For those who are considering ditching the 9 to 5 and going the affiliate route, they will want to make sure they have the best affiliate marketing tools available.

If you are not already familiar, affiliate marketing allows people to earn income by promoting the products or services of other businesses. And one of the biggest challenges in affiliate marketing is managing multiple product offerings at the same time.

In fact, most affiliate marketers prefer not to promote more than 10 products.

So if you really want to make money in the affiliate marketing game, you will need to have the right software to optimize different offers across multiple platforms.

The basics of affiliate programs

If you’re not sure what it takes to run an affiliate program, here’s a short primer to put your mind at ease. An affiliate program allows you to invite external collaborators (bloggers, editors, etc.) to help you promote your products in exchange for a commission.

While most affiliate programs have their differences, there are some basic concepts that most use:

  • Commissions related to sales. Affiliate marketing allows you to be flexible about how you pay others for their efforts to promote your product. If there is no sale, you don’t have to pay a commission. As such, it is extremely profitable to maintain an affiliate program. On top of that, it encourages external affiliates to invest in its commission compensation efforts.
  • Commissions in progress. You can choose to pay a strict, one-time fee for each new customer, or you can allow your affiliates to earn commissions on an ongoing basis. For example, paying a commission every time the customer spends a certain amount on your products. Brands like DigitalOcean are known to use this approach.

Everything else is entirely up to you. The type of other features you can offer will also depend on the affiliate program platform you are using. This is also the subject of this guide.

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools in 2022

1. MobileMonkey

The best live chat software allows you to proactively engage with your customers and prospects to increase revenue, generate leads, and provide real-time support across multiple channels. And for affiliate marketers, live chat combined with chatbot automation can be extremely powerful.

In fact, studies have shown that live chat software:

  • Increase website engagement rates by 3
  • Increase website conversions by 45%
  • Makes consumers 63% more likely to come back to a website.

Most online chat software is only available from a commercial website. However, with MobileMonkey’s OmniChat ™ technology, you can interact with customers through multiple channels, be it a website, SMS text messages, or other messaging applications.

There are many examples of online chat that affiliate marketers can choose from, such as:

  • Qualify and generate leads
  • Increase Instagram engagement
  • Create a sales chatbot
  • Get more reviews
  • Organize a giveaway on Facebook
  • Send Bulk SMS and Chat on Facebook Messenger

The ability to use live chat across different marketing channels, all from a unified inbox, is a game changer for affiliate marketers.

 2. AnyTrack

AnyTrack is an affiliate marketing tool that enables marketers to track and sync conversions from all affiliate networks using Google Analytics and the Facebook pixel.

As an affiliate marketer, measuring your success (and failure) is the key to improving your campaign performance. Whether you prefer Google Ads, Facebook, or SEO, tracking your conversion data with analytics tools will give you the useful information you need to optimize and scale your campaigns.

AnyTrack TAG is a single line of code that fully automates data collection and syncs data across your entire marketing stack without any complicated code or setup.

Main features

  • A single line of code to connect all your analytics and pixels
  • Automatically track all affiliate links and form submissions (no code required)
  • One-click integration with Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Native integration with more than 50 affiliate networks and popular software solutions (ClickBank, TUNE, CAKE)
  • Webhooks to sync conversions with third-party marketing tools (email, third-party reports, API)


  • Free plan: up to 5,000 sessions per month
  • Basic plan: $ 50 / month (great for bloggers)
  • Personal plan: $ 150 / month (great for PPC marketers)
  • Advanced plan: $ 300 / month (ideal for agencies)
  • All paid plans offer a free 14-day trial.


  • True Plug & Play setup to start link tracking in less than 3 minutes
  • Integration with any type of website or funnel builder (WordPress, ClickFunnels)
  • Comply with Google and Facebook tracking policies
  • Create custom audiences for retargeting campaigns


  • Does not offer integration with Amazon Associates
  • Does not offer direct integration with Zapier
  • Amiability

This platform is designed to run affiliate campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and SEO content (comparison website, content websites, lead generation).

3. Post Affiliate pro

According to their customers, getting started with Post Affiliate Pro is easy as they offer a free onboarding service and provide 24/7 customer support. This one-of-a-kind affiliate marketing tool gives you the freedom to create and manage your own affiliate program from scratch.

The main features of this software solution include fraud protection, accurate tracking, and fully customizable commission structures. It supports all kinds of affiliate links, supports multiple currencies, and offers translations in multiple languages.

Get started today with a free 14-day trial to see how easy affiliate marketing can be. If you like its features, the Pro plan starts at $ 97 / month.

4.  Voluum

Voluum is an ad tracking platform designed specifically for affiliate marketers.

You can use Voluum to track all of your ad campaigns, analyze data for insight, and optimize your ad performance. Voluum is an affiliate marketing tool that works with most ad traffic sources and comes with prebuilt templates for the following platforms and more.

Additionally, Voluum supports all ad formats, including the following:

  • Native ads
  • Search advertisements
  • Display banners
  • Push notification ads
  • Pop ads
  • Social media ads
  • Email advertising
  • Video ads

5. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is a promising affiliate marketing tool where bloggers are not only listed but also earn money. Therefore, for marketers, it is easier to get active affiliates here.

Thirsty Affiliates proactively fixes your broken front links. It also provides an alternative destination for international clicks.

Do you know the best part of this program? It helps you hide affiliate links in WordPress for free. This makes it one of the best tools for affiliate marketers using WordPress.

6. AdPlexity

AdPlexity is one of the best advertising intelligence tools. The platform allows you to track your competitors’ profitable ads on several different ad types, including:

  • office
  • Mobile
  • Native
  • To push
  • E-commerce
  • Business

The AdPlexity mobile product tracks your competitors’ most profitable advertising campaigns on mobile traffic sources. It helps you make better marketing decisions by knowing which ads are already successful.

So instead of trying to create everything from scratch, hoping that you created some great performing ads, you can just copy what is already working and customize it.

AdPlexity provides comprehensive data on profitable campaigns, including the following features for mobile ads in particular:

  • View campaigns running in over 75 countries.
  • Discover profitable campaigns run on mobile pop-up traffic sources.
  • Analyze the ads embedded in thousands of Android apps monitored by AdPlexity.
  • Download all landing pages with page dependencies (images, CSS, javascript, etc.) in a zip file directly from the AdPlexity UI.
  • Discover hidden campaigns that work exclusively on mobile operator traffic (over 120 operators supported).
  • Get real-time information on campaigns running on mobile ad exchange platforms.
  • Find ads promoting affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks.
  • Search by keyword, advertiser, publisher, affiliate network, etc.

If AdPlexity doesn’t have enough firepower for you, take a look at WhatRunsWhere. WhatRunsWhere is another ad spy platform that gives you practical information about your digital strategy.

7. AdThrive

Many affiliate marketers choose to place Google AdSense on their sites, which allows you to set up ad units that other sites can pay to use.

And while it’s okay to earn extra income from AdSense, it’s hard to build a successful online business when you only make a few dollars worth of ads per 1,000 visitors to your website. This is where AdThrive comes in.

AdThrive works with your team to optimize your ads for better performance

How does AdThrive improve the performance of your ads? They deepen their analysis to understand which advertisers will see the best performance on their site.

As a result, you can expect higher click-through rates on your ads which will help you generate more income.


With these tools in hand, your affiliate marketing will be more effective than ever. Keep this article handy when selecting your affiliate marketing tools so you can find the best tools for your business.

What tools do you use for your affiliate marketing efforts? Let us know in the comment section below.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a sort of referral marketing tactic where you pay influencers or industry experts to promote your products. Affiliates earn a commission on every lead or customer that they bring in for your business. You can choose from a variety of affiliate payment mechanisms like pay-per-click, pay-per-sale, etc.

What are affiliate marketing tools?

Affiliate marketing tools help marketers design, launch, and manage affiliate programs end-to-end. These tools are very useful in tracking each affiliate’s performance and calculating the payments for each. This saves marketers a lot of time and effort as these tools do most of the tedious work and you only get the final action items.

What are the tools you need to start affiliate marketing online?

There are many good affiliate marketing tools available in the market and this post lists 31 of the best tools for you to choose from.
The top ten affiliate marketing tools that we recommend:

1. AnyTrack
2. Post Affiliate Pro
3. LeadDyno
4. Voluum
5. Clickbooth
6. LinkTrust
7. AffTrack
8. Affise
9. HitPath
10. Everflow

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