This is a super reliable list of legitimate CSS Hero alternatives (similar WordPress plugins).

In this post I will do:

  • List of 3 CSS Hero alternatives (free and premium) for 2022
  • Show you how each of them compares to CSS Hero
  • My personal experience with the live CSS editing plugin
  • Much more

So if CSS Hero doesn’t meet your needs, check out the list below to find a better one.

3 Best CSS Hero Alternative Plugins In 2022

  1. Elementor (free & premium )
  2. Yellow Pencil (paid)
  3. Simple CSS (free)

Let’s explore the above list of CSS alternatives with the #1 plugin.

1. Elementor

In my opinion, Elementor is one of the best page builders out there.



Because it comes with a wide range of customization and flexibility features, including:

  • Built-in hero theme generator
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Free and premium version
  • No coding skills required
  • And much more

And each of them is super strong.

In fact, I am a paying Elementor customer since August 2019.

elementor payments

The free version of Elementor is still solid. But if you want to access all the premium features, the paid plan may be a good option for you.

For example, with a paid plan, you get unlimited access to the following features:

  • More than 300 predefined templates
  • Full site editor
  • Over 90 global widgets (custom CSS)
  • Animations and motion effects.
  • And many other functions

How Elementor Compares To CSS Hero?

I already wrote a full CSS Hero vs Elementor comparison on GPressTheme.

So if you want a very detailed list of the reasons why I included Elementor in the n alternatives. CSS Hero # 1, take a look at this review.

But the main thing is that both plugins are useful and have very similar functionality.

Personally, I prefer Elementor Pro. Above all, I really like its flexibility in UX and customization, which allows me to do my job easily.

2. Yellow Pencil

Although it is a bit dated, Yellow Pencil is still one of the best live CSS editing plugins on the market.

yellow pencil

Yellow Pencil is a premium WordPress plugin included in WaspThemes at CodeCanyon.

This plugin allows you to customize your website design with a live, real-time editing experience.

That said, Yellow Pencil is for those who have no coding skills, but want to adjust the fonts, colors, positions, styles, and many other areas of a WordPress site.

Granted, Yellow Pencil doesn’t have useful features like the previous 1st CSS Hero alternative, Elementor, but it’s the right one if you need a cheaper live CSS editing tool.

Yellow Pencil costs only $ 26 per lifetime website. This means that once purchased, you don’t need to pay again for the rest of your life.

How Yellow Pencil Compares To CSS Hero?

In terms of pure live editing experience, Yellow Pencil is not a bad alternative to CSS Hero.

It has many of the same features as CSS Hero. But I don’t think the two are as good as Elementor.

If I had to compare CSS Hero and Yellow Pencil, I would love to pay 2X for CSS Hero because the price is worth it.

But if you are really on a budget, Yellow Pencil is the right add-on for you in 2022.

3. Simple CSS

Next, let’s take a look at the simple CSS plugin.

simple css

Unlike some of the other tools I’ve listed here, Simple CSS isn’t an amazing CSS editing plugin.

First, Simple CSS is 100% free.

Second, I highly recommend this plugin if you are using the GeneratePress theme. For example, take a look at my blog

This blog was designed using a GeneratePress theme + a simple CSS plugin.

In other words: your site can be perfectly optimized and designed with maximum speed and uptime. speed test

The great thing about the Simple CSS plugin is that it works very well with all specialized WordPress themes and plugins.

So yeah, Simple CSS is one of my favorite CSS editing plugins. And of course a great alternative to CSS Hero in 2022.

How Simple CSS Compares To CSS Hero?

To be clear: CSS Hero and Simple CSS are very different tools.

For example, simple CSS lacks many key features in CSS Hero, such as inline page creation.

So the question here is not, “How does Simple CSS compare to the CSS Hero plugin?”

Well, CSS Hero is a visual CSS editing WordPress plugin that allows deep theme customization in minutes.

On the other hand, Simple CSS is used to add custom CSS codes through the WordPress customizer, allowing you to stay logged in if you change the theme.


There you have it – the best CSS Hero alternatives you can choose for your website in 2022-2023.

Hope you have already found your favorite live CSS plugin.

If you are still confused and want to choose one for yourself. AGAIN, I recommend Elementor.

In fact, I prefer Elementor Pro, which can be replaced by the CSS Hero plugin.

Finally, I would like to hear from you. Either way, please leave your message in the comment box below.

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