiliate who earns money through the paid cost per action model, by performing a predetermined action by some of your site visitors). However, Google AdSense will only accept certain types of partner sites and content, putting them out of the reach of many website owners.

Google AdSense Vs Affiliate Marketing : Which is Better?

  1. Easy network approval: –

You can be your own boss because it is easier to get approval from an affiliate network. It is managed by many affiliates large and small compared to the AdSense account, which is only managed by Google. In addition, failure to comply with the rules defined by Google results in the blocking of the AdSense account.

  1. Advantages of payment: –

You have to pay more for affiliate marketing than AdSense because most affiliates offer PayPal as a payment method whereas AdSense does. This is because one has no control over Adsense ads, while affiliate ads can become attractive.

  1. Allows you to promote relevant products:

Affiliate marketing helps promote products that are relevant to the audience in all respects and you can increase clicks by promoting relevant products on the blog. Google AdSense, on the other hand, does not allow anyone to choose ads for the target audience.

  1. Impact on readers: –

Affiliate marketing also helps keep visitors on the blog because AdSense is killing readers.

  1. Eliminate the need for heavy traffic:

Affiliate marketing is always good because choosing products carefully helps you earn huge commissions and add value to your audience by recommending the right products. Also, one can earn a decent income despite thousands of visitors viewing the site. While most people don’t get enough income from AdSense because they don’t get enough traffic from Google either.

Therefore, affiliate marketing is more attractive if you have the right audience for your business.


If you are considering embarking on an affiliate marketing adventure, understand that money will not be falling from the sky.

This is not an automatic process, it involves time and hard work, dedication, study and total dedication, this is how you come to understand the needs and desires of your audience.

Overall, your chances of making money with AdSense or a CPA affiliate program are no better or worse than any other type of internet home business.Your success depends on how well you execute your affiliate business plan.

If you study and know about this industry, affiliate marketing can be an amazing business opportunity that can turn into a lot of money as it is a high risk, high-reward game with many players in the market.

You know how to create a free Google AdSense account and you know how to make money with Google AdSense.

Learn more about affiliate marketing and how to monetize CPA offers like a master.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Feel free to share your suggestions and comments below.


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