WordPress is considered one of the best blogging sites.

Every day thousands of people, hobbyists, and business owners make the decision to join millions of websites served by WordPress.

Even famous companies and brands are using WordPress to improve their online presence.

But the hurdle arises when faced with the decision to choose a hosting provider.

If you do a quick search, you will notice that there are many free hosting services, and by human impulse we wonder why pay for a service when you get a free one.

Yes, a free service is a good option for those who are just testing the waters and are (not yet) ready to invest in a premium WordPress hosting provider. The free services will keep your site up and running on the World Wide Web, with no time limit, and will also offer scalability options.

In this article, we’ve put together our in-depth review of the 10 best free WordPress hosting options.

Best Free WordPress Hostings for 2022

Before we get into all the most important details and information, here’s a brief introduction to each free WordPress hosting we’ve listed below. For a quick reference, see the table for the full comparison.

Hosting Name Installation Support Disk Space Visit Site
wordpress.cm-logo No Installation Required via FAQ’s, and Forums 3 GB Visit Site
000webhost One-Click Installer via Live Chat, FAQ’s, email 300 MB Visit Site
accuwebhosting 24-hour setup time via Live Chat, FAQ’s, email 2 GB Visit Site
 x10hosting One-Click Installer via FAQ’s, email, guides and support tickets. Unlimited Visit Site
freehostia One-Click Installer via Live Chat, FAQ’s, email 250 MB Visit Site
awardspace One-Click Installer via Live Chat, FAQ’s, email and phone calls 1 GB Visit Site
wpnode One-Click Installer via FAQ’s and email 5 GB Visit Site
byethost One-Click Installer via FAQ’s and email 1000 MB Visit Site
 100webspace Web Apps Installer included via FAQ’s and guides 100 MB Visit Site
cloudaccess One-Click Installer via  FAQ’s, email and support tickets. Undisclosed Visit Site

1. WordPress.com

WordPress.com is the best free WordPress platform you can find. Because unlike WordPress.org, here the site takes care of all the hosting for you. You don’t need to buy any software, pay for hosting, or even run a web server. Therefore, this is the perfect place to start if you are an amateur writer.

It’s apparently easy to set up, and while they do offer several premium updates if you want, free hosting solves most of your WordPress needs.

Key Features

  • Includes premium plans other than the free service.
  • Hundreds of themes to choose from.
  • Creation of websites adapted to mobiles.
  • Fast and friendly customer service.
  • Mobile and desktop applications are available.
  • Integrated social sharing with detailed statistics.
  • SEO friendly.
  • The beginner is friendly with the guides.


  • No need to download any software or installer.
  • Free up to 3 GB of disk space.
  • Automatic updates and backups.
  • Hundreds of customization themes available.


  • Ads will be placed on your site for free without your benefit.
  • Your site may be removed if it violates its terms of use.
  • You cannot create membership websites.

2. 000Webhost

000Webhost, one of the top-ranked free WordPress hosting services, is apparently the choice of millions of active users. And that’s in itself the reason we had to include it on our list. With zero cost, the services provided by this accommodation are excellent. And unlike WordPress.com, there are no limitations that you need to adhere to.


It’s great for beginner or intermediate level projects, and you can set it up in minutes. All you have to do is register with your credentials and you are good to go. The advanced features of this free WordPress hosting are good like all the premium plans.

Key Features:

  • 99% uptime guaranteed.
  • It is compatible with PHP and MySQL without restrictions.
  • Large disk space and bandwidth.
  • One-click installation process.
  • Simple and integrated website builder.
  • Friendly and responsive customer support.
  • Automatic installer
  • Support for PHP and MySQL databases.
  • Instant activation at no cost.


  • Large disk space and bandwidth.
  • Free and reliable for eternity.
  • Tutorials and guides to help with the processes.
  • Leading hosting service with guaranteed uptime.


  • Spam risks.
  • A limited number of concurrent MySQL connections.
  • Minimal security.

3. AccuWeb Hosting

Another big name when it comes to free hosting services, AccuWeb Hosting is probably a big name. While most free web hosts come with additional advertisements or promotional banners, the advantage of this service is that you don’t have to deal with all of that hassle. Plus, unlike other slow and lagging services, this hosting provides you with WordPress optimized servers ten times faster.

AccuWeb Hosting Main Page

With the lifetime warranty of the free hosting service, you also get 2 GB of SSD storage space and 30 GB of monthly bandwidth. Ideal for around 5000 monthly visitors, you can set it up easily as well. And to enjoy the free service for life, all you need to do is sign up for no cost and no credit card information is required!

Key Features

  • Incredibly fast websites.
  • Custom domain names.
  • High level security with multi-layered DDoS protection.
  • Additional backup of your site!
  • Free advertising.
  • Helpful and friendly customer support.
  • SEO optimized plugins.
  • Google Apps integration.
  • Find out more / Accommodation


  • Extremely fast loading site.
  • High security.
  • Without advertising or sponsored links.
  • Lifetime free offer.


  • Limited support for free hosting.
  • Free website migration is not available.
  • Shell access not available.

4. x10hosting

As the name suggests, 10X hosting is an amazing free cloud hosting service for your WordPress that offers services ten times better than most available services. This is a complete web hosting solution that will set up your sites in minutes. With 100% pure cloud SSD servers powered only by high-end enterprise hardware, this is an incredible full hosting package that takes care of all your hosting needs.


Plus, you also get full control over the account, as well as the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel. It’s also easy to install with its one-click web installer.

Key Features:

  • Pure cloud SSD cloud servers.
  • Full control over PHP scripts.
  • Easy interface website builder.
  • High performance with improved functionality.
  • Flexible web hosting.
  • One-click software installation for easy access.
  • Simple updates and daily updates.
  • Easy to use web hosting tools


  • Full control over PHP scripts.
  • A flexible and easy to use aspect of web hosting.
  • Optimized for high performance.
  • Premium upgrades are available.
  • Very few restrictions.
  • Easy file and media downloads


  • No live chat or phone support.
  • Limited security.

5. Freehostia

Another big name when it comes to providing free WordPress hosting services, Freehostia offers not one, but two types of free hosting. This in itself is the main reason we had to include this service on our list. In addition to their chocolate package, which is a basic hosting service, Freehostia also has its own free cloud hosting services that you can get for your site.


Easy to set up and packed with cool features along with a variety of disk space and bandwidth, this is another great option to get started online. And to take advantage of their free services, you just need to register for free on their site. In addition to its free hosting, you can also opt for its premium packages whenever you want.

Key Features:

  • Ability to choose between a shared and cloud hosting platform.
  • One-click installer for easy access.
  • Includes site administration tools.
  • Statistics to evaluate progress.
  • High level security.
  • Easy change to premium versions.
  • Customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Choice of cloud or shared hosting platform.
  • Easily upgrade to premium plans.
  • High level of security.
  • Optimized functions for easy access.


  • Limited disk space and bandwidth.
  • Limited access to the MySQL database.

6. AwardSpace

This award-winning free WordPress hosting is another great option to start your online journey. Because? Simply put, AwardSpace is an easy-to-use ad-free platform for getting the amazing experience you want online. Create your site by hosting a domain with three different subdomains.


With the one-click installer, it’s also quite easy to install and configure in 5 minutes. Another amazing thing about this hosting company is that they offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee which makes them one of the most reliable and fastest hosts around.

Key Features:

  • Wide variety of disk space and bandwidth.
  • 99.9% network uptime guarantee.
  • Online environment protected against spam / viruses.
  • Free website builder with one click installation.
  • 100% ad-free environment.
  • Web-based file manager for easy downloads.
  • 24/7 customer service.


  • Hosting platform without advertising.
  • Service protected against spam and viruses.
  • A domain with 3 subdomains.
  • Bandwidth range and disk space.
  • Optimized for high performance.


  • Limited MySQL database.

7. WPNode

Lightning fast and packed with powerful security options, WPNode is another great free hosting service that we recommend to our users. No ads, no contracts, and the best part is, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. With unlimited WordPress site hosting and high SSD storage space, there is absolutely no regret if you try this service. Not only that, but the hosting also comes with a pre-configured W3 Total Cache plugin to make your job easier.


With full control over your database through phpMyAdmin, enjoy the best service with download options through SFTP. Another great reason to choose WPNode is that you also have access to unlimited data transfers.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited WordPress sites.
  • Ad-free and spam-free hosting platform.
  • Full control over the PHP database.
  • Unlimited data transfer.
  • 1GB of RoundCube free by email.
  • Simple file upload via SFTP.
  • Strong security.
  • Lightning fast speed.


  • Blazing speed.
  • High level security.
  • CloudFlare’s free global CDN.
  • Unlimited WordPress sites.


  • There is no accommodation option.
  • Limited support for free hosting.

8. Byethost

Byethost is a free hosting network which maintains its own clustered hosting network which provides the user with a powerful and load balanced platform. With a high range of reliability and speed, this free WordPress hosting is another name we have no hesitation in recommending. Combined with the already great features, this host also provides space amenities and great subdomain options.


Completely free and ad-free, this hosting service is probably the optimal choice if you are looking for great free hosting for your WordPress site.

Key Features:

  • High speed and reliability.
  • Free access to the community.
  • Full access to the control panel.
  • FTP account and file manager.
  • Additional domain, parked domain and subdomains.
  • Without advertising.
  • SSL https on all free hosting domains.
  • Friendly and helpful customer support.


  • Incredible network speed and quality.
  • Clustered network with load balancing.
  • Full access to site control.
  • Spatial arrangements with subdomain.
  • Without advertising.


  • Limited support for free hosting.

9. 100WebSpace

If you’re looking to get started online without hassle or risk, 100WebSpace is the way to go. In addition to all the basic features, this free WordPress hosting also includes a special benefit: the web application installer. It helps you start a blog. Photo gallery, etc. all in just a few minutes. Perfect for any website, we highly recommend this service when you are just getting started.


The advantage of this accommodation is that it has a multilingual control panel that allows you to understand all aspects. On top of that, customer support is still as helpful and efficient as ever! Not only do you get 24/7 live support, but you also get a one-hour ticket or email response.

Key Features:

  • One click installer.
  • Multilingual control panel.
  • Excellent customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Ability to add three email accounts.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Useful site management tools.
  • Complete documentation online.
  • Great helpful video tutorials.


  • Optional dedicated IP address.
  • Unlimited parked domains.
  • Site statistics to follow.
  • Antivirus protection.


  • No free domain registration.
  • Test not available.

10. CloudAccess

Open source and value network, CloudAceess.net is last, but certainly not least, compared to all the other hosts on our list. With their service, they get basic CCP or cloud dashboard and other features like site replicator and app snapshot tool absolutely free. You will also have to worry about the loss of your data as it is updated and backed up on a daily basis.


You can also upgrade to its premium version if you want more freedom and more support at all times. Not only that, but for beginners and beginners alike, the site also offers free, comprehensive training so you can get started with your hosting service.

Key Features

  • Instant installation and launch.
  • Free subdomain.
  • Training and tutoring available.
  • Full access to MySQL.
  • Site replicator for easy access.
  • CCP with App Snapshot tools.
  • Flexible open source hosting service.
  • Daily updates and backups.


  • Open source title hosting.
  • CCP with amazing tools.
  • Free training and tutorials.
  • Daily backups for backup.


  • Limited to subdomains.
  • You can remove your site at any time if you violate its terms.
  • You must log into CCP every month.


So while premium WordPress hosting services might be a better option in the future, with these free WordPress hosting services, you can now easily and efficiently create and configure your site.

We hope you have some valuable information about free WordPress hosting. And I would love to hear what you have to say.

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